Fairness for Farmers. The people of Dover went through the town centre today to show their Support. My friend brought with her, her Union Jack. It...

Chemistry Lingers

Watch out now. I'm about to get all English teachery. The subject is chemistry and the chemistry is from Shakespeare. Yeah, let's talk about Romeo...
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Killing the killers

Not for the faint-hearted. Just a way of releasing the anger regarding the preventable death of my daughter resulting from the side effects of a drug now known to be responsible for over 400 deaths a year.

UFOs Aliens and Cover-ups

Typically stories are of alien abduction or infiltration and eminent attack with the earth and mankind in great peril, UFOs Bermuda Triangle, Area 51...

The day echoes like laughter

And one day it finally happens. Although I had postponed the plan for so long and so many times. Every morning when I got up and had in mind to...

4.3 Spotted in Budapest

Next morning, they sat down for breakfast at the restaurant downstairs by a table beside a window facing Országház utca with a view of the Matthias...

Bells o'clock.

Bells o'clock. They ran wild in woods Full of bears And carried bells And pepper spray To keep the bears at bay They knew no fear The road was clear...

1:4:8 Doubles (Part 4)

Same place, a different time. Char exhaled the weight of a potential future and some of the dusts that came with her from it. “Bloody hel. How did...

Traveler's Winds

Traveler’s Winds- Air Listen, to the invisible winds: calling out, in her native ritual; as she passes by, through, in a moment of conversation,...

The Anchor Held

The Anchor Hold Now that the cargo: < issue of life> Has now loaded on the dock, voyage destination, vessel 227 filled; and Set for sail. By...

Keep Calm and Carry On

Keep Calm and Carry On How are you walking? Are you walking the talk? Now is the time for the manifestation of glory to be revealed. Or has the hater...

A Forest

The forest was our playground, trees shutting out the sun for the most part , a hidden wild garden for feral children , a secret Eden far from home...
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Poem of the week

Our Soil

Peep of green/ grand daughter/doodle
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In Memoria Canis

A year to the day since our Springer Spaniel died; The human condition is such that I still miss him. I'd written some thoughts then, which I've revised here.

Watching You Chapter Three

CHAPTER THREE Kelly finished at six after a quiet night. Most of the junkies seemed to have gone to seed, the clubbers crawled into their dens for an...

Jam-tripping On A Free Path

Jam-tripping On A Free Path By Paul McCann I was telling everybody hey this is how it goes , walking on a free path with a jingle jangle in my toes...

Remember to Forget (Part 4)

Canker leads him towards the back of the pub, past more fallen tables and chairs. They exit the bar area and proceed down a corridor with a...

speed-dating for the vanished

speed-dating for the vanished light streams from warm bars, smiles recoil from chandeliers i watch, hooded and rained on too close to the glass,...

Tribute To Queen

Tribute To Queen By Paul McCann Sometimes in life it’s good to look back at the music of what had been . Thats why I'm here in Thirroul tonight to...