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I have 56 stories published in 4 collections on the site.
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Every kid likes to start a fire. For Christian Cumberbatch, fires went beyond a bit of fun.

Waiting for this

Alan pressed the buzzer. A young girl answered. He liked what greeted him. Short skirt. A tee-shirt showing a firm and sizeable pair - very tidy, he thought, stepping by as she closed the door.

You say one thing

As I lay here now, thinking about that night, I wonder about myself. How I let what happened happen.

Leading the board

Few places could steal your dignity like an office. Its set hours. Clean desk policies. Endless meetings. Health and safety.

The Bright Side

Elaine is a northerner and she is happy when Manchester United win a football match. “How are we this morning?” she said, perkily. “We need to change these sheets, don’t we?"