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I have 1294 stories published in 22 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 869726 times and 634 of my stories have been cherry picked.
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Ewan Lawrie

The picture is me signing copies of my novel, Gibbous House at Unbound Books HQ in Islington by the canal.

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Looking For Lorca

Let's dig up the bones, dig up the old bones, hold our rites and rewrite history's myths... Lorca's body has never been recovered. Image of Lorca by GFreihalter is used under CCA 3.0 SA unported.

Fuzzy Logic

Image from publicdomainpictures.net

Signal to Noise Ratio

Love, all else is noise... Image is from Wikipedia Commons and was released into the Public Domain by Deneb

Page From A Mad Scientist's Chapbook

What it says... Image has been released by Wikipedia Commons into the Public Domain.

Friday at 8

It's years since I went to one of these... I'm quite glad Genuine edits 26/11/2018: dangling participle de-participled, line break inserted some italicisation. . Image licence CC-SA 3.0 from Wikipedia. Author Salvabi