Uncanny Love Tales – (03) Girl in The Floral Dress

Uncanny Love Tales – (03) Girl in The Floral Dress The day began early for Jerry as he reluctantly left the arms of his lover, it was first light and the dawn chorus were in full voice.


I told my girlfriend that she had


I bought shoes from a drug dealer,

Not A Grouch After All

This is my 600th essay. I didn't want to rush into this number so I took my time and then it arrived........

Clouded Aura

A reflection on mental illness


Part 22


The stage set: a fancy restaurant. Flowers and wine, candlelight And you costumed in borrowed suit And tie.I ordered duck. The waiter hovered until...

Chapter 2

“Miss Windlor, here is the scroll you requested.” A pale and skinny with long nails reached and seized the scroll. She untied the ribbon holding the secret inside the ancient and beat up looking scroll. The woman read out loud what the scroll said as everyone perked up and stopped what they were doing.

A Mother's Attempted Suicide

Why did she do it? They all asked, why did she try? So silly, so much to live for, so many depending on her, so many days left, not enough hours in...

Upon Visiting Rembrandthaus

What an honour it feels to sit in your living room, gazing upon oil paintings that came from your hand, at etchings where you impressed your mark on...

Island HIdeaway 53 (of 53) - Final words​

I remembered Andy's warning, once she left I could never see Mo again. Mo was disappearing from the face of the Earth, I would never hear from her,...

Island Hideaway 51 - Everything changes​

A shot rang out. The gunman fell to the ground. From nowhere the Boatman emerged, brandishing a rifle.​ ​"Sorry to leave it so late," he said. "I...

Island Hideaway 50 - Megabastard Inc​

We didn't spend much of our time together, of course. We were doing different degrees with different timetables, I had the radio, writers group,...

A Piece of Ass. Part 4. Mermaid.

Ginny’s Palace was between Rolls , a shop that sold huge sausage rolls, and a children’s ball pit. Over the years every single one of the balls had...

The World

is a fine place to be even during its haughty moments and when evening kisses the mountain edge twilight shows its face and soon to be darkness and...

A Mother’s Leaving

It is hard to leave the family home that you’ve known and loved for so long , buy its even harder when a son or daughter has to make that call for...

Country Living

Sketch an outline of a farm where people live with chickens and cows horses and a llama or two – now add a house porch and a huge barn full of hay...

After He Did What He Was Always Gonna Do

He pushes her away just in time to save himself, then flees sweating onto the treadmill, and room after room, city upon city, sky atop sky, flower...

Secrets and Half-lies

Part 4 - Flash fiction - 500 words.

Do You Know Who I Am? Part Two.

Do you feel the world is broken? (We do) Do you feel the shadows deepen? (We do) But do you know that all the dark won't stop the light from getting...