Memories -- 1948

So hard to believe I was only six -- on my way to Lake Osisko around the corner from our apartment. I sensed daddy following -- with fear along for...


I woke up face down on the cold concrete of an old cracked road. I slowly picked myself up off the ground. I had a terrible headache. I can't...


Could Jesus have been Irish?

Choice Tales from the Vale – (301) Doctor, Doctor

19 year old Owen Hale was staying in the spare room of his Uncle Johns house in Childean for a few weeks, while he recovered from a broken ankle, as his parents were in Australia.

The Christening

T H E C H R I S T E N I N G The small wooden church is storybook in appearance. It has ornate wooden carvings, with colorful, stained-glass windows...

Uncle Frank Suchla - a bad man probably

Having given one of my husband's ancestors a bad name, I should do the same for mine, I knew a lot about Frank Suchla before this last bit of...

bye - good

i’ve lost the will for anything all this stuff is coming out average boring i guess this is what happens when you become an old goat not long then...

daddy got this for me

i’d have thought you’d be better, she said though, i’d have thought she’d be nicer, I thought and when i feel like a dead parrot i’d be happy to be a...


somedays i feel like nothing

She Loved Me Not

Sally drank a full bottle of whisky Which made her feel fruity and frisky She said she had time If I had the rhyme But the glint in her eye was too...

Sleepless Night's

I put my canvas upon a table The blinds shines rays of light As I paint a picture I began to close my eyes My mind is clouded with thoughts Between...

Hard Waters

We become hard waters, coming from opposite directions..

Leech of the World, Chapter 3: Family, Part 1: Sorry

*Sigh*“N ow to write the letter” the Chieftess sat on front of her desk in the middle of the open hall, it was not usually there, but a recent storm...


I put the body in the corner. It was only decent. He was my friend. Or he was, before we argued. I found hammer and nails, and prepared a coffin. I...


Father Masterson always woke with wood for the fire when there was no fire and he was loath to chop it with the others around; but he did. CHOP-CHOP-...

Tales from the Finchbottom Vale – (74) The Roespring Verger (Part 02)

It was about ten minutes later when she returned and the pashmina had gone and she had untied her hair glorious red mane.