No more free the Earth; no more free the skies; no more free the ocean, just free enterprise.

Hope We Dance..

This year was the 10th anniversary of us having left the place we owed everything to. So we came back to school for the annual reunion after having...

The Merkaba (7)

Into the sixteenth breath a spinning disk formed around her spine extending over 55 feet in diameter. It was wobbling in the energy matrix and the...

Wild Bill From Babylon

I'm starting to wonder how long I will last. I'm already older than I deserve to be; based on the way that I've conducted my life. I want to give...

Unrequited Love

He turned around to look at me when the teacher called my name And caught me making puppy eyes at him He looked embarrassed and his friend snickered...

Downshire Diary – (41) Laundry Day (Part 04)

As he stood there looking at her he knew she had lied about the paper, he could always tell when she fibbed, he just wasn’t sure why, he hoped she hadn’t had a falling out with Katie.

Choice Tales from the Vale – (231) The Student and the Teacher (Part 02)

Rob continued to play with the children for another 45 minutes while Amanda cooked their tea and when she called the girls to the table Gemma and Karen thanked him for looking after them and then kissed and hugged Rob goodbye.

Celebrating Midnight Mary

He got him some cigars and some scratches For the price of a Yankee Budweiser. Some chips full of horses and radishes To remember a birthing, oh yes...


I pause in wonder at a broken window's savage star. A man barges into me, cursing my erratic behaviour. He continues with steps like slaps,...

Socialist Cocaine

There ain’t no such thing as socialist cocaine. You may be one of those who buys sustainable clothes, fair trade food, the Big Issue. Once cried for...


“A friend of mine is a plastic surgeon.” - sip, swallow of a dry martini. “Yeah? You thinkin’ of getting new tits?” -sip, swallow, “I love you. Don’t...

One Nerd's Perspective

Sunrise brings the hope of spring and azure tide. Encased in the amber of you. Morphing, then released. Unfurling. Realized. Others, the pundits, I...

From Above

The heavens open. The heavena close. In my shoe there is an ocean. In my heart there is a sea.
Gold cherry


Not Even The Light She Said Part 13

Seth Thomas Clock Ticking

I wrote this morning until five to four On the ornate hands of Seth Thomas clock, I could have stayed up and written some more, Instead hit the rack...

Chadpocalypse 1:10 - The Church of the Second Book

Need to catch up? Check out the full collection here: 1:10 The Church of the Second Book What...

My Living Obituary

It started out as an activity at a corporate networking event. There was a lady from God knows which organization who was there to speak to us about...

The Boy

The sound of the horn drew me from my reverie. I tore my eyes away from the mesmerising waves. It was a beautiful sunny morning. The breeze felt cool...

A Meet Cute

It wasn't love at first sight. Even though I'd desperately hoped it would be. This was my first date ever. Being a nerd in school who wasn't the...