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I have 1408 stories published in 25 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 1036882 times and 735 of my stories have been cherry picked.
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Ewan Lawrie

The picture is me signing copies of my novel, Gibbous House at Unbound Books HQ in Islington by the canal.

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Rust and Barnacles

Bon Voyage... Image is copyright ©Simon Johnson and used under CC BY-SA2.0


Look it up. Image is used in acc. w/ GNU Free Documentation License , Version 1.2 photographer is Michal Maňas
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Poem of the week

A Conversation in Hester Pit. 16 January 1862

204 miners died in a Mining Disaster at Hester Pit in January 1862 Image source is Wikipedia Commons, and it is in the public domain.

31. W O L D

Really? Award ceremonies are like this? Surely not... Image is created by author from royalty free components in the public domain.
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30. Lady Writer

Needs must I suppose, 'cause the Devil IS driving... Image is from Wikipedia Commons: Moshe Milner took the picture of this lady writer who has absolutely nothing to do with Fools Rush In (not yet anyway) and it's used in accordance with CC-by SA 3.0