Inspiration Point (work that responds to our weekly writing cue)

Gold cherry
Poem of the week

Sounds from the Heart

Softly pillowed cocooned in blankets my bed too comfortable to leave Sound waves carry across rooms and hallway to tickle me into awakening Cups...

What you see when you open the window

He notices the light. It's a sparing flame shivering above a wax candle. It does not bother him how the rays ricochets against his brittle eyes. What...

Inspired by a typo!

[IP: ‘Godwill to all’, but I think it’s meant to be ‘Goodwill to all’!] God’s will of goodwill to all on earth … “goodwill instill in us!”

Scorned Invites

He invited his ‘friends’ to the party, and then prepared it all. When everything was ready, he sent the usual call – but they didn’t feel like going...

Perceived Misconception

Hard to recall exactly those slithering ghosts snaking silently, whilst trying to process each new dawning of a younger me... especially that...

True nature

Higher. Wider. Deeper. It has to be there. It's going around, they whisper about it. If I am standing upright, I catch a glimpse of it. A location...