Inspiration Point (work that responds to our weekly writing cue)


Stresses stretch the nerves and pressures push to crush and trap …

Measure for Measure

The term "measure for measure" refers to a legal concept that when a person commits a crime (or sins), he or she should be made to pay – either by making some sort of restitution or by suffering an amount that's equal to the suffering he or she has caused. (This is similar to "eye for an eye" justice.)

Time Is Ticking

I spend my entire life being measuured in one way or another. My days are measured too...

Desert Storm

Image's credit: Lightning and dark stormy clouds by AstoKo in Deviantart


Rain ground-pounding lashing, lightning flashing, booming sound of thunder crashing – winds howling gales bashing rifting, lifting; water standing...

The Unendurable Weight

I struggle to stand it, this unendurable weight it seems to multiply each time we step on the scale. It is heavy, this steel pound of malformation...

Here I sit

Gulls bark like dogs. Circling. Ripples spread. It waits, quiet. Grease from battered fish. A butterfly lands. The tides turns. And I keep losing...