Singing in My Thoughts (Poetry)

My collection of poetry





A search

A search P K Routray Perhaps three types of pains and pleasures exist in living beings,, At physical, mental or Intellectial level they create the feelings.

A thought on self

A thought on self P K Routray Edited by:P Gaan I am not the body nor mind nor intellect,

A tribal village

A tribal village P. K. Routray Edited by P Gaan Many villages are found on our mother earth

An illuminated water fall

An illuminated water fall P K Routray A common man with darkened future sees something different from poet in the grandeur, A boon in the form of a message, for him it is clear.


JANMASTAMI Edited by: P K Routray The title of the poem may sound strange,


LEARNING FROM OUR OBSERVATIONS P K Routray Edited by P.Gaan An epic in India tells about Jadu, a King of the Jadu-dynasty


MAN WILL DIE WITHIN SEVEN DAYS P K ROUTRAY Edited by P GAAN The title appears awkwardly strange I beg excuse for showing such courage. It is true that man will die,


THE UNGRATEFUL WRETCH P K Routray Edited by P Gaan


THE UNGRATEFUL WRETCH P K Routray Edited by P Gaan

Thought at sixty five

. Thought at sixty five P K Routray Edited by P Gaan I am sixty five retired from service,, for some other assignment I strive.

A befitting husband

A befitting husband P K Routray To make a wife little happy these are a few, a befitting husband needs to be. A friend, a companion, a lover, a man, a brother, a father,

A bemusing Hindu monk

A bemusing Hindu monk P K Routray Skinny, ash smeared, having long beard, wildly haired, who never gets scared, frail man with a loin cloth, with wisdom of a million worth,

A bemusing question

A bemusing Question P K Routray A disciple studied and mastered religious scriptures, with austerity and penance for twelve years Then he went to his master for further instruction,


A BOON P k Routray A man once meditated on Lord with pain and penance, The lord was pleased and offered him a boon to mitigate the man’s grievance. But He kept one condition;

A challenge to God

A challenge to God P K Routray Once a super scientist felt complacent on human scientific achievements, He thought of cosmos and God’s worries and patience.

A child prays

A child prays P K Routray My father and mother, superiors and teacher, always tell me to pray at dawn and dusk, following their way. As to whom to pray and what to pray,

A common man

A common man P K Routray

A comparison

A comparison P K Routray Down pours the rain, when its heaviness the sky cannot handle or retain. Tears also falls like rain, when the heart can no longer handle the pain

A criticism

A debatable question

A debatable question P K Routray Atheist does always see From God, religion to soul a superstition tree challenging His existence keeping religious belief and faith at a distance

A difference

A difference P K Routray From Google net, a surprise I could get, that I share with you to muse on a fact shocking but true Out of one hundred eight nobel laureates,

A Divine Sanction

A divine sanction P K Routray From the Holy bible, erose, agape, phileo and storge, as the types of love, these four forms only emerge love agape needs generosity, forgiving, and compassion


A FACT P.K.ROUTRAY Falsehood begets falsehoods, injustice breeds injustices, How can selfish motive and selfishness come to human services? With above sins in the society in the globe,

A Fading Dream

A fading dream (On death anniversary of my child hood class mate, friend Sangram Mishra) P K Routray Sangram! Before a long painful year three hundred sixty five dark nights earlier

A few gems from Mother Teresa

A few gems from Mother Teresa P K Routray “We ourselves feel what we are doing, is a drop in the ocean, But the ocean will be less because of that drop, be certain.”

A finding for scrutiny

A finding for scrutiny P K Routray A man always searches for happiness in his life, But the same eludes and puts him always in strife. If he looks at an ignorant child,


A flower P K Routray A flower is the quintessence of bliss and beauty, It remains the same to a genius or to a crazy.

A fool laughs

A fool laughs P Gaan P K Routray A fool laughs thrice tell the wise Thomases, First time he laughs without thinking,seeing people laugh in masses.

