An unexpected, unintended emotional ambush.

Peterloo Remembered

I was shocked to learn of how Mary Hayes had become a forgotten victim of the social struggle that led to Peterloo. This is my tribute to those who suffered at St Peters Field

From Roadside

Cars and other wheel-rims flashlight the hyphenated highway. They have places to go. A family visit -- someone to kiss and other of life’s adventures...

What's His Name

What’s His Name By Paul McCann Small town, big voice , nobody heard about what’s his name, but he kept on singing , never give in , kept coming back...
Gold cherry

Morning Star Horoscopes Page, with Karl Marx

Aries. You’ve had a tough time lately making ends meet, but all your money worries will soon be over!...


[Continuing the hymn-for-Sundays series] What would be paradise to you? material luxury, content, and sumptuous satisfaction sensed, no work, no law, no argument? … we long for heaven – not to be idle, or there free of pain, and meet departed friends, – but to enjoy God’s company.

Tales from the Finchbottom Vale – (46) Love is a Many-Splendored Thing (Part 04)

The rest of August was taken up with the arrangements for the Sharpington Day Parade which took place on the August Bank Holiday.


Team work is important

Those Memories Made on Teardrop Lake – (50) After the Funeral (Part 02)

Shelley Davies was an immensely popular figure among the local community through her charitable work and tireless commitment to the church and all that that entailed. As a result St Mary’s church was bursting at the seams on the day of her funeral, full of people wanting to pay their respects.

Binocular Bird

part of a short trilogy about night creatures (image from the web)

Living With Dementia

Living With Dementia By Paul McCann So who are you , wouldn’t you like to know . You always seem so lost round here With no place to go . They say...

What to Do

today? Lip-kiss my lady. Hurry-shop groceries. Buy sonny-boy a birthday gift. Eat slinky salmon steaks-- and thank you Lord for my life. My eclectic...


A pair (is that the write word?) of garish, gold curtains, Which we certainly wanted to take down, replace, once we'd settled in to our 1960s semi,...

Long Time No See

Long Time No See By Paul McCann I went home on my own and found nothing had changed the big lugs with the same hugs , reaching out again What about...

8 days

8 days I’ve spent with her, 8 nights where I couldn’t stop smiling, 8 times I’ve found myself starring into her eyes. Theres something in her, that...

General Synopsis

General Synopsis as at 21:37 CET

Charcoals in the Basement

Parallel lines cut running tracks through the hay. He pony vaulted into mine, infront of me. I wanted to sprint, to do it myself, so I sliced across...

Mille Feuilles (Lunch Crunch)

Curled leaves, dried leaves, dead and dying as the trees change their diet for Winter. A breeze, not freezing, blows on the base of my skull. My feet...


Our world has been consumed by violence and greed. But instead of needing wealth, God is all that I need. When people find religion, there is no...

direcct thoughts.

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