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I have 1123 stories published in 5 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 233156 times and 13 of my stories have been cherry picked.

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P K Routray


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Gratitude P K Routray (1) Preamble On infinity with humility dare I to verse the gratitude I nurse for my Alma-mater, every being within her that...

Mending the Minds

Mending the Minds P K Routray My dear Pani Prafulla, Nanda Manmohan, Mishra Pradipta, Mohanty Guru, Palit Milan Acharya Gopal , Patnaik Jagdish ,...

Aches for An Architect

Aches for An Architect P K Routray Dot on time in the chair braving the weather, foul or fair on foot, by lift or by public transport a punctuality...

Loudly We say

Loudly We say P K Routray Today for our batch a special day keep all engagements at bay in drinks dinner, we will sway cutting cake in grand kid’s...

Bounden Duty

Bounden Duty P K Routray The tales of my grandmother on ghost ghoul and monster on demigods and divine beings studed my childhood evenings. Her tales...