S ilken fingers flow into mine tender hands caress my cheek your mesmerising voice drifts across my senses as raindrops cling to summer’s ripened...

Stranded In Space

Stranded In Space By Paul McCann . My spaceship had crashed and I looked around the planet that I was on . The air was sweet and the ground was soft...

The fraud

Aerodrome metronome syndrome

Choice Tales from the Vale – (196) Fine Dining

Nick Gretton had been looking forward to meeting Sarah Swann again. They had met twice before once at the Runcible Spoon restaurant in Purplemere when she expertly beat him off under the table during the business dinner they were both attending and the second time was at a meeting in her head office building when she gave him a blowjob which culminated in her swallowing his load.


“Can I have a glass of Rice Wine”

The Tornado Sojourns (2) – Chapter 17 – Return to Montrose

The Tornado lifted off the planet Achrem after assisting Legion Commander Salmin with an operation to capture a fugitive named Kurla Babic, with Merionwen Strong and Lyris Skeet at the controls as everyone else was otherwise engaged.

Hydrotherapy Est. 1894 (2)

Image: © José Manuel Suárez/Wikimedia Commons
Gold cherry
Story of the week

Hydrotherapy Est. 1894 (1)

Image: © José Manuel Suárez/Wikimedia Commons


This one requires a glossary - as provided. It is meant to portray the passage of time on the landscape.

Slower Than Light

It was a slow, hot summer day and Jill was out in the garden running about and playing when one, then two, then three strange creatures in space...

Sprinkler Rainbows

My father was a qualified petrol mechanic but he didn't own one new car in his life. He was very good and was reliable at his work. He had a problem...

Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is what people drink when it is cold and snowy and icy as a skating rink; it makes them warm and glowy. Its the one thing Jack Frost...

I sit on a sledge (Children's Rhyme)

I sit on a sledge that sits on the edge of the top of a slope draped in snow. I give it a push and the sledge, it goes woosh, sliding down to the...
Gold cherry

Pavement Diamonds

Not about much... photo free of copyright issues. (I asked the estate agent).


Snowflakes fly in a frenzy of winter-white they flit and fall as a band of chick-a-dees and moaning doves the wind directing their afflictions. They...

Calling Jesus .

Calling Jesus By Paul McCann . Jesus, before you on my knees I bend , Jesus, I call to you with prayers I send . Jesus , to all of my needs please...

Choice Tales from the Vale – (195) Sunday Service

On his journey home from Church, Brian Gaunt found it quite remarkable just how many women of the village were wandering the streets and lanes of Dulcet St Mary long after the service had ended despite the inclement weather.


Oh pretty snowflake Gentle on my face

Dreaming Of Paradise

Dreaming Of Paradise By Paul McCann . . Dreams they come and dreams they go , what they mean I just don’t...

The Tornado Sojourns (2) – Chapter 16 – Breaching

Having spotted their target in the Blue Horizon, Lyris and Zerrad ordered another drink, while the latter sent an electronic signal to the Commander, and then they waited while Kurla got comfortable and during the next half hour the Skeets witnesses an array of wrong doing among the clientele, where a variety of contraband changed hands.