Jonny and The Doctor

Can Jonny's unusual power save him from his fate?

For Love Or Money

For Love Or Money By Paul McCann You keep on doing this and doing that but you’re never do what I wished you would do , now its time for me to lay my...

Larry and Mick Dabble (a bit) in Necromancy

“Oops,” said Larry, as he slipped on a half-eaten doughnut, fell off the cliff and dashed his brains on the rocks below. “Oh dear,” said Mick, who...

CC11: Epilogue

“Phew, I’m glad that’s all over,” said Larry, as he handed Mick his celebratory cheese sandwich and prepared to take a bite out of his. “Me too,”...
Gold cherry

The Misery Of Flight (2)

I’m staring at the ceiling in a strange room with the smell of bleach and pine furniture.

Tales from the Finchbottom Vale – (56) Moonlight Serenade

Twenty eight year old Paul Ingram was involved with an older woman, a forty year old woman to be precise, who was a beautiful unhappily married, Carrington Chase educated woman called, Francesca Carrington-Webber.

Policing Downshire in the Noughties – A Leisurely Start to the Day

Trevor Beardsmore was a local builder, as was his father before him, and he had a very good reputation and could pick and choose what work he would do.

Angel 59 (QC)

‘I’m not too worried,’ Angel, a slight edge in her voice, caught Stacey hurrying out of the kitchen with a folder in her hand. ‘But Lisa is beginning...


I love Bruce Willis Movies But I have been barred

Boiling Mad

Boiling Mad By Paul McCann The sun is always shinning behind the darkest cloud. Never think you’re on your own I’m with you in the crowd. I’ve seen...

El Nuevo Sombrero

Every moment but there is no moment; I wanted to die. When the sun recoils from a looped grey sky, the day elided and trembling ghosts, and the...


. You bring the things I feel You bring a smile to me What can I say to you today , Cheers to you Here’s to you . You’re the best thing . The best...

My Street

My street is a fine example of honest endeavour and working class aspiration, a place where people who once swung from lamp posts in patched trousers...

Where is he? Where is she?

First long journey on his own – we’d meet mid-way at Birmingham. Dad at home, the telephone rings: ‘Will you accept this call?’ A voice begins, ‘I’ve...

The Cadaver In My Yard

A man had a dead body that he needed to discard. While driving through my neighborhood, he dumped the cadaver in my yard. I was shocked to find this...

The Bed

The bed With the great wooden doors open wide The pleasures inside displayed with pride I paid my dues for this hall so grand To browse with pleasure...

Downshire Diary – (57) The Distraught Muse (Part 04

That evening he drove through the rain with the gifts in black sacks to keep them dry, and he arrived at the Molesworth household at the allotted time and was met by Greg who was standing by the open garage door.


When you’re on the pull If you want to break the ice