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Alabaster Conjugal 3.2

I opened the wine and swigged. The moon hadn’t judged me harshly. It was the sun I couldn’t trust.

Alabaster Conjugal 3.1

“Happiness is fleeting. Sadness, it can last forever.”
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Alabaster Conjugal 3.

I wrapped the alabaster version of Marnie in a black bin liner, lifted her over my shoulder, and put her in the boot of my car. It was past midnight and when I looked at the sky I was relieved to see that the moon didn’t think any less of me.
Gold cherry

Goodnight, Elvis

Auntie Martha didn’t want me in her place from the get-go.

Alabaster Conjugal (Part 2)

I pressed the buttons to deactivate the alarm and entered the house, putting my bag down, removing my coat and shoes.


110 of my comments have received 113 Great Feedback votes

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Order has been placed. I

Posted on Wed, 02 Sep 2020

Order has been placed. I really like the blue of your kitchen -- definitely taking notes for when I finally get on the property ladder next year. 

And a very enjoyable read. 

I suggested Vonnegut to someone I used to work with and...

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Posted in Flamingo Hotel. Bookings Now Open.

1 Vote

Great to hear he's home and

Posted on Mon, 09 May 2022

Great to hear he's home and nice piece. Thanks for posting it.

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Posted in A Final Message From Moscow

1 Vote

Definitely some Billy Liar

Posted on Thu, 05 May 2022

Definitely some Billy Liar inspiration going on there! I did enjoy writing it so I think I may go back and think about building it out. As always, thanks for reading and giving feedback. 

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Posted in Alabaster Conjugal (Part 2)

1 Vote

This really flows beautifully

Posted on Tue, 05 Apr 2022

This really flows beautifully. Loved it. 

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Posted in Life Through a Prism

1 Vote

That's wonderful and I'm very

Posted on Sun, 13 Mar 2022

That's wonderful and I'm very grateful given all the superb writing across the site. Thank you!

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Posted in Nor There

1 Vote

Much appreciated. That's

Posted on Tue, 25 Jan 2022

Much appreciated. That's really nice of you to offer to take a look when it's done -- thank you. You're right, thinking about it, there are shades of Barget. 

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Posted in Weightless v2

1 Vote

I can hear you reading this,

Posted on Tue, 28 Sep 2021

I can hear you reading this, Rhiannon. It's a lovely poem. 

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Posted in Complicated lives of the little creatures!

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Lovely poem. I spent quite a

Posted on Thu, 02 Sep 2021

Lovely poem. I spent quite a bit of time up there last year, wandering lonely as a deviant, and you've captured the energy of the landscape beautifully.  

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Posted in Trees Called To Me

1 Vote

This hilarious story is our

Posted on Sat, 18 Apr 2020

This hilarious story is our Pick of the Day -- it was performed superbly by Sean at our virtual reading last week. It's so well constructed -- the pacing of the dialogue and action, combined with little descriptions, are executed with immense ...

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Posted in Look Up The Inferno

1 Vote

That second stanza is

Posted on Wed, 25 Aug 2021

That second stanza is wonderful, but then so is the whole poem. Beautiful work. 

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Posted in It Is A Sin To Kill A Quetzal