At my advanced age I find

Adopt a Tiger (3)

Susan had seen Billy the Pie around, obviously. He was the purple-haired clown at the end of her street, the one with the clown car outside his house...

Adopt a Tiger (2)

Susan rang the emergency number on the tiger cage. "There's been a mistake," she said. "I signed up to adopt a tiger and you've delivered the tiger...


tragic our lives are tragic, starving artists overlooked die in poverty they are buried as paupers - then - too late - gain cult status our lives are...

Worlds Apart

When I hear about people having to flee their country because of poverty, wars or cruelty, it makes me feel so sad, but lucky to live here in England...

Black Dogs Guard The Gods

defending you, though it doesn't feel it! About Endogenic Depression

Soul Circles

The sun was setting. They had reached a stretch of desert. She wasn’t familiar with any deserts in the area. Groups of people were gathered in circles across the stretch as several black cars dotted their outlines. Some looked to be around her age. Older ones seemed to stay close to the cars. "Excuse me?" she asked a woman with long grey bushy hair. "How do I get to-" "Follow your instructors kid and join one o' the circles," the raspy voice said as the woman lit up another cigarette.

Clementine and her Stalker Chapter One

CLEMENTINE and her STALKER Chapter One I was leaning on the railings when I first saw her. Just idly watching the ducks paddle down the stream...

Clementine and her Stalker

A chance encounter on Stamford Meadows one sunny summer morning changes Tony Williams' life in ways he could scarcely have imagined.

Captured for Freedom!

[Continuing the hymn-for-Sundays series] I’m bound to my Lord, so now I am free! – I’m free of the hold, the old misery of gripping temptations, sin’s harsh slavery: a servant of Jesus has real liberty! …

Summer Comes

Suffused with morning’s gleam I rest upon a back porch where snowy remnants melt away in last days of huddled crystals once rampant as a runaway kite...

Eight Year-Olds Don't Know

My name is Alexander Beardsman and things are just about starting to go wrong in my life. If I could say how I felt, things might be alright, but I’m...

Uncanny Tales – (36) Car Rust Memories

I should start by saying that I am not the type of person who views cars as anything other than a tool to get me from A to B.


Oh look A glimpse of thigh


But we don’t drink Saki

Head I lose, tail I lose

Head I lose, tail I lose “Head I lose, tail I lose” Me, the recalls oft amuse the recalls of all my losses to my elder brother over tosses. The craft...
Gold cherry

Adopt a Tiger (1)

Susan was in the kitchen when the door rang. She wasn't expecting anybody, nobody much called round these days, so she didn't hurry. When she got to...

Disgraceful Behavior

Before Donald Trump was inaugurated, some people made a commercial that I found to be disgraceful. On this commericial, some actors asked at least...

Lost and Found Part 2

Where, he tells me, ah’ll be handin oor ma signature in order tae make it official that Bruce is nae longer mines. It’s a blink and yull miss it...