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I have 32 stories published in one collection on the site.
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A simple individual, making their way in the galaxy.

The beginning is a great place to start. Shame.

My stories


Noise. The outskirts of the undercity were much more quiet than its centre. The cave that was once just cold had become so much more unpleasant...


Chilled. The air that whipped around them as they were dragged into the undercity was cold. It wasn’t unpleasant but it was enough to warrant a light...


Staring. The file featured a prominent headshot, eyes wide conveying an inexplicable sense of fear. The portrait almost gleamed into the soul. Lore...


Sweetness. The air was fresh and smooth. Although it was chilled, it did little to lower the body temperature as it swirled around them. The native...


Groaning. Char was awake. Confused, she meandered to the bridge in search of Lore. The doors slid open revealing Lore lounging awkwardly on the...