Story and Poem of the Week and Inspiration Point

Both of the picks this week explore life experience, dreams lost, consequences faced. Story of the Week goes to johnshade's utterly believable and beautifully written two-parter 'Ariadne'. Both parts will grip you from beginning to end and then you'll want to start all over again: Poem of the Week is Jane Hyphen's wonderful 'The Dirt...

Last Night I Met John Adcock

mop the blood off the page

Moving on Saturday

Sometimes I think I might have given away too much... My boyfriend drove me to the cat adoption centre on Wednesday. I don't see them advertised on the website yet. Funny feellng on my last day of work walking at 5.30 from his place to open the back door of the cinema to do my last shift with the hoover and the mop. No need to pop into my place first and feed the miouwing clamour. I can stay away as many days as I like - no need to run back or...

When Things Fall Apart

The Rule Of Law Vs. Hollywood Justice

The Meaning of Life

I'm OK - You're OK

Hans Rosling (2018) Factfulness

Hans Rosling is dead, but his work lives on here. Clichéd, I know. But Rosling does something we rarely do, he looks at the facts. And he concludes that the world is so much better than it’s ever been. He’s an optimist, a myth buster and all-round good guy. I’m none of these things. I’m a bit like Calimero, walking about under rainy skies with an egg-shell head and complaining ‘It’s an injustice. It’s an injustice’. This is a book I should...

Story and Poem of the Week and Inspiration Point

Two very different pieces for this week! Story of the Week is a real treat - Noo's mini-collection of four short pieces entitled 'I will change. I promise.' Subtle and rich, each piece draws the reader in, and the whole stays with you long after you've read it: Poem of the Week is winking_tiger's deceptively simple 'Anecdote'. It's part of a series of linked pieces dealing with a break-...

The Catcher in the Rye

the life and times of JD Salinger


So today we learned of the passing of prize winning novelist V S Naipaul. When reading all the inevitable eulogies, spare a thought for his late wife Pat, whom he used and abused for many years. In a Telegraph article he even admits his cruel treatment of her may have hastened her early death. Pat Naipaul was a talented historian, and my History teacher in the 1960s at Haberdashers Askes Hatcham Girls School. At a school reunion a month ago, we...

ABC Tales Reading Night

ABC TALES READING NIGHT IN YORK SATURDAY 22 SEPTEMBER! We shall be having another of our fantastic ABC Reading Nights, this time at The Black Swan pub in York, on 22 September. It’s a wonderful chance to put faces to names, talk about writing and, best of all, hear our authors’ work read in their own voices. We start at 7pm, it’s free for the Readers and £5 entry for everyone else. You’re welcome to bring friends and family members, but remember...