Tales from the Finchbottom Vale – (53) The Gentle Giant and the Chalet Maid (Part 02)

As he crouched down to pick up a chest of drawers she undid one of the braces and chuckled as the bib flopped over. She hoped it would provoke some physicality from him, she hoped it wasn’t too subtle, but she couldn’t do what she actually wanted to do which was to reach her arms around his neck and snog him, and so she had to play games instead.

On one fine rainy evening

On one fine rainy evening, I was watching droplets falling down from the sky like the sky was weeping so hard. With the sound of every drop there was...

Silver Surgers

Last night Senator Amy Klobuchar coined a phrase during the Democratic debate. She used the phrase Silver Surgers to describe the political power of Baby boomers. I liked the coinage The phrase took me back to the days of Surfin' Safari, a tune by the Beach Boy's called Noble Surfer. That's how this thing started.

It feels like winter here

It feels like winter here The bone frames of you and me Clutching our own hands Blue flesh scars exposed as Frost forms on each word Light casts us...


And the other song in my head whilst writing this was by Japan image is from


In long forgotten graveyards earths darkness rests so still, no rainbows arch deep down where personal treasures can be found, those misty memories...

The Long Mynd, Shropshire (12/10/19)

On top of the Mynd with its autumn brown, soft waves and humps and troughs reaching down; glider takes off flung high to drift round for bird’s-eye...

Mother Of Contrary

Mother Of Contrary - by Paul McCann Mother of contrary prevent the differences that try to avoid the truth being told. Mother of contrary help me to...

A Precarious Clowder

Cats and catastrophies.

A Kiss for Luck

I had twenty cents in my pocket. That was it. I felt naked without the bank account; but at the same time a little bit free. Funny, the way you play...


Rusty colours from an Autumn carpet lead me through trails of crunching leaves surrounded by a palisade of trees and the impatient wind ushers me...

The Ballad of Liz and James - 4

OK, I’m just gonna say it. I wear dentures. I’m completely aware of the American obsession with pearly whites and I’m sorry if you found that...


Today I went to the dentist, I wasn’t nervous or worried, because it was for a check-up. The last time I was here I had to have a side upper tooth...

Little Potty Mouth

My youngest is three. He is the most angelic looking kid, with very light blonde hair and the biggest blue eyes. He is such a loving little boy who...

Tales from the Finchbottom Vale – (53) The Gentle Giant and the Chalet Maid (Part 01)

Aaron Keller was a great bear of a man, standing 6’ 6” tall, barrell chested with hands like shovels. But he was brought to his knees by a skinny Little waif standind 4’ 11” by the name of Toni Kendall. They were both in their mid twenties, both had flaming red hair but he was a gentle giant who barely spoke and she was a little livewire who never shut up.


I have reached that time when


I have been dating a hoarder


“A man could be a lover and defender of the wilderness without ever in his lifetime leaving the boundaries of asphalt, powerlines, and right-angled...