A Forecast

A Forecast P K Routray For transfer and storage of information and knowledge on tree, sand and stone man has made many an invention. From palm leave and scribner


A FUN WITH STRESS P K Routray Here is a dare devil attempt for your surprising diversion, from rhythm and rhyme of a poem to meditation.

A funny Thought

A funny Thought P K Routray Today I got up at four in the morning, Suddenly a thought came up in me dancing. I have got plenty in life so far to smoothly row,

A gross mistake

A gross mistake P K Routray Both science and mysticism agree on one thing, that the highest form of evolution so far is human being.

A Harvesting : Cherished

A Harvesting: Cherished P K Routray An art, an entertainment and a fun once used extensively for paddy production, now replaced by machines, is on the verge of extinction

A Heart-break

A heart- break P K Routray A heart often breaks, when a relationship cracks, when the fear for future apprehends pain and torture, incidents real or thoughts imaginary

A Household tradition

A Household tradition P K Routray I beg to tell you a curious customary tradition, followed in every Indian house belonging to the sects of the Hindu religion

A Hug

A Hug P K Routray Hug is a physical expression of love, it remains the same across the globe, In every place and language, It's always understood as a mark of love and bondage.

A joke

A joke P K Routray To an audience a joke first time brings loud laughter, if told second time the laughter goes down on the ladder. On repeated citations it brings boredom.

A key to success

A key to success P K Routray Once a young man came to Socrates with an appeal, to know the secret of success, which to him the great philosopher will reveal.

A Lady and A River

A Lady and A River P K Routray In all languages, over the ages, in all countries, crossing all boundaries, Poets see a simile between a river and a lady.


A LADY NOW AND THEN P.K.ROUTRAY Girls are now topping the examinations, Girls are also at the top in scientific inventions.

A learning place for wisdom

places are kept bound.

A legend on rainbow

A legend on rainbow P K Routray Seven colors of rain bow symbolizes seven levels of consciousness leading a man from ignorance to enlightenment through this process.

A letter from a future net

A letter from a future net P K Routray A letter written in twenty second century found surprisingly in net, Perhaps it defeated the laws of time that science could upset.

A Lie

A Lie P K Routeay A lie has been a child’s sin, a parents’ easiest path to avoid the child’s wrath, a grown up boy’s usual tool for his acts to make parents fool,

A Longing

A Longing P K Routray Hey! Butterfly, catch you I try, out of jealousy, intent Inner fancy for a life like yours dreaming since years. With sweet will experience of thrill

A Look

A look (On a photo of a brooding old lady) P K Routray A fading memory holding a fistful of treasure of pearls, rubies and diamonds tinged occasionally with mire and mud


A lost love P K Routray “Without seeing the face, the beauty of a girl you can trace, by observing the beauty of the little finger of her toe,”

A meagre Toy

A meager Toy P K Routray Warning too feeble Cells, candles, matchsticks bread, butter, milk essential commodities out of stock from market kept in in freezes in frenzy

A Metaphoric Incident

A Metaphoric incident P K Routray “ Save me save me or else I will die’ Sinking down and rising up in water was a drowning man’s cry.

A Mistaken Goal

A Mistaken Goal P K Routray Money is the power to own, to fall in to its pitfalls, always the man is prone. It is our love and aspiration ‘To accumulate it’ is a man’s passion.

A Mother's Pain

A Mother's Pain P K Routray It is told that Del is the unit of measurement of pain, Forty five Del of pain a man in sense can sustain..

A Motherly Dream

A Motherly Dream P K Routray “To world atop my child will hop” dreams every mother praying God to confer on Her child the sovereignty of health, power and prosperity

A Mute Tree

A Mute Tree In the mid noon of hot summer, scratching heat making man to swelter, stands, the tree Gulmohar laden with beautiful flower gazing at the sun in meditating posture

A novice inference

A novice inference P K Routray Peace medal initiated by Alfred Nobel on the earth, for peace only to prevail a symbol for fraternity in the world to grow

A novice inference

A novice inference P K Routray Peace medal initiated by Alfred Nobel on the earth, for peace only to prevail a symbol for fraternity in the world to grow


A PART OF MY LIVE EXPERIENCE P.K.ROUTRAY Today I had my left eye surgery, I feel now I at my best to tell my emotional story.

