Choice Tales from the Vale – (231) The Student and the Teacher (Part 03)

For her part Amanda was just enjoying the attentions of a man, the first such attention she had received in the three long years, and she hoped it wouldn’t end with a kiss.

Hamstergate (Part Two)

The inside of the vet is lit with halogen lights. We huddle on plastic chairs in one corner by a watercooler. A yucca climbs up the plate-glass...
Gold cherry

Hamstergate (Part One)

Hamstergate I start my new school on Tuesday. Most school terms start on a Monday, but in East Anglia schools are a bit different. I tell people that...

Jack Mutant - Which Way is Down? (part fifteen)

‘Every year seven pupil has a part to play in the Sandpool’s Christmas play, yes, that’s every single one of you, no excuses, no exceptions.’ There...

Shallow Water

Once upon a time two goblins, who were the very best of friends, sat on a river bank wearing pointy hats and holding fishing rods. They had been...

Hope We Dance..

This year was the 10th anniversary of us having left the place we owed everything to. So we came back to school for the annual reunion after having...

The Merkaba (7)

Into the sixteenth breath a spinning disk formed around her spine extending over 55 feet in diameter. It was wobbling in the energy matrix and the...

Downshire Diary – (41) Laundry Day (Part 04)

As he stood there looking at her he knew she had lied about the paper, he could always tell when she fibbed, he just wasn’t sure why, he hoped she hadn’t had a falling out with Katie.

Choice Tales from the Vale – (231) The Student and the Teacher (Part 02)

Rob continued to play with the children for another 45 minutes while Amanda cooked their tea and when she called the girls to the table Gemma and Karen thanked him for looking after them and then kissed and hugged Rob goodbye.


I pause in wonder at a broken window's savage star. A man barges into me, cursing my erratic behaviour. He continues with steps like slaps,...