The Blind Date From Hell

My blind date became violent because I took her to Popeyes instead of KFC. She didn't get her eleven herbs and spices so she beat the hell out of me...

A fisherman's tale

Re-write of a lost piece with a different turn.

Wow In Deed

Aaron was our righfielder. Aaron was a dead ringer for Daniel Day Lewis in the Last of the Mohicans. Tall, lanky, long dark hair, all around...

Through Eagle Eyes

Limitations are those we create from fears, strength in faith of mind needs patient ears, guide this soul across tallest mountain peaks, shower me...

The Nutty Detective - A Craven Danger Mystery

Private investigator Craven Danger sniffed the air in his office, made a face, then stepped out into the hallway. “What’s that smell?” “I‘m mopping...

Survivors Of The Big C

Survivors Of The Big C By Paul McCann Jo was not one for wasting words . She always spoke her mind and never cared what people thought of her . Most...

If You

were to hold an empty glass would you consider a refill? Depends upon the nature of the far gone beverage. Might you call it a refreshment to soothe...

The Patrolman & Other Stories - #1 1937

It was one of those signs that were very popular at the start of the century, Thomson saw them plenty as a kid growing up in Iowa.

It is the Soul

Dear Mam, I am so glad now to write to you as I know it might be some time before we can communicate again. First, to calm your heart, you will be...

The Reason Why

The Reason Why By Paul McCann People ask me if I’m happy and I’m not really sure what to say. As I’ve never been more happy ince the day she came my...


There is none of you on the beach only pebbles shells fragments each day the sea will rearrange their pattern. This city is the same. Homes tenements...

The Clerembeax Palace Hotel and Spa – The Confidence to Act

The beautiful Downshire village of Clerembeax St Giles was situated to the west of Abbeyvale located between Grace Hill and Bushy Down and on the outskirts was the Clerembeax Palace Hotel and Spa which had become very important to the lives of those living in the village community with St Giles’ Church at its hub.


Give me Golf clubs, fresh air


Jezza came close at the last election

Home is where...

More reflections than a glitter ball. One more for the road.

Jaspernon The Prince : The Rise of the Cult of the Goddess: Ch.2 The Tower : Part 1 (Section 2)

The Prince has shown the High Priestess, who is a guest at Court, around the Tower. He has taken an interest in her, but she is finding him too provocative. This is Section 2 of this Part, set 1,000 years before the events in 'Life and Times of a Priestess'.

John Brown's Drug Use

My friend and cousin 'John Brown' did drugs. He started out smoking pot when he was a teenager. Later he started doing Meth and other drugs. I never...

Fifteen-Years Later

Jerene´s moved, to a nice house, A nice area, that Jeremy bought for her. ¨I must´ve done something right.¨ She sold our house. Has gotten a dog. We...

"To Hawaii with Love" ( short story- romance)

Joy held the paper bag packed with groceries in one arm as she inserted her key into the car door of her old 1977 Celica. Jiggling the key slightly,...
Gold cherry

The Plastic Mariner

Slightly updated poem I may or may not have posted here before Apologies for using some of Samuel Taylor Coleridge's words.