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I have 51 stories published in 0 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 36283 times and 26 of my stories have been cherry picked.

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The girl with the Maroon lipstick (excerpt from Eagles Hunt Wolves) PART 2

Gageby doubled back and boarded, through the course of the morning, two trams heading in different directions. The jaunty feather in his trilby was...

The girl with the Maroon lipstick (excerpt from Eagles Hunt Wolves)

March 1946 -Zürich Anyone walking along the riverside of the Limmat would have noticed her; a pretty girl of about twenty, whose maroon-looking...

This uncertain (a poem)

This uncertain, ice-cold core, This uncertain, twisted braid of thought, on a distressed page, torn away by tape.​​ A ripped up, de-nuded raw layer...

The Opening chapters of HOLLOW POINT released today

Paperback launch 25.02.17 Available at Amazon. ​ ONE January 31st, Rastenburg, East Prussia The onion soup had been carefully prepared from a recipe...

Excerpt from new novel HOLLOW POINT. The fishing boat

Buenos Aires Brandt stared down at the oily waters slopping around the hull of the vessel. “Ever been on a ship before?” asked Carrington...