Story and Poem of the Month

Our Story and Poem for the month of June, very kindly chosen by hudsonmoon:


June Picks of the Month 2024


Political climate got you down? Me, too. But let’s not stay down too long. Sometimes a good rant will stir up those emotions one needs to keep yourself feeling empowered. I try to keep that in mind every time I reach for the remote or the phone in search of some mindless entertainment. A good rant can help you keep in touch with your civic-minded self.


One such rant is airyfairy’s Now is the Summer of Our Discontent. I’m not a UK citizen. I’m an American. But it relates in a strong way to the political stress we feel here in the USA.


Election Day in the UK will have passed by the time you read this. And I hope your vote has made a big difference.



Story of the Month:


Now is the Summer of Our Discontent by airyfairy



Poem of the Month:


Parched by JuniperMoon


JupiterMoon’s Parched is a powerful rant about sobriety. Nine years sober, in fact. It’s a beautiful and gut-wrenching poem — not an easy feat. Maybe JupiterMoon’s own words on the poem say it best:

It's an arduous road at times, but not as consistently bleak and as frustrating as this poem might suggest! 


There was much in the way of brilliance this June.


With special nods to:



Anyone At All by sean mcnulty


Missing Pig by unni_kurmaran



Memento-mori by celticman

Dirge for Another Year Gone By by drhilarius