Oops - I Got Left Behind

I don't expect Jesus to come back in my lifetime which, judging by the age of the old man I look after, is only another 40 years.  Jesus said he will come when you least expect him.  That means that he probably will come again in my lifetime.

Apocalypse 1 Life in 2095

What would make God so angry he would smash the world with a hammer? The kind of world that we had created in 2095.

Apocalypse 2 What is a Christian?

When I was writing this story I woke up in the night with this strange feeling that Matty, the sincere person who thinks she's a Christian, should be left behind. How many people believe they are Christians but have never really been saved?

Apocalypse 3 The Sun Turns Red

A volcano erupts in Yellowstone Park causing the sun to turn red.

Jesus is Coming Late 1 - When Is The Rapture?

The story that makes fun of all the other left behind books.

Burglar in the Night

The radio alarm woke Matty up in the morning. The announcer was reading the news. "People have disappeared during extraordinary events overnight...

Twilight World

Food for the population of Yorkshire was delivered in rickety wooden boats. Gone were the days of the huge steel ships. There just wasn't that much of anything to be bought or sold anymore.

Apocalypse 4 The Persecuted Preacher

On Thursday Matty didn't go straight home. She went down to Newcastle City Centre. She had to tell everybody. She wasn't sure what she was going to...

Apocalypse 5 The Earth Collides With a Comet

It was a cold Sunday morning in August 2095. Matty was preaching at the front of the church tent, reading from a small Bible. "Scoffers will come. '...

Apocalypse 6 Did the Disciples Poison the Water?

In the pub, Terry and his friends were hardly jubilant. "Could I have another cola?" asked Terry. "No, you just had one," said the barman. "What?"...

Jesus is Coming Late 2 - Can You Kill the Maitreya?

Chapter 5 The 144,000 Malcolm answered a knock on the door. There were two smartly dressed men in suits. “Hello. I’m one of the 144,000,” said one. “...

Jesus is Coming Late 3 - The 2 Witnesses

Chapter 7 The Two Witnesses MD and AJ worked in an office which was part of an old house. MD was a brilliant writer, had had a poem read out on BBC...