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Legend of the Pah - 8

Cece Hughes Cece Hughes was what you might refer to as well preserved. At a distance she could have passed for somebody half her age, even close up...

Krell apologizes for Jezebel

In the midst of the outraged silence, Thornton Krell grabbed the microphone and tried to explain "When Barton Toddler delivered his rendition of "to...

Janus 12

I have other hospital stories to share, but this last week has put all that out of my mind. Last Thursday the District stoma nurse came to visit, and...
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Wilfred's bugle, Sambre, France, 1918

(or, the profits of war) Bugle, dropped, by a deaded German soldier, later, found by you Wilfred, lying by his side, muddied. Did you play? Arms,...

Description Excerpt

This is a sample excerpt of a simple description. A review would be loved, thank you! General Gyte sits on the pier. Before him the infinite sea. If...

1:1:1 Lore

Damp. They weren’t quite sure where they were but it was most certainly damp. For that matter, they weren’t quite sure who they were either. A...

Jessica's Life Journey (3) - Jeeps and Jealousy

Flash fiction - 450 words. Image from Pixabay

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Special Bonus Quatrain!

Lefty Bought An Island

He was the terror of the seven seas, give or take a few. But he never gave a thought to what he would do when he was through… Lefty bought an island...

Further Defenestration Details (The Story of Eustrokus)

Eustrokus loved his life as a eunich. He had a great voice. He could come and go within all of the harems within the worship of Baal. He was involved...

The Storyteller And The Gypsy King

. The Storyteller And The Gypsy King by Paul McCann Sean McKay was a gifted story teller and it was said people who heard him fell into a trance with...

Nature's Way

Am I just a body in a bed? These eyes they mirror the sky’s mood and shed, Tears that fall as I peer out, The window and scream, and beg, and shout,...

Izzy's First Spring

Izzy was having one of those days. The sort that two year olds often have, according to her grandma. Unfortunately, it seemed like mummy was having...

I'm Dust on the wind

I'm dust on the wind looking for you yeah my love comes back to you thinking of all the things we did all the places we went all the joys of those...

I've Got My Park Bench

I've Got My Park Bench I tend to choose the benches on this side of the park. The side with the library on. At least, that’s where I go when the...

Elegy For A Follicle

Not just a hair. But the last picket of the former hairline. Left behind when the third eye was blind. I kept it trimmed. On weekly sweep. A bother,...

My Hustle

One feature of the ‘new normal’ of our economy are empty buildings full of piles of office chairs, gathering dust. More people are working online...