A poetic error

A poetic error P K Routray I was on the net, types of love to get. I found the mistakes of the poets, as to where from the love secrets. to my surprise it is not from heart but from brain,

A Prayer

A Prayer P K Routray Please bless me with pains and pangs to suffer, But give me strength and courage to bear them with pleasure.

A Prayer

A prayer Pray we for you and I asking this or that whatever we want a period short or long or an amount more or less, may or may not be they good at the end for us. Unaware we

A prayer for the day

A prayer for the day P K Routray Oh Almighty! In our life you are our only goal, “To merge with you” is the sole aspiration of every soul

A price tag

A price tag P K Routray In everything we search for a price tag, Immaterial whether we give or take, beg or bag. But some stuffs like attention, insight and compassion have no such value,

A problem

A problem P K Routray Most of the time we act without thinking, rest of the time we think without acting.

A quarrel

A Quarrel

A Quarrel P K Routray There arose a quarrel among past, Present and Future, As to who is the greatest was the cause of their agitated composure

A question?

A question? P K Routray People tell I am old, I question why so is told? Is it told judging my contribution on the basis of my chronological, biological or psychological condition?

A quote on Love

A Quote on Love P K Routray It matters not who you love, where you love, why you love, when you love, how you love, it matters only that you love

A rainbow

A rainbow P K Routray After a rain when the sun is seen again with dark background of once thundering cloud the scenic beauty of rain bow does the nature throw to show a flowering path

A Rebirth

A Rebirth P K Routray Edited by P Gaan I am an engineer by education, Was a technocrat by profession? I served for forty years

A Reflection

A Reflection P K Routray The bounty and the beauty of the nature, the scenic splendor and subtle fragrance of the flower, supplementing the splendor of the flower, the dancing stream of water,

A reflection on anger

A reflection on anger P K Routray Anger is definitely a deadly devil, Man is taken straight to the hell after and even before death by this evil.

A Riddle of love

A Riddle of love P K Routray Edited by P Gaan

A rustic’s parable.

A rustic’s parable. P K Routray Edited by P Gaan There dwelt a king kind and considerate in an Indian state

A saintly observation

A saintly observation P K Routray Society does not go down and ruin, because of criminals heinous action, but because of good people’s inaction,

A shoulder

A shoulder P K Routray As to a query of my mummy as to the most important part of a body, I mused for a while, “It is sound” I came out with a smile, hence to me it was the ear

A simile

A simile P K Routray The sun rises everywhere, but the crop grows only there where farmers put up hard work. Similarly God pervades every where

A Simile

A Simile P K Routray Flowers of silk cotton before their petals bloom open with its color and grandeur the parrots, they do lure. Around it, parrots continue to hover

A six liner

A six liner P K Routray Accept your past, without any regret to lambast. Handle your present, without any tension but by being confident. Face your future, without fear of failure.

A Stone’s autobiography for a human being.

A Stone’s autobiography for a human being. P K Routray

A strange sight

A strange sight P K Routray Out of fun and curiosity, I surveyed my house, town and country from net via a goggle map I could locate my house and lane I could distinguish

A strange Thought

A strange thought P K Routray A mosquito can kill hundreds but it does not, it is great, A fly can cause death to hundreds but it does not do, it is great,

A Suckling Child

A Suckling child P K Routray For two years towards end of my service career, I was posted in a plant to a tribal area it was very near. A hilly forest with practically no logistic,


A TALE OF A DEAD BODY P K Routray Edited by P K Routray I am a dead body, Amidst lamentation and grief I am lying still and steady. Consciousness deserted me a few moments back,

A tale of a spirit

Tale of a spirit P K Routray My dear mummy I see you cry, your tear runs like a perenial river never stops for me I was neither drunk nor driving fast I swear this as true.

