Certificate U

Suitable for all

Take Me Back

There’s too much trouble in the world Nobody whispers everybody shouts Tempers are short anger is normal Hatred leads by example Ignorance is formal...

Fight for the Throne of the Planet

I chose to view the four so called 'elements' locked in a battle for the planet. In my own mind as I pleaded the case for each I arrived at the final conclusion. An enjoyable creative writing exercise.

Anne Boleyn

Number 2


And these dark deathless chains are unwound


My Gorgeous Gran!

The Visit

After a gap of many, many years, Kevin arrives entirely unexpectedly

Show me His love

Who dies to save his friends and kin? Who dies to save a cause to win? … rebels unclean there shown such love. … We had not seen our danger, need, this King came down and served …

Why Came The Storm So Angry?

Why Came the Storm So Angry? Why came the storm so Angry? From whence did the wild wind blow? That dark and gusty unseen prowler An embryonic...