Mother Of Understanding

Mother Of Understanding By Paul McCann Mother of understanding , You’re always there to listen to the things I’m going through . Mother of...

Lost Days

The rubble stunk of smoke, burning petrol and cordite. Twisted lampposts were garlanded with rotting corpses with signs hung around their neck. Dead...

Snippets of Downshire Life – Getting Noticed

The village of Highfinch sits just on the edge of the Pepperstock Hills, and the Lily Green Hollows Golf Club separates the village from the Hamlet of Lily Green, and the combination of those two and Kingfisherbridge made up the parish of St Martins and an important part of the parish was the Greenwood Guesthouse owned and run by divorcee Janita Front.

Snippets of Downshire Life – ANZAC Day

Donna Harding had enjoyed a successful career in the Downshire Constabulary, due to her diligence and hard work she had reached the rank of Detective Constable. And had done so largely without regrets but she had arrived in her early thirties with her integrity, looks and figure intact, but she still lived the existence of a singleton.

Snippets of Downshire Life – Chance Meeting

Frank had planned to meet up with a friend in Purplemere at a restaurant called “La Florenza” but he cancelled at the eleventh hour. He had already booked himself a room at the Lamb and Flag so as he had already made the journey into town he decided to stick with his plan and make his own amusement.

Meeting with Foo-Kahl

Ae-Jah (the young Pleiadian monk), can't resist his forbidden studies, yet a surpise visitor to his dormitory chamber leads to an unexpected game of "lost and found." Meanwhile his bond with his snake-familiar deepens. ...Could it all be related somehow?... (Ae-Jah narrative #4)

In the wee small hours of the morning...(that's the time I miss him most of all)

In the wee small hours Before the first Morning light When Night lights glow Amid crickets songs Cool breezes Finger through Open windows Billowing...


A cryptic hum reverberating From the stolid lips Of one who desires to perfect Their imperfections abating. So it is my shadow dredges Towards the...

Money for the Circus (Pt 2)

hmm... might need fiddling with... the story that is Image composed by author from public domain sources.


A commonplace

To J & J 4Ever

Near the Lion’s rock Stands a Sycamore tree With carvings of romance Initialed in its trunk A deep jagged heart Engulfs two letters Against the white...


Miracles By Paul McCann Jesus cured the lepers and the blind were able to see , the angry sea was calm , there’s a message for you and me . Miracles...

Snippets of Downshire Life – Female Football Felicitations

The southern town off Abbottsford was the biggest in Downshire and was the administrative capital and the seat of the Downshire government. It was also a place of learning thanks to the Downshire University, it could also boast that it was a Cathedral City, was home to Abbottsford Town football club and benefitted from the renowned Winston Churchill Hospital.


The definition of a Plumber


I wrote a song about a Tortilla

Meet Me On The Corner

Dear diary...1977 holds a big sack of memories for me, not only was I a part time vegetarian, that is to say that throughout the working week I'd be...

The Puzzles’ Enigma

Walking along Hergest ridge, comfortable, spongy turf, burbling melodies pour down from skylarks unseen, high in the blue; enjoying the freedom of a...