A teacher and a Guru

A Teacher and a Guru P K Routray A teacher takes responsibility of your growth A Guru makes you responsible for your growth- a real truth

A teacher and a Guru

A Teacher and a Guru P K Routray A teacher takes responsibility of your growth A Guru makes you responsible for your growth- a real truth

A teaching

A teaching P K Routray Happiness, peace and bliss to get from inner abyss is the ultimate goal, a man sets but on his way, he is lost in his sub goals’ nets.

A thought

A thought P K Routray The mind is a garden and the thoughts are seeds, One can grow flowers or one can grow weeds. The conscience is the mentor which puts the manure to fertilize the mind

A Thought

A Thought P K Routray On a gloomy day When I found no way to come out of problems and plight, all adversities together physical, mental and natural I had to fight.

A thought on thoughts

A thought on thoughts P K Routray Psychologists categorize the thoughts based on three concepts considering pathological, logical and emotional aspects.

A thought to ponder

A thought to ponder P K Routray It is the mental attitude of your own, that makes the world for you alone. Your thoughts make things divine and beautiful,

A Tribute To B.N Ratha

A Tribute To B.N Ratha P.K Routray A boss, a senior, a colleague and a friend Santa Claus came to bless his end. Builder of RSP, Nourisher of BSL, Revamper of Rourkela Plant,

A tribute to the Iron Lady

A tribute to the iron lady P K Routray Iron Lady Madam Margaret Thatcher Great Britain’s so far lone lady prime minister left her mortal remains on her journey to Heaven

A truth

A truth P K Routray Let us live limiting our need to the bare necessity but not to the mounting greed. Because a beggar can satisfy his need but an emperor cannot satisfy his greed.

A Tummy

A Tummy P K Routray Belly is bulging out, Belt failed in the bout. The belt challenged with authority, out of owner’s concern for beauty but it had to surrender meekly

A Tussle

A Tussle P K Routray Lust greed anger attachment vanity and jealousy had once a tussle, as to which of them to a man is the worst baneful.

A Weird Dream

A weird dream P K Routray Beauty and nectar, fragrance of the flower, soft touch of the petal. are divine blessings to a mortal. Flying as per will and whim singing to the tunes of hymn

A white Peacock

White peacock P Gaan P K Routray (1) A white peacock spreading its tail, in a dancing posture does it tell, “Look, I am the most beautiful of creatures,

A Woman- An embodiment of beauty

A Woman- An embodiment of beauty P K Routray A daughter and a sister, a lover and a partner, a friend and philosopher, a nurse and a teacher, above all a mother,

A woman’s choice

A woman’s choice P K Routray Every woman heart has different inscriptions written in her tears and through her actions, in her eyes as well as through her smiles and silence,


Accomplishment P K Routray Even a fool can accomplish a task from the start, if it were after his or her heart But the intelligent ones are those who can convert every job,

Act as per your conscience

Act as per your conscience P K Routray Many people have many opinions, based on their own logic and own missions, Without yielding to them, act as per your conscience

Adieu anger

Adieu anger P K Routray Anger does not only lead a person to hell, but also puts on a living man the pain of a death nail. Anger brings with it many deadly diseases,

After Retirement

After retirement, P K Routray I am retired, even though I feel that for doing a job further I am not tired. I feel that I am hale and hearty,

After rEtirement

After retirement, P K Routray I am retired, even though I feel that for doing a job further I am not tired. I feel that I am hale and hearty,

An abstract thought

An abstract thought P K Routray If the man would have the power to reduce the distance between each of the following pair Vanity and self respect, Love and attachment,

An apologetic thought

An apologetic thought P K Routray Wimbledon tennis, since nineteen sixty three, I have been privileged to read and see, Now live on TV channel, earlier in the news paper,

An artistic logic?

