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Our picks for the month of November have been chosen by rjnewlyn: November’s an odd month – a bit past proper autumn, not quite proper winter. Back in the day it used to tie with February as my least favourite time of year, but I’ve come to view it with more affection of late (I was going to say ‘warmed to it’ but that wouldn’t be quite right). Perhaps it’s the Tom Waits song (of the same name) that did the trick. There were certainly some good...

Wilder v Fury

It’s less than twenty-four hours since I watched one of the best Heavyweight contests in a long time. The Bronze Bomber v The Gypsy King, come on, it sounds like it’s straight out of a feature film! The Bronze Bomber is a black American from Alabama whose real name is Deontay Wilder. He won the bronze medal at the 2008 Olympics as an amateur. He’s now 6ft 7inches, unbeaten in 40 fights and won most of them by knocking his opponents senseless. He...


Poetry Monthly – December Hello all, Hope everything is good where you are and that the short days and long evenings are giving you lots of chances to write! Poetry Monthly in November asked you to have a go at writing haikus and tankas. Here are some beauties to have another read of:


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The Road of a Thousand Tigers - now available on Amazon and a note about my process

Now available on Amazon too. (& it has charted after 24hrs since going 'Live') I plan to roll this out quietly, slow burn it through December and do a social media 'Blitz' in January 2019. In some ways, TROATT its a bit of a gamble; if you look through my other drafts (The Andaman affair, & its early incarnation of a 009 adventure - 'Ghost of a chance' on my page...

The Most Hated Family in America (2007) BBCiPlayer, Louis Theroux America’s Most Hated Family in Crisis (2011) BBCiPlayer. These are snapshots of white America in 2006 and 2010 and the evangelical Phelp’s family from Topeka, Kansas, who preached a creed of hate and intolerance and labelled it Christianity. Who wrapped their family in the nation’s flag and the First Amendment of...

#End of Days, Podcast on BBC5Live, presented by Chris Warburton, produced by Ciaran Tracey and music by Hex from the album, Earth. I asked my girlfriend if she’d heard of Waco. No, she hadn’t. That shocked me a bit. But I’m the reader that sometimes writes stuff in the family, nobody ever reads. And, of course, I’d heard of David Koresh, but I didn’t know that wasn’t his real name, he’d picked it for the biblical resonance in the same way Shirley Crabtree called...

6 reads for Emily

Set a new low for readers yesterday with 6....and I was 3 of them. I'll probably never hit zero because I usually edit a story at least once or add a photo. So yesterday, after writing about Emily, we went to the movies. The theater was packed with gray hairs of which we are two. I was surprised to see how fast the word had gotten out about the excellence of the movie we were about to see. The movie is Green Book and it is definitely going to...

Didn't do much this afternoon

Lost twenty bucks in scratchoffs and watched Nasa perfect a landing on Mars....ya know the usual. In between I wrote another story that I like a lot. It's about my niece Kourtney and her asshole trigger which eventually gets around to Trump.