Elections During Lockdown

Local elections 6th May 2021.

Why I Stopped Watching Family Guy

I used to enjoy watching Family Guy. It was entertaining and funny. But Seth Macfarlane and the other people who make Family Guy went too far. They...

Martha-The Rewrite Chapter Sixty Nine

We get drunk. It’s fun drunk, not desperate drunk. They are two very different things. Desperate drunk is when you want to murder yourself with booze...

A Song for Kenny Novel (Part 6)

JUST AN OLDER MAN Kenny pedaled furiously into his yard then jumped off his bike. It wobbled crazily toward the garage door. Then it smacked into the...
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She steps out First cigarette break of the day! It is noon. Dove grey clouds. Her pussy-bow blouse! Dappled in dusty rays of sun. She inhales the...

Eggs and Baskets, or Basket Case

Tulip mania abound. London parks are riotious with colour and homelessness. I: alone hit the town. Crisp air, therefore I am wearing my fur coat...

A Song for Kenny Novel (Part 5)

AREN’T YOU MY FRIEND? "Hello … Larry?" "Yes?" "It's me." "Kenny? I didn't recognize your voice on the phone. Got a cold or something?" "No." "Well,...

Sooz 8

Eddie was half-pissed after four pints. He been drinking and not sleeping. Badger flung them back and went up to the bar for more as if he’d taken a...

A Ghazal

A first attempt at this poetic form.

The Three Halves of Martyn Manning-Chapter Twenty: Paradise By The Dashboard Light? - Part Two

She took one step across the threshold then immediately stopped. Apart from the dull light from the office behind her the place where she was now...

The Three Halves of Martyn Manning-Chapter Twenty: Paradise By The Dashboard Light? - Part One

By the time she got back to the playing fields she’d just about calmed down. All that was left of the bonfire by now were dull red embers and all she...

A Song for Kenny Novel (Part 4)

A POOR LOSER Kenny and Troy came to this special spot for some serious fishing. Saturday fun time was their reward for surviving a whole week of...

Mother Of Deep Sleep

, Mother Of Deep Sleep By Paul McCann Mother of deep sleep ‘ erase from my mind all the unkind people who harmed me in days gone past . Mother of...
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The Mythicals - 2: a study of grief

an experimental piece to finish the three poems about death and commemoration

Martha-The Rewrite Chapter Sixty Eight

“And this is Rory.” I am presented with a skinny boy with blond shoulder length hair, steel rimmed glasses and the longest face I have ever seen. I...


Flight (05.05.2021) I have not used my wings in a long time. Stiff, wrinkled things, they do not look divine; black and shrivelled, they lie dormant...

Martha-The Rewrite Chapter Sixty Seven

There’s a photograph of me, mum and dad on the beach somewhere, in some other time. It might be Frinton, it might be late eighties. It looks sandy in...

Martha-The Rewrite Chapter Sixty Six

The posh pub has a long shiny bar, rustic tables, an endless line of beautiful young staff, amazing food, even if it’s all served on slates and the...


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