Kings Of Myth and Illusion

Kings, all kinds of Kings.

Image is in public domain: Garrick's The Death of Arthur

Below (The King Under The Mountain)

below, beneath, down there. Where? Image is Barbarossa and in the Public Domain.

Embassy Kings

Old, found in a cupboard under the stairs. Just behind the photograph album I no longer have. They were Kings. CC-SA-2.0 photographer here

King for a Day

I think you'll work it out Image is PD from Wikipedia Commons

Kings of the Desert

Picture is the Long Range Desert Group, planning? Off-Duty? Waiting for a trip to Cairo? This work created by the United Kingdom Government is in the public domain .

Kings of the Last Frontier

Book seats on the apocalypse wagon train. Image by Themightyquill - Souce wikipedia commons, licence : CC BY-SA 3.0

The King of Diamonds

Cards... Image is free for non-commercial use : Author: David Bellot - Berkeley, CA, USA 08/12

The Last Vagabond King

The Impossible King On the shores, the rugged shores, the old man kisses his own fingers - bare of rings - and kneels by crab-filled rock pools,...

The Rook-Coat King

Odd. There, I told you. Image source is Wikipedia Commons, it shows a lithograph by Swain which is in the public domain.


Ford was right, but he didn't know why. Image is by Tiffany & Co, but out of copyright and in the public domain, source

The Once and Futile Kings

I'm sure you'll figure it out. Image is from and is free under licence CC.0 and does not require attribution.

The King of Italy

Leave a coin or just pass by Image source No known copyright issues.

The King of Sulaco

This poem's title is the name of a character from Nostromo by Conrad, but it has nothing at all to do with the novel. I just liked the name. Image is free for non-commercial use from

The King of Misdirection

I'm sure you can make a guess... Contains strong language. Image created by me from PD components.

Kings of Myth and Illusion

Well, this is a titular poem for a collection written after the fact. The collection is on here, here. or you could just click on the link at the bottom of the poem . Image is author's own from PD elements: source -wikipedia.

The Kings that Sleep

No, need to loiter here, just another one of those poems. Image authors own from PD elephants. Made at Canva.