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I have 139 stories published in 4 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 45439 times and 61 of my stories have been cherry picked.
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Mark Pithie

Poet , Prose Writer and occasional Blogger.

My blog is called The Eclectic Audiolab and includes poetry , short stories and music related musings and memoirs.

My stories

Haiku Forecast

The Scottish weather Like four seasons in one day Is this the Springtime?

Metal Memories

Music played in your caravan It wasn’t the Brotherhood of Man The kerranging guitars from Judas Priest, Screaming rock music unleashed from the East...


I was told to be seen but never heard This was my pathway to the spoken word I painted word pictures in my mind Spoken word art invisible to the...

A New Bar in Town (Time Tunnel Tale #3)

The Bar had just opened. It was 1983 and the infectious synth-pop of New Order’s ‘Blue Monday’ played on the bar’s sound system, and all around the...

The Veteran Speaks ( Time Tunnel Tale #2)

I am a seasoned veteran of the office wars, like Mike Moorcock, or was it Nik Turner, used to declaim, on that old Hawkwind album ‘Warrior on the...