Andrew Bradshaw Conquers the Fountain of Youth (Part 1)

by Michael C. Lawrence “The Fountain of Youth is real,” Andrew Bradshaw said to an unsuspecting gray-haired woman garbed in a peach cardigan that...

Preparation Time

Before we celebrate let’s pause and wait … too much too soon is no celebration just exhaustion!

Bucolic Wisdom #?

Now then our Julie, Is thoo sad or poorly? I'll bet it's that boyfriend - a real fool he. You'd be better off with young Jim Dooley. He's a nice...



The Aventures Or Miniator -- Chapter 9 New Time

The Aventures Of Miniator Chapter 9) New Time Captain Bird looked at the face of Swing, and took his hand in his, and said, 'Thank you, thank you my...

"One Out of Seven Billion"

A blind bird with clipped wings and a block of cement tied to its feet in a locked cage had more freedom and experienced more fun than the typical...

Brotherhood of the Befuddled

The pressures of paying rent or mortgage, and all of the other collective bills in a family’s life, was a burden that most men carry daily into jobs...

Time, And The Oak

remembering the formal years

Gobbles Has Gone Awol

A Dialog only story featuring Billy, Sasha and thier father “Any sign of Gobbles, Daddy?” “I’m afraid not, Sasha.” “He’s probably in someone’s oven...

The Little Masketeer

A Dialog only story between Billy and his father about the need to wear a mask to school. “Listen Billy, you need to wear your mask at school today...
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I am not ready for this to end-- Clearing your house of memories. / These things I found:

Lamb At The Gate

. Lamb At The Gate By Paul McCann I’m a lamb at the gate five footsteps from hell am I inside or outside , its so hard to tell . I’m a lamb at the...

Parrot Rescue

The problem is most people just don’t realise how long we’re going to live.’ ‘Agreed Geoffrey. Humans and their “see it, gotta have it” attitude...

Beware of the Greek Alphabet

It isn't of the Greeks you have to be aware - Image: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0

Trail Of Misunderstanding

Dear was Monday 15 th November 2021. My partner had mentioned a woodland trail at a place in Wootton Bassett called Jubilee Lake, we'd...

Half Man Half Biscuit - Avoiding Proper Work

Half Man Half Biscuit are my favourite band. I have celebrated their last two albums by setting myself writing challenges, including writing ten...

“Your kingdom come”

You do not feel God near, but know he sees and knows and understands, and soon you’ll hear his voice, freed from your woes. In awe of all his power...