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I have 129 stories published in 4 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 43179 times and 60 of my stories have been cherry picked.
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Mark Pithie

Poet , Prose Writer and occasional Blogger.

My blog is called The Eclectic Audiolab and includes poetry , short stories and music related musings and memoirs.

My stories

Funrunning (1986)

Blindly running, vacant minds Oblivious to those running behind. Oblivious to cheering, jeering spectators. Sweaty, red-faced with Dire Straits...

Internal Jukebox

Stalking shadowed cranial corridors searing sounds from sonic youthdays revenants from times forgotten dislodged songs swim sleepstarved mind...
Gold cherry

The Glowing Man ( Adam Maxwell-Farquhar - Tale 5)

After my experiences in France, I returned to Aberdeen, and being somewhat distressed by my experiences there, I was deemed to be ‘distressed’ by the...

Granite Noir

Ryan had never been particularly good at solving problems in his life. It was always left to someone else to pick up the pieces after the event, if...

Garret Blues

I live in a garret, perched on the top floor, I live in a garret, perched on the top floor, Its so peaceful when I’m locked behind my door. I live in...


5 of my comments have received 6 Great Feedback votes

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I enjoyed that poem, very

Posted on Thu, 22 Sep 2022

I enjoyed that poem, very evocative!

I like Autumn a lot also, the changing colours on the trees, the sunsets, and I enjoy taking pics of the changing scenes as the season progresses towards winter.



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Posted in In Lucid Dreams

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Enjoyed this one a lot!

Posted on Mon, 12 Dec 2022

Enjoyed this one a lot!

All the Best


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Posted in Walk In December Snow

1 Vote

Excellent poem, thanks for that!

Posted on Mon, 13 Dec 2021

Really enjoyed this one, full of great phrases and seasonal imagery,

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Posted in Robin At Winter Solstice

1 Vote

Thoroughly enjoyed !

Posted on Tue, 01 Dec 2020

Thoroughly enjoyed this one you read tonight at the Virtual Reading.. It reminds me of the guys I used to encounter in pubs in Glasgow, back in the '80s when I went there for working training courses. Excellent stuff, reminded me of James Kelman...

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Posted in A Hauf an a Hauf

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Excellent poem!

Posted on Wed, 14 Apr 2021

Excellent poem!

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Posted in Setting Sons