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Gold cherry

Flat Taste of Success -flash remix 150

The Flat Taste of Success Your song, my chord, our hit. It’s relatively minor. We don’t want it to go to the suits. It’s so flat, the see you in...

Ten Years

She looked at the gooey slice of chocolate cake served to her at the wedding after-party and for the first time in her 33 year long existence felt...

Loose Functionality

With conventional computer programming, we have a set of fixed functions,and a main program that doesn't change. If we try to create an intelligent...

When Candles of Wax my Room do Light

When candles of wax my room do light, I down sit and some poetry write, and though the centuries late have got, I the verb at the end of each...

Downshire Diary – (41) Laundry Day (Part 05)

So they left Pangmere and he drove her to Dulcet-on-Brooke where they ate lunch at The Waterside Inn. But there were awkward silences as the two of them battled with the internal struggle on whether to take a chance, expose themselves and risk rejection even if the reward could be their hearts desire.

Appreciate Life

Appreciate Life - By Paul McCann . The days we study are the best days. They teach us to do our very best . The days we work are the best of days ...

Words of truth in a baleful stare

Summer began at 1400 local time.

Tories In Hell (song)

1. Clusterbombs of hellfire; white phosphorous brimstone Theresa May has hell to pay for all the things she's done. 2. Burning in a circle where all...

To a Friend

We all have to deal with fate.