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My Big Buddy

It was very sad when your life came to an end. You weren't just a cat, you were also my friend. You became my cat after you were born in 2002. You...

Questionable Morals

When everything has been said and done, You are not good enough for my son. You've been with a lot of men and you have four illegitimate babies. I...


My cousin would've turned fifty today if he hadn't died in 2019. His name was John Brown and he was born on September 9, 1970. He would've been on...

The Stimulus Payments We Received

Certain people hate Donald Trump but they should remember something. Trump gave us $1,200 stimulus payments, plus $500 per child. That money has...

The 7th Anniversary

I would've celebrated my seventh anniversary with my dog today if she hadn't died in July. For those who may not know. my dog's name was Agnes. She...