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Mostly Stalinist Conditions

Self-explanatory Image made from pd/free to use components by me.

Gentlemen and Players

Over a very busy weekend, I managed to attend an exhibition match which was held as a tribute to a former comrade-in-arms, a fellow rugby player, who died recently. Servicemen are sentimental, and so are rugby players. Anyway, I wrote this for me, and for anyone who was there, in body or spirit. Picture is ©Garlands 2021

A Home Coming

There were days like this. Home in the image is not where my parents lived, and it may be really nice for all I know. image from Flicker.com taken by Elliot Brown Licence CC BY-SA 2.0

Four Stanzas in Search of a Poem

What it says. Image is by Carl Spitzweg and is in the public domain because he's been dead quite a while.

Mad Dogs and Englishmen

An old one: probably written in the summer of 2014, which was hotter than usual in The Frying Pan of Spain, the Guadalhorce Valley. image source flicker.com photographer Beppie licence CC BY-NC-SA 2.0


182 of my comments have received 196 Great Feedback votes

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So Sorry

Posted on Thu, 14 Jan 2021

 to read this, but at the same time happy that you have this site to air your feelings, or just plain vent. I have little advice to offer, I'm afraid. One thing I did do about a situation where I was powerless in the power of an authority figure...

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Posted in How do you forgive a parent?

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This funny,

Posted on Thu, 24 Dec 2020

whimsical, and, yes, uplifting take on Christmas is a tonic even for the most cynical among us (you KNOW who you are, and you and I are brothers under the skin). Those are reasons enough for this to be today's Facebook and Twitter Pick of the Day...

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Posted in The Christmas Coaster

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I do

Posted on Fri, 18 Dec 2020

remember the ghost in the armchair from others' houses, it would have been a grandparent of course. Never saw anyone violent. That must be truly awful, like living with a tyrant.
The washing machine that we were encouraged to use in The...

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Posted in A Life Like That

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Posted on Mon, 07 Dec 2020

I don't feel there's too much dialogue at all. Exposition can be achieved through dialogue or narrative and you should definitely mix it up whether you're writing a short story, novella or a novel.

If I have doubts about which to use in a...

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Posted in Rude Awakenings (Part two of two)

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I do

Posted on Fri, 27 Nov 2020

love a good nihilistic git as a main character! Fabulous atmosphere, I could almost smell Hot Plate Heaven.

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Posted in Pigeon Variations - Ch 4 - Hero Grill Chef

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One theory

Posted on Thu, 26 Nov 2020

is that Ashurbanipal was Sardanapalus (and transliteration can do funny things, especially from cuneiform into Greek and later Latin script) BUT Ashurbanipal is everywhere else but in Cteisis's version - which itself is only known through...

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Posted in Historiography

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Perhaps your

Posted on Wed, 25 Nov 2020

next collection could contain a whole aviary? Another fine poem.
E x

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Posted on Sun, 15 Nov 2020

If only it weren't all so nearly true!
Well done.

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Posted in Invisible

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Your poem

Posted on Wed, 18 Nov 2020

reminded me of a visit to the Jurong Bird Park in Singapore one day, over 40 years ago.

Monsoon season, I remember it well. Half the broadsheet back page of the Straits Times would be dedicated to forecasts attempting to predict at what...

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Posted in Monsoon

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Posted on Mon, 09 Nov 2020

striking imagery here.

Do you mean "algæ-d" at line 8?

Your poem finishes very strongly with these lines.

"the sun’s departure 

under the horizon’s guillotine,



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Posted in Retirement options for tube trains, #7, Foulness Island