Fresh Start


Love Shapes

I met a man with tattoos in a pub who told me that love is shaped like an English poppy. I laughed in his face. “A poppy? What kind of idiot are you...

Coat Flying

(1200 words)

An Imperial Man

The fare gazed out the back of the cab as we crossed the Thames, eyes fixed on the night black water. At first, I thought the tranny would be chatty and bubbly like they were on TV or in panto.


I caught this boy, Dan, gawping at my ankle chain in a maths class once… I was like, “Oi, Noncy Nonce, stop perving at me.” Everyone was cracking up...
Gold cherry

The Riots

The news showed footage of shop windows being smashed. Cars tipped on their sides and set alight. Rioters lobbed stones and bottles at the police. A...

Pan Out

It was a Friday night. I stood in the kitchen, thinking about a drink. I had been off booze for six weeks. Quitting was not easy. I had wanted to go...
Story of the week

All Architects Are Called Zach (Part 1, words 1,838)

Freddy walked into his local. The door hadn’t swung shut behind him when he clocked the heads angling in his direction.
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All Architects Are Called Zach (Part 2, words, 1,756)

The sun was bleeding. A boy and girl were sitting in the stairwell of the flats, whispering together. They were the only people he had seen since being refused entry to the last pub.

All Architects Are Called Zach (Part 3, words, 1,376)

Drink and food were dad’s priorities. His appetites governed the flat. Freddy watched his dad in the kitchen, pouring beer into a thin glass and then checking the oven to see what was for dinner.

All Architects Are Called Zach (Part 4, words 1,533)

Outside, standing on the balcony, Freddy looked at several pigeons strutting about on the ground below, pecking at a discarded box of chicken and chips.


Every kid likes to start a fire. For Christian Cumberbatch, fires went beyond a bit of fun.

You say one thing

As I lay here now, thinking about that night, I wonder about myself. How I let what happened happen.

Mud Pie's Revenge

MUD PIE'S REVENGE Joshua Preece unbuttoned his Agnes B shirt and dropped it onto the tiled bathroom floor. He looked at his white fat stomach. He...