1984 was more than just orwell

1984 was more than just orwell richard brautigan shot himself in 1984, during the rising tide of the commodore 64, lost within a wood walled world...

Alfred and the Surplus Buns

Part 3. Showdown at the Condiment Corral


A Nerd's Lament

Flower Guy

Twenty years ago I persevered through one of my favorite rituals, the annual Valentine’s Day masculinity panic. As of 2:50 PM on that fabled...


Wednesday afternoon doodle

From Jester To King XXXIX

Lancing the boil.

Camp Echo - Chapter 5

Chapter Five - Exposed second edition It was a week later when nearly everyone got woken by banging and hammering on the front door. “Jesus Christ,...

A Lesson In Life. Part Three.

Putting everything in perspective, was shown a video this morning of Jason’s family in hospital saying goodbye to him, his life support is still on,...

The cupboard under the stairs

In the cupboard under the stairs Socks lie in imperfect pairs The cogs in my head start turning It smells like toast burning Should I take on the...


Part 44

Jar of Lights

Holding my jar of lights Closeted rays of hope Thaw those enduring walls of grey And frigid bleak indifference One by one I gathered Over time, in...

Two Halves of Heart

Two halves of a heart; Yin to the Yang. My plenty to your fire-blighted desert. The shadow, and the light it takes to cast it. Your blue to my orange...

Downshire Diary – (87) In the Club

Brian Myers was a thrice married and thrice divorced retired gentleman of leisure, 55 years of age and everything still in full working order, and he divided his time equally between the Lily Green Hollows Golf Club and the Sharpington Head Yacht Club.


The doctor said he thought

Romance Lust or Love?

Not all candllight dinnners lead this way, but how many of my gender hope for the last verse? Okay I got cynical...

Hero In Addict (Chapter 12)

I awoke this morning to the same gut yearning, churning agony that has infected itself upon me every other morning for as long as I can remember...

Sleeping in the Basement

Sleeping in the Basement. By Sequoia Fahey I feel cool air meet me as we descend the carpeted staircase. Grandma shows us around the basement. There...

Alfred and the Surplus Buns

Part 2. The title installment