My Anthem.

Around March and April this year a lot of us, didn’t know how it was going to end. The fear of tomorrow, let alone the following week was uncertain,...

Just 10p

Today at work, I walked to the local shop to buy milk, I bought a large bag of Hula Hoops for £1, I love nibbling on them during work, I first...


“Yankee Doodle Dandy” is a Musical Biographical Drama, Screenplay by Robert Buckner, Edmund Joseph, Julius J. Epstein and Philip G. Epstein Original Story by Robert Buckner, Music by George M. Cohan and Directed by Michael Curtiz.


What do you think did Alice Leed?

Today's TV

BBC1 17:00 Are Goats Smarter than Humans? A goat faces a series of puzzles and intellectual challenges against Chris Grayling. Day 1, can Chris...

Life Is Short

Life Is Short by Paul McCann Life is short , its just the blink of an eye , we are all born to live and then we die . In between where we’ve been and...

Hangin' Around (3)

Previous Chapter 3. Another Hanging in Paradise For the first month, Adam looked up hopefully at the sound of every hoofbeat on the horizon. Whether...

Somewhere Faraway

Down narrow footpaths, ruffled feathered birds leave behind flint covered trails and brushwood, they choose to venture for a time inquisitive desires...

The Three Halves of Martyn Manning--Chapter Eleven - Janet

His office took up most of the top floor of the Keller Tower. It was by no means the tallest skyscraper in New York, but he had wonderful views over...


'Like Father - Like Son'

a Dingle epiphany - sometime in the eighties

a Dingle epiphany - sometime in the eighties rich for a change I set off on holiday heading wherever the fancy took me a poster in the coach station...

Living Love

. Living Love By Paul McCann’ You can’t see what I see so I’m told , so show me some of the secrets that you hold I’m only asking you to light the...

la chambre haute

la chambre haute her apartment was right above mine I loved to hear her footsteps and snatches of her radio she often woke me singing Piaf chansons...

Coureur de Bois

Once I ran alongside the wind legs strong enough to support a pack & canoe upon my shoulder hiked every trail in the area fished each stream saw...

Uncanny Tales – (33) A Man to Be Trusted

“Take care of her?” said Winifred Hawkes-Holland as he opened the driver’s car door. “Will do boss” Harry replied giving his passenger a wry smile as he got behind the wheel. “I’m not a child,” Clare shouted petulantly out of the open window “and I don’t need babysitting”


I really love a rainy day

Mahoney's Office

I was shocked if not surprised at the death of Mahoney. I learned about it last week. The last time I saw him, he didn't look good although he was always too closely resembling (in his own words) either a "young Peter Lorre or an old Orson Welles". One thing he had was a hand that was perfect for holding a glass of beer no matter what size. We used to drink together when we were young and have the most confounding of conversations which always made sense to us but were threatening/infuriating/hilarious to others. I dug his massive vocabulary and he dug mine. We didn't get a chance to use them as much as we would have liked, so when we got together, we jazzed it up. We often talked of baked otters and black out shades and redundant ethnic quips. I've been trying for the last couple of days to write something about Mahoney when I came to inspiration point and tried to imagine the kind of conversation/ observation/dissertationwe would have shared on the available topic had we had another chance to kick it around and chop it up. I'm gonna name this "piece" Mahoney's Office after him and bid my bud adieu.

Nick Names

(Chapter 4 of the formerly-known-as 'Crazy Diamond') Before we arrived, the college sent us a list of books to read in the summer, including two...