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Making--a Poem out of Nothing--Something

Fast chi-chi-chi in the night—faster than chi-chi-chi in the night Silence fastens all the chis together, Silence breaks them all apart; they never...

You've Found Somebody To Love

You Found Somebody To Love By Paul McCann Your love is like a golden horizon and there’s a faraway look in your eyes , and I try to tell you how I...

On The Corner

On The Corner By Paul McCann I ventured on the highway as guitar in my hand , I went to sing my songs on the streets of Ireland . I tried to make it...

Don't You Be No Fake

Don’t You Be No Fake By Paul McCann There’s a road inside your mind and if you look maybe you’ll find . a place for you , a place for me where I hope...

A Period of Quarantine (after Stevie Smith)

I’m radio active. It’s for my thyroid, you see. They say it’ll work wonders. That those things will disappear. The sweats, palpitations. The madness...
Gold cherry


Thoughts on changing times

Play Pen

A toe in the water... I'd rather you didn't see me drown... Picture source is Freepik.com photographer Rohan Baumann

Be Like A Butterfly

Be Like A Butterfly by Paul McCann Love is like a butterfly its beautiful my oh my, floating between you and I , it’s a gentle thing you can’t deny...