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Before The Cake

At a steady pace down a long, beautiful hall. Several wall lamp leagues mark the distance to nothing else but a gaggle of bright lavender about a...

I Have To Work On My Spleen

At times, I have let my spleen take over. My spleen vents more often than others. I admit that sometimes I’m insufferable, even to my own spleen. My...

Those Singularities

They hide around the corner and beneath my bed at night. You can’t lay a finger on them, like an eggshell in the white. Those singularities. Where...

One Nerd's Perspective

Sunrise brings the hope of spring and azure tide. Encased in the amber of you. Morphing, then released. Unfurling. Realized. Others, the pundits, I...

Life By Committee

Cast of Characters Carey, an entrepreneur. Julie, a muralist. Barry, a recovering football fan. Mike. Maureen, a psychology instructor and local...


2 of my comments have received 2 Great Feedback votes

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This piece pulled some things

Posted on Sat, 18 Mar 2017

This piece pulled some things about the hair-cutting experience from the back of my mind. It was an eye opener. I found the issue of 'trying something else' shocking, from my set perspective. But the client was bold! 

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Posted in The border of earth

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This describes a sad dynamic,

Posted on Thu, 29 Dec 2016

This describes a sad dynamic, but to put it in such a way, it brings understanding.

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Posted in An Oft Repeated Mall ?