Just a patch of poppies grow beneath greying sky, pathos of life ebbing in the final battle cry, gentle flowers mark fragile life when from trenches...

Three Feet and Three images

During my first law class in graduate school. our teacher made this point about legal, individual rights. "I have the right to swing my fist until my...

The Fortune Teller

Two potential writers should be discouraged from marrying! (photo - my own)

Tolkien on Disco Biscuits

Nothing to see here, walk on by. Image is used under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported: photograph by Acroterion

The Coal Porter

Walking with sand tides against methane winds. A man shadowed through gunmetal blue, seeks coal. There were once days of counting ways of how to live...

Florence Revisited

One hot Summer night!

It's a Bug's Life

This bloody Corona virus...

Lost in a Durham Landscape

I kicked my heels in the living room while Aoife mulled wine in the kitchen above the mantelpiece, a painting (where a mirror ought to be) drew me in...

"A Wizard's Magic" Chapter 4

“Are you sure this is what you want?” David leaned back in the chair keeping his feelings in check. “I wish I knew how to explain it better, but I...

From Jester To King (Finale)

The most realest of dreams.


Hickory Dickory Dock Four mice ran up the clock

sleeping with penguins

hypnotic music ‘music for a found harmonium’ fills the room and birdsong through the open window it’s warm today I stand at the door a soft sheet...

Wind in Trees by Water

A little cheesy, but wanted to explain to someone why my walks were so important to me so I wrote it in high winds whilst walking yesterday.

"Past or Present" Chapter 3

Stephanie sat on the bed in Victoria’s room and wondered what would happen if she fell asleep? Would she wake up back in her own life time? She hoped...

Angels on High

The 90+ Club has energy to burn- and arrives in singles and two’s ladies adorned in grey hair and shaky legs yet strong enough to stand for our Lord...

The Human Touch: Chapter Three

Chapter Three The school bus pulled up outside, Sammy was in the third seat from the front—his seat— staring out of the window. He showed no...

In a World Gone Mad: Monday 6 July 2020

We walked bloody miles yesterday. It was just under five miles, but it was heavy walking over heathland and up—and sometimes down was worse—massive...