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Goodbye Charles Strange

Let me tell you about a neighbor of mine. He had been my neighbor since 1979. He had a loving wife and two children. He has died but we will see him...

2017 Comes To an End

It hasn't been the worst or best year that I've seen. Tonight at 12 A.M., It will be the end of 2017. The year 2018 will soon be here. It will be the...

Popeye the Murderer

I'm Popeye the Sailor, I'm sure not Popeye Doyle. Things went down hill when I married Olive Oyl. Bluto showed up at the wedding and started a fight...


My new Russian bride can only speak one english word and that word is no. If she doesn't start behaving like a wife, she will have to go. When I paid...

Breeding Like Rabbits

Even though you complain because you have thirteen kids to feed, You don't agree that a vasectomy is what you need. You won't let a doctor get...