The January Rebellion

The dishwasher is reading Kafka. The toaster has taken to drink. The freezer has joined the picket line. The whole kitchen is in the sink.

The Wanderer Returns

My brain was addled. Bonkers Breakfast TV was usually preceded by an hour or two of serious programming where one able person demonstrates that four...

England's Harmony

I'll miss energy of Winter's bracing cold winds sweeping away cobwebs from summer's heatwave, bundled up warmly; off for a stroll in afternoon sun...

Not Fair!

So, I was in my favourite shop on Earth. TKMaxx I had just arrived at this particular one, and I noticed a man near the door, by the men’s perfume...
Gold cherry
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planet go boom

ceo make speech

A Poem of Simplicity

April rain means a storm of spattering growth and intensity dripping branches on a journey with one direction -down like tear-drops on trembling...


I love my socks Each day attach All made of silk So they don't scratch I do not fret If they don't match And if they tear I'll add a patch If I run...

GOODBYE, SOUL BROTHER or The Cavalry of Ten Thousand Horses - I: The Green Hell / 11: The Report

A quick brushup of knuckles against the door. Request for permission to enter. “Ay-up,” permission granted . Head gear removed. Lef-rye-lef past the...


I'm a winker not a "wanker". When it comes to punctuation, air quotes stand for winks. If you catch my drift. If I'm walking through the mall and I...

Mother Of The Ocean

Mother Of The Ocean By Paul McCann Mother of the ocean how near and how far you are out there somewhere in an open place where the horizon touches...


It is a man. A man, around the age of 70. His hair is barren white, with hints of gray on his sideburns. The wrinkles around his eyes are reminiscent...


'Never Say Never'

Play the B-Side

You know it. Image source and used under fair use terms.

I want to know.

A poem written at 3 am about my love. I hope you enjoy it!!

GOODBYE, SOUL BROTHER or The Cavalry of Ten Thousand Horses - I: The Green Hell / 10: Ask Me No Secrets*

Carry on. That’s what Zev had always ordered. “Did you shave this morning, trooper?” “Yes, sir.” “With what, trooper?” “Issue, sir.” “Carry on,...

Blanchett is Tar

I'm not sure exactly how to classify the movie Tar . It's kind of an unsolved mystery both with its generic classification as well as within the plot...