What situation?

Dying In Debt

I want to go like my gangster Uncle Buster. Five hundred million in the red. Pulled off the highway in his Porsche shot in the head they drove off he...

Falling in love

When a man and a woman fall in love Instructions STEPS Say a prayer 1. Say your final prayer 2. Mumble your last words 3. Put your head between your...

Half - A - Bottle

cap cap cap off coke mix mix sweet thirst coke the bottle coca-cola lots of- ice double brandy lift glasses cheers! happiness vile brandy brandy...

hickory dickory

hickory dickory dock the mouse ran around with the clock humpty dumpty had a big spoon the cat ran away with the moon the hunter and the honey hunted for the bunny

its workin so wel!!

she ain got no mony her clothes aa kina fonny o but luv luv luv groze werr mirabel goze! she talks a kina lazy kina crazy her lifes a mistery! o o luv groze werr mirabel goze!

Jokes aside!

Wait! Shake-Shake! Shaky-shaky-shaky! Bubblegum-Milkshaky! - Did you see “Kissing Frogs” by Prince Cha Ming? - Great Expectations Have you read “To...

South-African Pastimes

Why have a picnic when you can put the table cloth under the table sit on the floor and throw sand over the food? On a sunny day by the seaside...

Stand Up Comic

These days people just want to charge their batteries all the time for the rest they spend their life intensely “on your smutfone or tablet” whatever...

the dude

Psychologist: “What is the trouble?” Patient: “It’s my memory.” Psychologist: “And when did this trouble start?” Patient: “What trouble?” $

The other side

Pretoria 1986

Warra warra What-what

The most lamentable tragedy of a dude and a lighty. x Main Manne What Counts : Dude (Hell-driver); Lighty (Giggles) Speedcops : Koos (Van der Merwe...

What situation dude?

Each year at the conference, "And what is that?" The patient "It's my dog, Woofter. On his leash." "Sorry you'll have to stay a year longer." At last...

What Situation?

This dude was at the hair salon. He was cleaning his glasses when the girl hit him over the head with a bottle she ran out shouting "Help Help!" -...