Inspiration Point (work that responds to our weekly writing cue)


The Wait

Un bel di vedremo.... (Image: Wiki commons).

Winter Is Coming (IP)

Temperature drops and leaves fall down Jack Frost has spread his white around Icy windows and chilly nights Children longing for snowball fights...

November Sighing Lies About December (inverted Sonnet)

To the safe harbor, your dreams and pillows. Through that danger zone of naked willows As your souls endure further incision Until warm winter winds...

Attempting a Villanelle - IP Winter

Heat is a soldier graceful in defeat, surrendering to victorious chill, No snow, no blizzard nor freezing sleet. Winter does not tolerate a retreat...

The White Hand of Time

Whispering death now moves in so stealthy, Hard white in flow over field and function The baton raised over fields so wealthy, Turning red and brown...

Queen Anne's Lace

Gauzy veil of a wild crop in winter, Faint and dry as the lightest crunch of snow Stepping out in faith, land of the hinter Spiralling cobweb elegant...