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Jack Hill


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That Old Rooster

I hated that old rooster, because he always chased me when I gathered eggs. But in this tale from my youth, that old rooster picked the wrong time and the wrong place for a winner-takes-all battle for “King of the Barnyard.”

It Wasn’t Supposed To Happen Like This

But it did, and I'll stand by and love you no matter what.

Just Me and My Dad

I remember the family-fun times we had. Like when a big fish jumped right in our boat all by itself. It was bigger than any we’d caught all morning. I had a great time that weekend: just me and my Dad, fishing.

A Nightmare - Something Was Chasing Me

A reoccurring nightmare made me afraid to fall asleep. Someting was chasing me, and I knew it was a matter of time before it caught me.

Wash Away

Ink bleeds from crumpled paper . . . Discarded cans cry rusty teardrops . . .