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I have 139 stories published in 4 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 45437 times and 61 of my stories have been cherry picked.
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Mark Pithie

Poet , Prose Writer and occasional Blogger.

My blog is called The Eclectic Audiolab and includes poetry , short stories and music related musings and memoirs.

My stories


The Ghost House (Chapter 4)

We were into late January now, and it was still cold, although the snow had gone and had turned to slush. I remember when I was six, I trudged to...

The Ghost House (Chapter3)

I had actually seen a real ghost before , when I was 9 , in 1972, so had ‘one up’ on Alan. Dad and me were helping put up Christmas decorations in...

The Ghost House ( Chapter 2)

Christmas passed with a succession of relations visiting our house bearing gifts like the Three Wise Men in the Bible, only we got Broons books, the...

The Ghost House (Chapter 1)

It was around Christmas 1973, at the time Alan and I used to take our radios to school on the day of the Radio 1 Top 20 rundown, when Slade were at...

Etymology and the Meaning of Hamlet

Once the stone is thrown The ideas come like ripples Hamlet via Joyce via Shakespeare through Irish , Icelandic , Norse and Gaelic Musing on the...