On The Cold Shoulder

On The Cold Shoulder By Paul McCann When they look down the barrel and they’ve got you in their sight Well they say you’ve got a problem , well its...

Cuba- parte seis- Santiago

Cuban Excursion- parte – seis -Santiago Wed. Dec. 8 th , 2018- Santiago, Cuba We were up by 7 A.M. The ship was sailing towards Santiago, Cuba. The...

Yvonne Makin’s House of Fun – (28) Afternoon and Evening (Part 05)

“Are you sure you wouldn’t rather just have a sleep?” he asked “You can have a sleep if you want to” she replied


The first time I met My pretty little Miss


When his partner in crime Harry Zordich (David Parker) messes up a department store robbery in December fellow Career criminal Jack Clayton (Tony Danza) can only escape the law in a Santa suit.

A Glass Winter 4

There was a thimble on the ground, he wondered for a second how on earth it had gotten there but quickly decided he didn’t care. Something like rock bottom was hitting his shoulders and making them slump. Sweat was getting into his eyes.
Gold cherry

The Last Christmas Tree (5)

Part 5 of my Yuletide tale. Jem helps Annie to dress the Christmas tree. Then they settle down for a natter about their lives...

A Light Supper

Hi-tech minimalist bachelor pads come at a cost. Hi-tech minimalist bachelor manor houses come at an enormous cost. But that’s ok. Milton Foy could...


There you cast down burden One of the countless many Atop the alter of my empathy. For that which you cannot rectify Guilt enamored by the dimest...

Monastic Misbehaviour

Not as outrageous as the one described in my poem "The Great Escape".

Vive la France!

Opinion piece. Back of a fag packet. Or thumb on a mobile. Modern version.

Innocent tourist (I.P.)

If injustice has a face, what would it look like? Would it amicably salutes you if you passed it on the high street? Would you remember the face...

The Last Christmas Tree (4)

Part 4 of my tale for Yuletide. Annie has just started to decorate the tree when a surprise visitor arrives...

“I did it my way”

[Continuing the hymn-for-Sundays series] 'I liked to drink and mess about, with no-one to restrain, I did it my way, soon found out it led to sadness...

Yvonne Makin’s House of Fun – (28) Afternoon and Evening (Part 04)

Paul finally put his divorce behind him and looked only to the future, he sold his Northchapel flat and rented one in Finchbottom so he could visit Yvonne regularly although in truth he rarely slept in it because after her birthday treat with Paul, Yvonne never again shared her former love, Martin Reed, with his wife.


Round the world they go In nineteen sixty five


For 30 years, Kathleen (Catherine Mary Stewart) carried around the haunting memory of her father abandoning her and her mother on Christmas Eve, and for all those years she blamed her mother for his leaving, eventually unable to separate the joys of the Christmas season from the pain of her family past she reached the point where she refused to celebrate Christmas at all

An Excerpt from The Road of a Thousand Tigers _ Tel Aviv

Holt swam. He swam out into the sea and took in a deep breath. He dived into the deep blue, feeling his tired body find its second wind. When his...

The Last Christmas Tree (3)

Part Three of my Yuletide tale.