Kings Of Myth and Illusion

Kings, all kinds of Kings.

Image is in public domain: Garrick's The Death of Arthur

Below (The King Under The Mountain)

below, beneath, down there. Where? Image is Barbarossa and in the Public Domain.

Embassy Kings

Old, found in a cupboard under the stairs. Just behind the photograph album I no longer have. They were Kings. CC-SA-2.0 photographer here

King for a Day

I think you'll work it out Image is PD from Wikipedia Commons

Kings of the Desert

Picture is the Long Range Desert Group, planning? Off-Duty? Waiting for a trip to Cairo? This work created by the United Kingdom Government is in the public domain .

Kings of the Last Frontier

Book seats on the apocalypse wagon train. Image by Themightyquill - Souce wikipedia commons, licence : CC BY-SA 3.0

The King of Diamonds

Cards... Image is free for non-commercial use : Author: David Bellot - Berkeley, CA, USA 08/12

The Last Vagabond King

The Impossible King On the shores, the rugged shores, the old man kisses his own fingers - bare of rings - and kneels by crab-filled rock pools,...

The Rook-Coat King

Odd. There, I told you. Image source is Wikipedia Commons, it shows a lithograph by Swain which is in the public domain.


Ford was right, but he didn't know why. Image is by Tiffany & Co, but out of copyright and in the public domain, source