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The Engineers

Jacks is the only guy I know of who hit a lecturer. Jacks is a big strong man they had an argument he punched the guy in the face with the fist. Look...

South Africa 2022

Shield of South Africa !ke e:/xarra//ke Unity in Diversity - Cover picture from Wikimedia...

How many Universes are there?

As far as I am concerned there is Only One Universe. This is in fact what the word means it doesn't make sense for there to be more. Actually we must...


A love letter is written by hand ink on paper. The best is give her the letter yourself but it could take a bit of courage and perhaps a bit risky in...

Lily of the Lamplight

She admitted me to the hospital that night at reception I believed it was an emergency people get that way with anxiety, like they can't breathe and...


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I got lost twice since a long time

Posted on Wed, 29 Jun 2022

I got lost twice since a long time it was terribly scary. The one time was in bush sea bushes at the sea God spared me nothing else. The first one I can remember was in primary school. Another was weird tunnels behind across the walkway of a...

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Posted in Lost and Found

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Sorry Di I honestly did not mean

Posted on Sun, 06 Feb 2022

Sorry Di I honestly did not mean to criticise your work at all and I don't recall that I ever have. It is a great poem. But please keep in mind any good teacher knows one often learns more from your mistakes and by the way I'm also out of a job....

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Posted in February Rainbow

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Posted on Tue, 14 Sep 2021

Yes. Beautiful ending, man's best friend. Heartbreaking sometimes we feel a duty for mourning. And indeed, it is much more noble to live for someone than to die for someone, sometimes living takes great courage.

Keep well Paul! Tom

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Posted in With or Without You

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No doubt inspired

Posted on Mon, 16 Mar 2020

No doubt inspired by Jules Verne's classic scifi novel 20,000 leagues under the sea. Also makes one think of Jacques C. and the research ship the Calypso.

Good work, original too! We are in, looking out, man and fish roles reversed! Who's...

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Posted in Here Be Dragons

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it's good to be young

Posted on Fri, 14 Mar 2014

It's good to be young and insane.

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Posted in Mental Illness

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Every man wants her to be

Posted on Sun, 03 Jul 2022

Every man wants her to be his first love, a woman is more subtle she wants to be his last.

Practical! Good luck for the last woman! Tom

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Posted in Goldenrod and Wild Aster

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A bird is made to fly

Posted on Sun, 26 Jun 2022

A bird is made to fly. Beautiful story and the boy is very kind I know people that would just chase away any kind of new friend while wallowing in self-pity for years. I've been victim myself. Good riddance and yes thank heavens and goodbye....

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Posted in And birdie moved in

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Sir Isaac Newton said

Posted on Tue, 10 May 2022

Sir Isaac Newton said "the Moon is the only problem that "maketh my head to ache". She dies for two weeks and then lives once more in two in all the splendour of her pale desolate beauty, she is cold and yes, dead.

I would think a slug is...

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Posted in The Dead Want Their Moon Back

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Posted on Thu, 19 May 2022


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Posted in If I could paint in blue,

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Smoke cloud hanging

Posted on Mon, 02 May 2022

Smoke cloud hanging yes we must have that atmosphere but now it's illegal whatever happened to freedom of association?

Good work Jenny I never took you one for Jazz! They always teach Classical music at university and Jazz. Nothing else....

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Posted in Trail Of Thought