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Story1:4:10 Crait (Part 4) Lore030 min 52 sec ago
Story1:4:10 Crait (Part 3) Lore06 days 12 hours ago
Story1:4:10 Crait (Part 2) Lore01 week 6 days ago
Story1:4:10 Crait (Part 1) Lore02 weeks 6 days ago
Story1:4:9 Reclamation (Part 4) Lore03 weeks 6 days ago
Story1:4:9 Reclamation (Part 3) Lore01 month 5 days ago
Story1:4:9 Reclamation (Part 2) Lore01 month 1 week ago
Story1:4:9 Reclamation (Part 1) Lore01 month 2 weeks ago
Story1:4:8 Doubles (Part 4) Lore01 month 3 weeks ago
Story1:4:8 Doubles (Part 3) Lore02 months 2 days ago
Story1:4:8 Doubles (Part 2) Lore02 months 1 week ago
Story1:4:8 Doubles (Part 1) Lore02 months 2 weeks ago
Story1:4:7 Solutions (Part 4) Lore02 months 3 weeks ago
Story1:4:7 Solutions (Part 3) Lore03 months 11 hours ago
Story1:4:7 Solutions (Part 2) Lore03 months 1 week ago
Story1:4:7 Solutions (Part 1) Lore03 months 2 weeks ago
Story1:4:6 Johned (Part 3) Lore03 months 3 weeks ago
Story1:4:6 Johned (Part 2) Lore03 months 4 weeks ago
Story1:4:6 Johned (Part 1) Lore04 months 5 days ago
Story1:4:5 Negotiations (Part 7) Lore24 months 1 week ago
Story1:4:5 Negotiations (Part 6) Lore04 months 1 week ago
Story1:4:5 Negotiations (Part 5) Lore04 months 3 weeks ago
Story1:4:5 Negotiations (Part 4) Lore05 months 4 days ago
Story1:4:5 Negotiations (Part 3) Lore05 months 1 week ago
Story1:4:5 Negotiations (Part 2) Lore05 months 2 weeks ago

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1:4:10 Crait (Part 4)

Simplicity was almost exactly as she remembered. Although her time on the ship had been short, its layout and the events that occurred within were...

1:4:10 Crait (Part 3)

Char hadn’t even realised they had left the ship. She and Charrlene now found themselves choking in The Slingshot’s courtyard. With a wave of her...

1:4:10 Crait (Part 2)

Red lights flashed throughout the ship; sirens wailed in their wake. All of the Lores appeared to be moving to their action stations, including Sam...

1:4:10 Crait (Part 1)

Silence. She hadn’t spoken since. For that matter, she hadn’t woken up since either. She slept the sleep of the dead. Sam had tried everything to...

1:4:9 Reclamation (Part 4)

Finally, they had reached The Slingshot; the doors weren’t even locked. Ace tried to pull them open but found their efforts met with resistance. They...