The Wet Hole

(c)Terry Moore 1999 The Wet Hole 'The Wet Hole' was the only remaining occupied building on Jacob's Island. Roger Loxley, the landlord, was fat,...

Angel 72 (church hall)

With the two guards behind her, Angel skirted around the side of the church. The tar path was uneven, moss from the borders of the grass lapping up...

On Being Pursued By A Wolf

Their nattering had gone on long enough. The wolf crooked its enormous head suddenly, and they ducked down lower behind the boulder. They quietly...

An Itch As Big As A Banger

George Fern woke up one morning with a terrible itch. George had been losing weight which was good but retaining water which was not so good. George...
Gold cherry
Poem of the week

A Slip of the Tongue

Dialect of my mother - oozed from rain-sodden currents in Derry’s Foyle, sailed from Irish Sea into River Mersey. Windswept, weathered, sing-song...

Dark Hart

‘So you did come,’ Fenton Jake called across the echoed merriment of the Dark Hart Arms. They quieted for a second, but on the eve of their noise...

Beyond The Forest

Time elapses like birds Setting wings in flight, Flown before they've time To pledge their thoughts, I favour walking letting Imagination swoop, Each...

Blue Bell

Pint and a pork pie.

Tales from the Finchbottom Vale – (65) The Gentle Giant and the Christmas Maid (Part 03)

Toni and Christine were stood talking in the common room when Aaron walked through the door. “Did you want to see me?” he said to Christine “Yes, we’ve located the Christmas Decorations” she replied


Prince Duncan (Kirk Barker) is experiencing cold feet about his upcoming arranged royal wedding, so the charming European prince steals away incognito to the America in search of true love.

A Day Interrupted- part II

The follow up medical routine wasn’t quite so cheery. A 12-day, after appt. with an orthopedist, confirmed that the accident had indeed caused bone...
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Angel 71 (graveside)

When the funeral dirge played, Angel felt it like a punch to her stomach. She knew it was time to take Lisa’s body away. The undertaker with black...

Teach to the Top

I was driving by a local high school yesterday when I saw this frightening message on the billboard in front of the school: TEACH TO THE TOP. Okkayy...

John Wayne Brown - Part IV

Even though you did me wrong, I've written a few poems about you. You came in my house and stole some pills, that was a bad thing to do. You also...

Mother Of Recognition

Mother of Recognition by Paul McCann Mother of recognition help me to acknowledge those who would betray me . Mother of recognition show me the...

Friday Night at the Flamingo Hotel (Friday night. Your Love is King part 2)

“Are you crying?” You have made it. You are in your pink suit and you are in The Hot Top Bar and Grill. Eusavio is by your side. He is in a cropped...

Seven Nights at the Flamingo Hotel (Friday night. Your Love is King. Part 1.)

You are slumped over a table in The Commodore Club when you are shaken awake and you see a number of swirling Eusavios looking down at you. You think...

Tales from the Finchbottom Vale – (65) The Gentle Giant and the Christmas Maid (Part 02)

Toni didn’t know when she started messing around with Aaron quite how physical he would get but she wasn’t complaining

Teardrop hug

A teardrop in a hug. Water trickles a reminder of your desires. You can no longer ignore them, they're seeping through and out of your skin from your...