Dizzy Lizzie - the Budget

After losing a drinking game with her posh friends, Dizzy Lizzie has to pay the forfeit of becoming PM of a nation in rapid decline, at the time of...

Getting the treasure!

Parable about God’s kingdom: like a treasure in a field …

Hurricane Ian

The Specter of Hurricane IAN Like most of America, we watched the formation and development of Hurricane Ian, as it drove relentlessly across the...

Open All Hours

I'm the nastiest xhopkeeper you've ever seen. When it comes to customers, I'm always mean. I always lie to sell my stuff. If you don't like it, tough...
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high seas

leaf shoals race on grey twig currents as west winds lace rushing rip tides through fast colours, with quick air rinse out sluggish thoughts so free...

"Anemoi" (wind gods- mythology)

Eurus owns the Eastern winds And all the autumn colors The Blazing trees Gold and red September’s Artful nature October nights Shortened days Through...
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Gift From The Sky

Photo from wikimedia.

The .......Part Two

I had forgotten to mention, importantly we were told, “There are ten meditation/prayer rooms, they will be open all of the time, no cameras will be...

Scottish Lang Syne Prayer

May the great Lord of mock chops watch over our last repast. Let the wipe clean plastic cloth be sinless over the formica tartan alter and be blessed...

Moon Space [2]

The moon slows down the earths rotation trying to stop it from spinning out of control but the earth likes being out of control, it wants to spin,...

Moon Space [1]

The moon was once part of the earth so they say, now it’s lifeless, separate from its former heartbeat. Does the earth realise that when it let the...

Awkward Salt

I see her coming, hurried pink in the face and jumper. Her torso leans slightly forwards, shoulders furling in. She opens the door, it’s smaller than...

Via Bank or Via Charing Cross

I am writing a ghost story a month in 2022. This is September's

Body Building for Dummies

Jean Pierre was a self-made man but he wasn't perfect

Like No One Has Done Before

, \ Like No One Has Done Before By Paul McCann . I’ve got to know the person who you are and I’ve got to say I love what you do . I wish that people...

Real Time Calm

This is real time. He's heading toward us. We hope to God he isn't heading at us. He already savaged Puerto Rico made his way East and then ripped...
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Small Town Insurrection

I walked through the maze of streets and alleyways, trying to remember how to reach the town square. Seagulls circled above me, swooping low over my head and crying out like I was a scrap of food to be snaffled in their beaks.