It's Christmas Again

Its Christmas Again by Paul McCann It makes me smile for a while to think that peace has come , even if for just a day , its Christmas everyone . Its...

It was fun. It's over. It's done.

A nice memory of last summer. Trying to capture that need, that mistake we sometimes take :D


LILY LILAC KILLED MY WIFE!!! There I’ve said it, it’s out in the open at last, uppercase, bold type, underlined, triple exclamation mark. Who, you...

Wild Cherry Cola Yeah Yeah Yeah

I was listening to the Kinks sing Lola and drinking a wild cherry cola when the obsession began. My wild cherry cola tasted like champagne Champagne...
Gold cherry

going extinct

going extinct woken most mornings by man-made growling i struggle to understand what kind of man would put a fat exhaust on a fiat panda well done...

On The Road From Bundanoon

On The Road From Bundanoon by Paul McCann Since we’ve been apart I’ve had a broken heart so I thought that I’d drive over in my car and as drove...

Trust And Understanding

Trust And Understanding by Paul McCann There should never be any doubt at all in your mind . Respect is what it’s all about you will find ...
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I'm Not Disappointed, I'm Just Angry Chapter 1

PGCE [1] July 2004 [2] Like a lot of people, I enjoyed school. Grammar schools were still in operation in Northern Ireland when I grew up and I...


Public domain image: An allegory of five senses - Still life by Peter Claesz -1623

Ode an den Dönerkebab / Ode to the Doner Kebab

Ode an den Dönerkebab Döner, schönes Götterfleisch und Tochter aus dem Schwarzen Meer, Lamm von Gott, dein fettes Reich erweitert sich nach vielem...

Downshire Diary – (45) Misconception (Part 02)

But apart from being a contract cleaner Dave Maslen was also a first class flirt, and his skin head was often his way in, because it was obviously not shaven, so inquisitive girls often asked him how he lost his hair and when they did he knew he was in with a chance so he really enjoyed flirting.


We call my aunt Beth the exorcist

Yvonne Makin’s House of Fun – (24) The Mismanagement Couple (Part 03)

Yvonne Makin had called a staff meeting which was to take place in the main conference room, so bright and early one morning he opened his office door to make his way there and found on the other side of it was the familiar face of his Head of Housekeeping


In a frenzy of winter-white frosty snow flits in windy lunges a mighty space let loose as an army of fluffy flakes.


Hai zika zimba zimba zimba Hai zika zimba zimba zey Hai zika zimba zimba zimba Hai zika zimba zey Mow'em down you Zulu warriors Mow'em down you Zulu...

Flying Saucer (ii) Scotland

"Scotland," said Pete. He phoned me at my parents house. It was a Tuesday afternoon and I happened to be in. "Scotland?" "Scotland." "What about...

I'm Justin Bred, not just inbred

When I tell people that my name is Justin Bred, They think that I'm a hick with no brain in my head. Everybody who I know thinks that I'm married to...

Canmore - Who was Big Head?

The head that wears the crown has to be large. But what exactly does this mean - symbolically big, physically huge, an appellation with mystical...

Suggestion Box Problems

Revd Derek Butler walked through the body of the church, heading towards the Vestry Meeting, with their new Suggestion Box held under his arm. The...