Pigeon Variations - Ch 2 - Blame the Parents

Pyser found a temping job of sorts in an accounts department, licking envelopes for a mass mailout. It was the kind of work he was born to do.
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Pigeon Variations - Ch 1 - Control

There was this itching sensation swarming over Pyser. He knew something was wrong with him. It went under the skin. Into his blood stream.

Rumbled Block Paving

The cat lies dreaming 'mongst the moss on a driveway leeching petrichor tendrils to tingle a rust-pimple on the aged exhaust pipe of the exhausted...

Punk Bucket

It was the season of the deactivated, the disconnected, the disinterested, the discouraged, the dissociative and the disagreeable. It was summer...

08.1 Dhekunu Mala

Footloose Habib rolled through the arch over the stone path and parked by the front door. Habib heard a sound like wet towel slapped on stone during...

This Christmas

This Christmas - by Paul McCann Each Christmas comes and each Christmas goes and all we have are those twenty four hours to celebrate and fill our...


'King James - 1611'

Without You

. Without You By Paul McCann Without You the rain would not fall and we couldn’t quench our thirst Without You we would never know there is an end...

Mother Of Response

. Mother Of Response By Paul McCann Mother of response I lift up my voice to you and rejoice You were given the grace of divine choice Mother of...

Golden Memories: The Rich Friend

Although there were a few exceptions, most of our motorbike gang lived on the local council estates. In the 1970's these had often degenerated into...

what we did on our holiday, November 87

'what we did on our holiday, November 87' God helps three kinds of people: fools, children, and drunkards – we were two of the three. we were on a...
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The beautiful game.

Emmanuel (= God with us)

[Continuing the hymn-for-Sundays series] O come, O come, Emmanuel, all people need good news – Noël* to give life purpose … Rejoice, Emmanuel has come – the Light to shine for everyone.…

Uncanny Christmas Tales – (014) Things That Go Bump, Electrickery and Other Disasters

It was in the early hours of Christmas morning when I was awoken by a loud crash from the direction of the chimney breast, I looked around and my wife who is a very light sleeper hadn’t stirred.


As her new romance blossoms, a single mother Olivia Young Roberts (Tricia Helfer) is dismayed when her boyfriend Scott McGuigan (Marc Blucas), a military sergeant, is deployed right before Christmas.

Alex Harvey Paid the Ferryman (in 1982)

He paid his final dues, the journeyman, waiting for the Zeebrugge ferry the day before his forty-seventh birthday. Looking at the grey North Sea...

One of my father’s carvings

Relaxation from a desk job, one of his hobbies was carving. I think the occasion for this one was probably his parents golden wedding anniversary...