Choice Tales from the Vale – (280) Doctor in Disgrace

It was the day after St Valentines and Doctor Belinda Mason was upstairs at Callum Grainger’s house attending to his terminally ill wife.

Paradise Of Sheep

From out of the horizon marched a great army of crags and cliffs, a sight which had always made Littlewood reflect on his decaying teeth. During...

Embracing The Storm

Summer storm clouds appear to weep their sobbing bouncing off leaves of trees, globules released from dark sky splashing into puddles like many...

Angel 26 (church and children)

Most of the prison jobs were taken, but Angel hoped to get something soon. She got free- association a few hours a day and out for meals, sitting at...

Blowing Up the Street (IP)

The Cat's a kitten again. The secret's in the tale. Image from Wiki commons

31. W O L D

Really? Award ceremonies are like this? Surely not... Image is created by author from royalty free components in the public domain.

It Had Been a Long Exorcism

How we survived a psychotic episode

Uncomfortable Issue The Church Needs to Talk About!

Uncomfortable Issue the Church Needs to Talk About! Sometimes on the outside damage can’t be seen, but on the inside turmoil is taking place. We tend...

Even More

Even More Than That By Paul McCann I love her so much more than anything and even more than that I’m thinking . She means more to me than anyone and...
Gold cherry
Story of the week


My thumb caresses the cylinder of the nickel plated, 38. Calibre revolver, resting on my lap, beneath the desk. With each of the six chambers still...

Valentine Charm The Muse

Those Pr-Raphaelites Knew of physical love How to win a heart, To pursue with words Those tears of emotion Then happily spoken, Followed with quill...

An Echo Of words

A dream where time follows triangles and ribbons through moments that suddenly become a physical place; Gaia; stillness surrounds you in a single...

Angel 25 (prison time and design)

A wee boy held his brother’s hand. With intense concentration he guided a blue Dinky car up and down the curves of the chair and table as his family...

Snippets of Downshire Life – St Valentine’s Day

Purplemere was one of the largest towns in the Finchbottom Vale, and the Vale was nestled comfortably between the Ancient Dancingdean Forest to the south and the rolling Pepperstock Hills in the north, and those who were lucky enough to live there thought of it as the rose between two thorns.


Lover you still do it for me,


Roses are flowers

When I searched for it

If I used the forbidden eye to bring back the old wooden bridge over the slow streaming brook, the gnarled carvings of names had long weathered in...

The Volunteers

What became of the volunteers? At school they raised their hands Stretched them to the ceiling tiles While I looked down and made Myself as invisible...