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May 28, 1990

Something bad happened in 1990 on the 28th of May. It turned out not to be such a great Memorial Day. I saw a very beautiful girl who looked like she...

A Confrontation With Elaine Benes

When my girlfriend and I went to a restaurant, Elaine Benes started harassing her. When she saw my girlfriend's mink coat, she asked if it was real...

My Own Version Of The Crying Game

Something bad happened when I was in high school. It has traumatized me for yers because it wasn't cool. One day when I went to class, I grabbed my...

Paying Tribute

Today is May the 25th and it's Memorial Day. We're paying tribute to those who fought and died for the USA. Many brave soldiers gave their lives. We'...

That Damn Duck Hunt Dog

Some call him a bastard and others call him a cunt. But everybody hates that dog that's on Duck Hunt. When you shoot at ducks but miss, that damn dog...