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Tom Brown

Apart from studies in the natural sciences I am interested in languages and literature in general as well as religion. Lately I have been writing more popular general interest essays and also trying for a bit of balance with mathematics and while keeping things understandable for most people.

I am South-African born and bred. At high school I excelled in science and mathematics competitions and completed two years of mechanical engineering with very good results. That didn't work out due to ill health. I have had permanent teaching positions at Unisa and at Wits.

Graduating with an MSc under WK Bartoszek (Unisa 1997) and a PhD under N Sauer (Pretoria 2006) formal interests would be in abstract analysis: Markov operators and stochastic processes; vector valued Laplace transforms applied to semigroups and families of evolution equations (empathies). It has now been quite a while since I was academically active I don't have much published. The way things have developed was beyond my control and I am very isolated.

Favourite authors are Jules Verne, HG Wells and Jack London, Shakespeare and poets William Blake and Dylan Thomas. I like adventure, science fiction and fantasy movies my all time greatest are the Narnia stories and the Lord of the Rings.

The meal best enjoyed is a breakfast of bacon eggs on toast fried chips with fresh orange juice, and for supper an ox-tail stew. I like eating out romantic. For recreation nature hikes, camping and fishing, listening to good music and reading, classics mostly, and good movies. I love dogs my best one was a Maltese poodle Freddy. I love rain and lightning thunderstorms and rainbows. As well as writing and publishing here on Abctales.

God is in the details. God is in the timing.

My stories

Living Alone

No family no friends just on my own the whole time just a handful visits and mostly work related. You know you are alone when … At last you've got...

Measuring Temperature

What is the definition of Temperature? How is it measured? What is the temperature of a vacuum? Does it make sense? - At other extremes plasma, such...

19th Hole

Tried golf I never really understood the rules, except for the 19th hole but always got a high score. It's a senseless pastime I was more into...

The Railway Problem

When doing a post-graduate Topology course I asked another student for advice, “I don't understand this what does it say?” that was a seemingly...

Rainbow storm

2021 – 11 – 06 Pretoria Venturing out to look at the rain and the storm, very surprised I saw in wonder a ribbon just slightly vague through the...


228 of my comments have received 233 Great Feedback votes

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This is lovely Jenny

Posted on Thu, 21 Apr 2022

This is lovely Jenny, so peaceful and serene it must be wonderful as you descibe it here.

All the best, keep well! Tom

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What is worse than dying?

Posted on Sun, 27 Sep 2009

Not dying

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Posted in the dude

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A lovely poem

Posted on Tue, 05 Apr 2022

A lovely poem Richard, a cup full of sea!

Cheers! Tom

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Posted in Happiness is a Bonus

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This is a very common experience

Posted on Fri, 18 Mar 2022

This is a very common experience there even is a name for it: Post Dissertation Depression. It is when some kind of really large work is done and finished. A big project done. Could be almost anything. A feeling of emptiness, looking back perhaps...

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Posted in Salad Day I Suppose

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Far-fetched even for cosmology

Posted on Wed, 16 Mar 2022

Far-fetched even for cosmology but who knows? Interesting story a bit bizarre (as it should be). I was called an ignorant heretic for suggesting that the Universe might be infinite in space as well as in mass. You can imagine how glad I was to...

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Posted in Krell's Big Crunch (the birth of Jingle)

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An atmosphere of excitement

Posted on Tue, 15 Mar 2022

An atmosphere of excitement and joy! And cherries to top it!

In Julius Ceasar he is warned by a soothsayer (something) "Beware the Ades of March" which when he was where he was actually murdered. Do you know what that is? Some Roman...

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Posted in Warm welcome

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Lovely dreamily

Posted on Sun, 27 Feb 2022

Lovely dreamily,

One day I'll go to Britain again. My best wishes Jenny! Tom

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Posted in Brief Moments To Imagine

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You were very good to me

Posted on Thu, 03 Mar 2022

You were very good to me Richard, you encouraged me with my writing and made me feel at home. It made a big difference. I don't believe you have ever been nasty to anyone and thank you for that!

Keep well and keep writing! Tom Brown

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Posted in A Poem Called Love

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Lovely photos!

Posted on Wed, 02 Mar 2022

Lovely photos! Yes it does look like snow! Or very heavy frost we get lots of that in winter.

See you! Tom

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Posted in More Snowdrops ! (hidden away)

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Far as the West goes

Posted on Wed, 02 Mar 2022

Far as the West goes, it is Mutual Assured Destruction. Ukraine is farting against thunder defeat is inevitable. If it was me I would just surrender. It's a sensitive story and making myself very unpopular here, it is the cleverest thing the...

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