The Wisdom of Didion

Inaction is the opposite of action. I have become a man of inaction which begs the question, does writing qualify as action? What is writing anyway;...

Dad, me and a kite

Dad, me and a kite With gratitude to my father all love, my heart ever harbor I saw him as a dad most loving enjoyed he, the time, me, holding by his...

The Storyteller And The Lighthouse Keepers

The Storyteller And The Lighthouse Keepers by Paul McCann A gale force nine had arrived like a monster , wreaking havoc wherever it went . Hijacking...

Bus Stops

Nothing of any great interest. Move along. Photo author's own.


Umm... no point trying explain, I suppose. Anyway. In. Image author's own fault.
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A World Rises

Audio But squiggling muddy daisies defray the cost of the wind, and I’ve strayed too far as clock ticks wriggle chubby on my blood, I’ve rubbed away...

57th Anniversary

If Mom and Dad had lived, today would've been their 57th anniversary. They were married on September 25, 1965. Dad was almost eighteen and Mom was...

Why can't you find me ( My love my darling always)

why can't you find me I am the morning light I am the sunset I am birds in fight reach out and I'll be there I'll surround you I am the air I am the...

Ugly Puggly 82

Because it was late when I got home, I thought I’d fall asleep right away. But Molly wouldn’t let me sleep beside her. She put me in the room next...

Ignoring laws

[Continuing the hymn-for-Sundays series] Some think it is kind God’s laws to ignore, but later they find the suffering’s more. Like calling ‘light...


Image by Tú Lê Anh from Pixabay

Angels Throwing Stones

A theological fantasy, inspired by Natalia Goncharova
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Sha-leigh - one of a series of my make-believe snapshots

She became a sweet fat girl who sold cocaine. She did not drive but Matt who had been in her class in primary one, had a bicycle. Dale, who was the...

The .......

I always bragged that I could survive on little sleep, for most of my life, I had needed only three hours a night. When I saw a competition...

All That Heaven Enfolds

All That Heaven Enfolds By Paul McCann Been up , been down , been kicked around . Reviewed , renewed . Retired , rewired , Inspired . Enforced...

Ugly Puggly 81

Wee Jim came up to the hospital to visit me. I’d have ducked him. But I’d haemorrhoids. My ducking days were over. I’d enough grief to deal with and...

1:2:7 Indexing (Part 2)

The database was beginning to load, one item at a time. The computer’s fans whirred as it switched from a near idle state to having to do something...

1:2:7 Indexing (Part 1)

Thunk. The door closed and locked itself. Destiny followed Tolan out of the clone’s quarters and into their back office. The room was stacked floor...