Bread and Dripping


A Secret Agent

A SECRET AGENT Believe me, if there was another way, then I, of all people, would be for it. I have tried everything from voting in local and general...

A Home Made Soup (words 5891)

There are these days¦Long days, when the sun is bright and the air a scented, brilliant blue; birds are singing and the ice cream men give their odd musical vans one final extra special clean with a sponge dunked in a bucket of hot soapy water because they know business is going to be good on days like these.

All phone calls after midnight are bad calls

(2500 words) Pyser Lee slept badly on Sunday nights. He worried about the week ahead, work. Having finally drifted off, he didn't want to go to the kitchen and answer his ringing phone. 'You have to answer it,' said Miranda sleepily.

Beachcomber Revelation

BEACHCOMBER REVELATION It is the latest reg. My new Ford Mondeo. Excellent handling. Suspension. The perfect family car. Shame the family sitting in...

English Country Garden

I could laze here among the weeds of the garden for a thousand years. Irene waters her roses next door, looking at me askance. I know you’re watching me Irene because I’m watching you.

The bruise

I hold my arm aloft. The GP, a well-spoken man in his fifties, tells me ‘it’s only a bruise’. ‘Why won’t it go, then?’

The visit

A passer-by wouldn’t notice the white plastic handle fastened next to the front door.

The Bright Side

Elaine is a northerner and she is happy when Manchester United win a football match. “How are we this morning?” she said, perkily. “We need to change these sheets, don’t we?"

Waiting for this

Alan pressed the buzzer. A young girl answered. He liked what greeted him. Short skirt. A tee-shirt showing a firm and sizeable pair - very tidy, he thought, stepping by as she closed the door.

Tinder – Part 2 – Terry

For the past couple of weeks I had been on at Deirdre to let me have a go. ‘That’s one way traffic,’ she’d say, cackling like a hyena.

Tinder – Ch 3 – Dee

My younger brother Mike has a terrific sense of humour. He has this infectious laugh that cracks people up.

Tinder - ch 4 - Barry

Everyone’s entitled to their own opinions. I’m not saying I’m always right.

Tinder – Ch 10 – Lewis

Some residents were bad. Albert, he was the worst by far.

Lilly Ng and the Starlight Burger Bar

1. Career Opportunities When Leon Fish was 15-years old he told Mr Bier, his depressed and cynical Careers teacher, that he wanted to become a captain of industry.