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I have 32 stories published in one collection on the site.
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A simple individual, making their way in the galaxy.

The beginning is a great place to start. Shame.

My stories


Coughing. The new mask from the ship was taking it’s time to adjust to the levels of pollution in Rexel’s atmosphere. Hooded, Lore and Char...


Breathe. That’s all Char could think of as she watched Lore frantically explain their thought process to themselves. It was times like these when...


Sighing. “So here’s the problem. We originally had one leader: Dad. He disappeared on us so we split his duties. Now we have three leaders. Me, Sky...


Staring. Lore had only briefly met their gaze but they could feel it piercing their soul. The wide eyed figure advanced from the side street and back...


Space. Their few days on Illia had felt like longer but Destiny’s chronometers confirmed that only three days had passed. They now found themselves...