Swings and Roundabouts

Abandoned play park Moving gently in the breeze Swings and roundabouts

How Long Can You Stew For, Before You Fall Apart? (2)

It wasn’t the first time I’d been stood up on the astral plane. However this was different, I was getting, dare I say it, lonely. I’m usually the...

Icarus Unheeded

Icarus Unheeded April 2, 2021 Online Advertisement: Bill and Joe’s Extreme Games presents the next big thing that every thrill seeker absolutely must...

Sven Goes to War. Part 9. Army Dreamers.

Training consisted of a Six Week High Intensity Programme ( SWHIP ) the first part of which took place ITW (in the woods). Three of the RAT s (...

The Moomin Tree

I don’t tink God has his eyes on us here in Dundalk so it’s okay for me to sit on dis tree right now. I don’t tink he cares one bit about dis tree...


I don’t know why I left you. Sometimes I lie awake at night and I think about it. I mean, we were good together after all; we had fun, we connected,...

funny old world

Part 75

42. Love Shack

Earworm alert. Image source is Pinterest, out of copyright and in the PD.

Moth and Crow

Story for younger children (3-7 years).

A Boy of Eleven

A boy of eleven woke up suddenly stretched and yawned. Seven o’clock already! In panic he pushed his cat aside and looked out the window. A huge...


We are all different. Thankfully and that is a good thing. What is important for one isn’t for another. Last Week Tuesday was the last time I went...

Downshire Diary – (97) Sultry Summer Love

Paul Biggerstaff and Liz Bradshaw were staying on a camp site in the Finchbottom Vale that was once a working railway station before it fell afoul of Dr Beeching and his cuts, in a place called Sharpinghead.


One day a computer Actually beat me at chess,

Forgive - sonnet

Forgive I forgive all of you that have hurt me. Some were blind to the agonising harm, Some of your self-loathing thoughts were set free, on to me. I...

Hidden Is The Light - sonnet

Hidden is the light Starlight is hard to find in the night sky, When its covered by clouds, thick and mighty. Life’s hollow. I’m longing knowledge of...

My Younger Soul - Sonnet

My younger soul My younger soul. Excitable and bright, liable to sorrow from a flash flood, was surrounded by dark that dimmed my light. Sharp words...

Rolling with the Punches

Rolling with the punches, was one of my dad’s favorite expressions. Born before the first world war, he lived through the great depression, working...
Gold cherry

Signs of Spring 5)

Magnolia by street light. So strange those waxy, marble tulip-like-orbs delicate, easily spoilt by frost, that emerge from strange buds on leafless...