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My Son's Jaguar

I shouldn't have given my son a choice when I bought him a car. He could've chosen something cheaper but he wanted a Jaguar. He was reckless when he...

John's Funeral

My cousin's funeral was one year ago today. John Brown was buried on June 8, 2019 at Meek Cemetery in Bean Station, Tennessee. I was unable to go to...

Smoking Does Stunt a Person's Growth

When people say that smoking stunts a person's growth, it's true. I've smoked for thirty-seven years and I only stand four-feet-two. People like to...

If He Would've Had The Courage

He did drugs for many years and he finally had to pay. Because of his drug use, he died one year ago today. He overdosed last year and sadly, he...

The Consequences of Liking Coy and Vance

People ganged up on me and I didn't stand a chance. It was because when I watched The Dukes of Hazzard, I liked Coy and Vance. I said that Coy and...