“There is always something new out of Africa.”
 Ex Africa semper alliquid novi
–Pliny the Elder AD 23 - 79


A dweller on the threshold

After breakfast the doors were opened and it was as one man stumble stumble trip all fall down. All over the grounds littered like corpses patients were lying around sleeping on the lawns.

A full force gale

There was a guy who once stopped drinking his pills. He very soon discovered that he had quite a lot of energy.

Attack and destroy!

In the mini bus our motto was “Val aan en vernietig!” Attack and destroy! For our away matches the team spirit was more like a rock band than a chess...

Aunty Annie's Bible study sessions

We met at a normal conventional Bible study I was a visitor. I was treated well by the young people and felt welcome. Mary-Anne was apparently more of a guest speaker.

Bible Punching

They see you coming from a mile. It is often really really hard to break loose once they have their grip. They are wolves in sheep's clothes...

Bread upon the water

We weren't actually supposed to be there but we discovered a hole in the fence you could get your bicycle in through too or lifted over the fence...

Disability and employment

One wonders how people with a mental illness qualify in sport. They are disabled but usually not physical in any way so they must compete on even...

Fishing Magic Morning

Up early still dark excited and happy we can't wait everything is ready. We wake and get up even before the early birds the empty streets very quiet...

Love Longsuffering

And Jacob served seven years for Rachel; and they seemed unto him but a few days, for the love he had to her. ~ Genesis 29: 20 As a hart roams in the...

N1 Highway

This stretch of road they call the hell highway, past near that familiar silhouette of the famous ghost house of Pretoria. My brother had an accident...

Out Patients

Still in the old building Dr Joburg spent a lot of time when I saw him he knew me from the shock treatment already. He was my first doctor at...

Precious Time

Often I staggered as if drunk. I was working too hard with little rest and lost conciousness twice of exhaustion. I awoke with a fright terribly startled every morning.


Mercedes-Benz fire engines in the bleak-deserted half-dark hangars are patiently waiting in echoes, polished to mirrors. A few men are still playing at cards and darts, there’s a chess game going.

The consultation

Lyttelton 1994 Dr v.Vake’s consulting rooms - - - “Please, have a seat. Your name?”, “Timothy Tucker.” “The complaint?”, “Chronic diarrhea.”

The guy

There was once a guy. On a typical day in the life of the guy he was woken by his mother's domestic worker with a mug of sweet tea next to his bed...

The Nicotine Addict

What is Nicotine? A highly toxic poisonous chemical that works on the central nervous system both as stimulant or tranquilliser, the physiological...