The Little Flowers of the Jesus Army

Inspired by the film The Little Flowers of St Francis of Assisi. A collection of amusing stories from life in the Jesus Army. Events and characters are fictitious and any resemblance to actual members of the Jesus Army is pure coincidence.

This Old House

The Jesus Army see an old house they want to make into a Christian community. Sam brings a word of confirmation from the Bible. But is he right?

Birthday Embarrassment

It's Sam's birthday, but his parents' visit and a few other things cause him a great deal of embarrassment.

The Prayer Breakfast

Sam tries to wake up Stanley to come to a prayer breakfast at seven o' clock in the morning, with disastrous results.

Motorway Madness

Arnold has a sudden urge to pray while driving down the motorway. In the next ten minutes he is nearly involved in three fatal accidents.

Text Messages From Hell

A mobile phone is dropped in a toilet and begins to pick up perculiar messages. Is it someone playing a prank, or is it actually Satan himself? Based on a true story. Names and details changed.

Jesus Army 2008 Marriage Rating

We were fed up with people getting married who should never have been married, and felt that this was weakening our church. So we invented a computer test.

The Celibate Struggle

A Christian makes a vow to be unmarried and devote his life to Jesus, in spite of being very much in love.

The Paths in the Woods

The lower path of the wood comes first. It has the most beautiful flowers. At the end of the path there is a sign post. One of the arrows is marked...

Carry on Monking 1

"Why won't you light a candle to the emperor, then?" "Because it's idolatory Mum," said Father Tertullian. "You light a candle to Jesus in church,"...

Carry on Monking 2

The bell rang loudly in the dormitory. "It's four o' clock in the morning," shouted the abbot. "How do you know?" asked Alan. "The candle says that...

The Totally Honest Praise & Worship CD

You can sing these songs with perfect honesty and sincerity before God. I wanna do nothing Except go to church now and then And if I don't like it...