An artistic logic? P K Routray An artist differentiates the dusk from the dawn with his brush painting the games between darkness and illumination.

An atheist’s prayer

An atheist’s prayer P K Routray Oh God! Intently and intensely in misery for you, pray and cry we but never in our difficulties your presence to help us physically we see.

An atheist’s prayer

An atheist’s prayer P K Routray Oh God! Intently and intensely in misery for you, pray and cry we but never in our difficulties your presence to help us physically we see.

An embarrassment

An embarrassment P K Routray The sun doth blush, painted with His red colored brush when at dawn the cover of darkness has gone after a gap of twelve hours the sun comes and scours

An eye witness

An eye witness P K Routray A little rain and a mild wind gaining momentum and speed from intensity mild, suddenly turned lurid and wild. Confusion and chaos land water and sky across

An Indian weekly market

An Indian weekly market P K Routray To my respected readers I must brief on an Indian site where I usually make weekly twice my visit. It is a biweekly market for common people


AN INFERENCE P.K.ROUTRAY In a school there was an art competition, The subject was “to draw an art on cow in any position.” A student submitted an answer paper blank,

An inner voice answers

An inner voice answers P K Routray Within lives the wisdom benign Seek and contemplate all answers and advice you will get. if you consult your inner voice in solitude,

An ode to dear Subash

An ode to dear Subash P K Routray Far back in seventy did we finish our education, And to pursue life further each of us left for a destination.


Anchor P Gaan P K Routray Anchor keeps the ship fixed in a sea, Anchor in man’s life is a virtuous she Anchor for the family is the love of parental

Ancient Rice Mill

Ancient Rice Mill P K Rpitray Perhaps to the wonders of the modern readers present here me a pivture of “Dhinki” an ancient rice thrasher, not using gas, oil or coal at all

Anna Hazare in India

Anna Hazare in India P K Routray Edited by: P.Gaan A day after celebration of the sixty fifth Independence day

Anna Hazare- The crusader against corruption

Anna Hazare- The crusader against corruption P K Routray Edited by P Gaan A day after celebration of sixty fifth Independence day

Ant Hill

Ant Hill P K Routray White ant, black ant and red ant minute creatures with many a variant. They make their dwelling places on their own

Anything beyond and behind

Anything beyond and behind P K Routray Look back you will get experience of life, Look forward you will seek hopes in rife. Look around you will find realities happening,

As you sow, so you reap

As you sow, so you reap P K Routray if you plant honesty you will reap trust. If you plant goodness you will reap friends and friendship will never rust.

At a burial ground

At a burial ground P K Routray In an off day for an experimental experience Arrived at a Hindu burial ground, in a small town to spend time as long as I can to my heart’s content

Autumn in India

Autumn in India P K Routray Poets since the days of yore eulogize the autumn season from their hearts’ core The climate remains cool and pleasant

Ayansh - Prince of St. Gallen

Ayansh - Prince of St. Gallen P Gaan P K Routray (1) Prince of St. Gallen, how do you do, We see you in picture only, not the real you. When you will come to India to show your sweet face,

Banyn Tree

Banyan Tree P K Routray With majesty stands a banyan tree In its thick foliage beauty of the nature we see. Its shed in summer is a paradise to a traveler

Beast creative

Beast creative P K Routray Happy remains always a child except for short spells of cries for physical needs which make him wild playing, talking and singing on his own

Beauty Absolute

Beauty Absolute P K Routray Touch, taste, sight, smell and sound together only can give perception all-round of an entity as a yard stick in measuring its absolute beauty.

Best and worst

Best and worst P K Routray Do you know when your best and worst come together? Your life’s best lesson is learnt in the worst of your time and from your worst mistake or from either.

