After Sarah used the toilet and flushed, she put the toilet seat down, and washed her hands and doused her face in cold water. No soap. No towel. She...

The fox and the jackal

The fox and the jackal There was a fox and jackal named Simitha and Gopesh living in Haripatra jungle in Mumbai and who were best friends ever since...

Tales from the Finchbottom Vale – (46) Love is a Many-Splendored Thing (Part 02)

The love affair between Dennis Simmons and Gwen Quinton-Smith blossomed after the Yacht Club Dinner Dance but the sweet music didn’t stop playing for them just because the band went home.

Downshire Diary – (49) The Illusive Muse (Part 03)

Owen stood at the bar for another ten minutes and still hadn’t been served when Suddenly Juliana was stood next to him. “Hi honey” he said “Shouldn’t you be serving?”


Paddy stood outside the church, he’d found it almost impossible to get a parking space and had circled for fifteen minutes before parking on a corner...

Forgetful remembering.

Tonight, from a cluttered little graveyard of regret and remorse, I exhume a melancholy memory inlaid with semi-precious stones. When the dirt it has...

A Man of the Mountain - The Busy Bee Diner

Need to catch up? Link to the full collection here: 8. The Busy Bee Diner Shirley sat at the...

Who Shot Pastor Boris?(1)

It was Saturday night in the living room of the community house. Sally walked in. "Jezebel, Jezebel," shouted one of the young men. "What's that all...

Tales from the Finchbottom Vale – (46) Love is a Many-Splendored Thing (Part 01)

Gwen Quinton-Smith lived in Sharpington and had done all of her life and had no desire to live anywhere else. The traditional seaside resort of Sharpington-by-Sea suited her very well with its Victorian Pier, seafront hotels, crazy golf, The Palladium ballroom, well maintained gardens, promenade, theatre and illuminations, all the usual things to have a great time by the seaside, as well as amusement arcades and of course the Sharpington Fun Park.

Downshire Diary – (49) The Illusive Muse (Part 02)

Owen left home bright and early so he could touch base with Juliana, who he hadn’t seen for 10 days, since she went away with her family to Greece.