Internet Writing

“And further, by these, my son, be admonished:

of making many books there is no end;

and much study is a weariness of the flesh”.

Ecclesiastes 12:12


Abc Print

Abctales is a publisher in full right. Why would you want to publish (printed page)? You get hundred times more exposure on the web and "it's all...

Clean Science Fiction

These are short essays written on just a few proposed new ideas for scifi stories. The contributions are speculative of nature they are pure or clean...


Some thoughts on creativity * As for ‘releasing your creativity’ I think of it in this way,

Emotional Well-being and Writing

Perhaps that is the reason for writing, especially poetry. Just let it go. Write your feelings down and free them and clear your mind of repetitive...

Internet Publishing

Creative writing can often be therapeutic, to sort out confusion and regain mental balance and deliberately create a positive attitude. The following...

Personal pronouns

Once I asked an inmate his name he said he was Jesus. So I asked if they just called him that? Or was he ..? And he replied gravely “I am He.”...

Reading prose on Abc

At the start I also wrote very long pieces. However I would now much rather submit such a piece in a number of separate distinct stories, I have...