Fools Rush In

Gabriel Chandler P.I.

He's on a mission from God, maybe.

Story of the week

1. The Client

It wasn’t much to go on, he said. I looked over the desk at him, peered past my feet and the bottle. You’ve got to say that for the Big Fellah’s pets...

10. Angels One Five

Somewhere over Great Bend, Ka. I acquired an escort. More friends from the CBI, but no old pals, this time. I waggled my wings as we passed a...

11. Talk to Me

‘Talk to me, son.’ For the first time in my life I understood the word avuncular. Uncle Uriel’s face was close to mine and I felt as though if I just...

12. Play It, Sam

Uriel’s face was as stony as a dry river bed when I told him I’d go back down, but only after I’d spoken to Samael. ‘Don’t waste too much time, Gabe...

13. What Makes Sammy Run

After more experimental music, Albert began to play something relatively melodic and I saw Samael walk in. He ordered a strawberry milkshake from...

14. Way On Down

My next trip on the Hellavator went all the way. My ticket didn't, but what can you do? Did you know that Hell looks like Las Vegas? Mr D was wearing...

15. Pop Goes the Weasel

The public conveniences in the bar of the American Hotel were in keeping with the theme of the place. Certainly they smelled like they hadn't been...

16. Toot, Toot, Tootsie, Goodbye

I went back to the main bar and ordered a daiquiri. Cocktails are a great invention; what you put on the bar in front of you says a lot to anyone who...

17. Do You Believe In Magick?

The sun shone through the window of the Metro carriage and we all squinted into the sunset. That's what happens if you sit with your back to the...

18. Paperback Writer

The latino-flavoured sushi featured a lot of raw beef and I wondered what they would have made of it out on the Pampas. I could almost hear Don...

19. Fly By Night

I offered to escort Sam home, but she said she was going to swing by the office because she had things to do. 'Like what?' I asked. She didn't answer...

2. Goin' Down

The Hellavator used to use call boxes in the United States. Can’t find them now. The upgrade over-ran by six months while they changed to public...

20. Long Necked Bottles

'He always does that,' a smoky, smoker's voice came from beside my other elbow. I'd been staring into the mirror behind the bar and not seeing...

21. Maid in Heaven

Rings in my pocket, I headed over to Fort McNair. At the very end of the harbour was a bait and tackle shop with restrooms for customers. It was no-...

22. Cat's in the Cradle

Every Hellavator Station is inconvenient. The one on South Revelation Row in 3rd Heaven is just insane. I saw a painting in Rotterdam once that...

23. Chocolate Jesus

Bay 101 was a hobo's paradise. Right next to it were the worldly goods he may or may not have renounced. Who knew where he'd got the Wal-Mart...

24. Let It Be

The prodigal returns (no, not that one, but you know this one too).

25. A Mess of Blues

Blues? Someone's mess, but it ain't Blue's...

26. Take Me to the River

Down by the riverside... what happened to Nelson...

27. Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White

" Who's to say, who's the better Man? But I always done the best I can... ' The Standells (Or the Count Bishops' version, if you want it with extra feeling...)

28. Jesus He Knows Me

... and he knows I'm right.

29. (Oh Lord, Won't You Buy Me A) Mercedes Benz

It's a long time since you've been here, hope you're glad Gabriel's back picture is used in acc. with CC-2.0 owner of picture is

3. Desperate Angels, Mr D, and the Other Detective

I got 25 minutes. The door broke open and three of them came in before my wings had furled. That didn’t matter. I recognised the intruders. Cells,...
Gold cherry

30. Lady Writer

Needs must I suppose, 'cause the Devil IS driving... Image is from Wikipedia Commons: Moshe Milner took the picture of this lady writer who has absolutely nothing to do with Fools Rush In (not yet anyway) and it's used in accordance with CC-by SA 3.0

4. Mr Jordan LLC and Two Visits to the Same Joint

Adams-Morgan is just along from Georgetown. You can walk down the sidewalk if you’re brave enough to walk through the one-time Murder Capital of the...

5. The Best Tunes

The sun blinded me as I stepped out onto Wisconsin Avenue. I headed north-west across Dupont Circle to Adams Morgan. It was plenty of miles. Some...

6. Sympathy From The Devil

Mr D turned to the middle-aged man with the towel over his arm. ‘I should be greatful for an Evian.’ Today he looked like that Britisher guy from the...

7. Falling in with the Fallen in the Fall

There was a lot of Santana: too much of it was the later stuff. I waited to see if some Merengue would get played or maybe even some old fashioned...

8. Please Help Me, I'm Falling

Angels‭ ‬can get drunk,‭ ‬but a hangover is beyond us.‭ ‬Among the Fallen it is said that a drunk who never gets a hangover doesn‭’t ‬appreciate...
Story of the week

9. Music in Dreamland

Over some parts of Nevada an angel flying overhead doesn’t raise many eyebrows. Even so most steer clear – not just in case of over-enthusiastic USAF...

31. W O L D

Really? Award ceremonies are like this? Surely not... Image is created by author from royalty free components in the public domain.

32. Social Fools

"We do OK Society's Fools..." Good job this will NEVER get published. The image is the author's responsibility being a photo-shopped image of a record in his collection.