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A squirrel would know the spirit of a tree, its inner thoughts...a language so free. As I sweltered in extreme heat – local oak informed me: “autumn'...

Rose Coloured Glasses

Rose Coloured Glasses​ That place had something about it. When it rained, it rained; northern winds driving sheets of rain against the glass without...

Pepper Perished

Lung cancer ended his life, that's a terrible thing to go through. He starred as the bully who beat up Clark Kent in "Superman II". In 1977, he...

“Therefore we do not lose heart …”*

[A day early for the hymn-for-Sundays series as may be offline for a week] A glorious task, such gospel to make known … So we do not lose heart – these times are brief and joy will be eternal, free of grief.

Life is a puzzle

Ever get the sense that you are fighting a losing battle?

Return of the Neanderthals

Hands dragging on the floor Half moon curved spine Incomprehensible grunts Spear waving beasts Let off the leash Hunting the poor Killing the...

on the American Presidency, emeritus status, and present events

The idea of the USA having a single, domineering head of state for eight years at a time is rather antiquated and however potent the idea, it is not...

Portrait of a Forest

The sun warms leaves that grapple with the wind and I lay on the grass contemplating whether to cut it or not- and a gentle wind teases leaves into a...

Just a scared little boy

The other day in a mall nearby I lost my way it's like a maze there it was very scary. There are weird tunnels across the walkway from a supermarket...