Best Wishes

Best Wishes P K Routray Best wishes for a happy and prosperous new year, to each of my dear friends and ABCtales' reader. Beat wishes for your happiness and health,

Beyond life

Beyond life P K Routray Horizon beyond the ocean is neither the end of horizon nor the end of the ocean but the limit of the human imagination. Similarly the death is not the end of the a soul

Birth Day

Birth Day P K Routray Can you define a birth day? Why do you celebrate it with joy? Is it for losing one precious year of your life,

Bite and Chew

Bite and Chew P K Routray Do Not Bite Off More Than You Can Chew, This maxim needs to be remembered constantly with much ado. We often tend to take more responsibilities,

Bitter memory

Bitter memory P K Routray I was waiting in the waiting hall for the doctor, saw her name plate on the door. Gita cathalina was the name I saw,

Blessed we are

Blessed we are. P K Routeray Hey passerby! Sorry I am, please excuse me, Your wretched feet and damaged wears, now I could see Selfish I am, also I am greedy too

Bondage and cocoon

Bondage and Cocoon P K Routray Silk worms out of saliva of their own, make the cocoons, their wonderful creation, for their natural protection which if they want, they can cut open

Boon Regretted

Boon regretted P K Routray A Hindu monk meditated and succeeded in meeting God asked for a boon that he wants every living being on the earth to go to Heaven. The God granted the boon

Bouquet (A Pleiades Forme)

Bouquet (A Pleiades Form) P Gaan P K Routray Bouquet is everybody’s craze,, Brickbats do every one daze. Basking in the glory of garland around neck, Banter of others no one would take.

Calorie and Dollar


Can Money Buy?

Can money buy? P K Routray For money we run after cost to us, we hardly bother, means whether fair or foul we ignore, without caring the process even if we suffer,

Can you name?

Can you name? P K Routray Many forms of love do exist, Their identifications are here for you in gist. Devotee to god is love devotional, Parents to child is called love filial,

Can youC believe?

Can youC believe? P K Routray Everything you hear has four sides, as does it appear. One side is as you understand, the second is what the source does mean and demand,


Cancer P K Routray Cancer, cancer, cancer, a deadly disease almost with no cure practically no method to prevent, medical scientists so far could not dent?


CAR FESTIVAL AT PURI P.K.Routray Edited by p Gaam Today is the great holy day of the year,


Care P K Routray Wrecked Physically shattered emotionally either or both are common with age and life in isolation. Needs are love and care When the modern man has no time to spare.

Celebrating A Golden Jubilee

Celebrating A Golden Jubilee P K Routray Age but not the grace time but not the smile on the face youth but not the intellect have withered paying Mr. and Madam Mishra the due respect.

Change yourself

Change yourself P K Routray Change Yourself According to the Environment, Thus goes the saying, so profound and so brilliant. If you try to change the environment single-handedly,


Comparison P K Routray Comparison forces into mundane man’s horizon, gets the man frustrated at the show off, flaunted by neighbors and peers with ostentatious cheers.

Confusions on love

Confusions on Love P K Routray For this novice writer, there is much confusion, Whether love has any link with all varieties of passion?


Contentment P K Routray Edited by P Gaan A man was lying flat in a sea beach,

Cooperative wisdom

Cooperative wisdom P K Routray A self reflection on environmental destruction, on threats to creation, on inequality, poverty and moral degradation, forces us to borrow the wisdom

Corporate Strategy

Corporate Strategy (CLERIHEW FORM) P.K Routray While working in a forest, Michel and Kates, Seeing a tiger coming towards them, Michel put on his skates.


CRAVING FOR RECOGNITION P K Routray Though the recognition generates motivation and inspiration, but its absence and criticism cause pains and frustration. We generally crave for name and fame,

Create a day positive

Create a day positive P Gaan P K Routray (1) The day will be positive and fruitful if you think for the unprivileged, downtrodden on the brink

Critic and Mother

Critic and Mother P K Routray We are afraid of criticism and critic, immaterial whether they are constructive or destructive, rustic or caustic.


Cruelty P K Routray With timidity and humility a deer begs human mercy. With its grace and agility It adds to the creation, the beauty. A dear in a group or alone, standing or on the run


Cup and Lip P K Routray, There is a gap between cup and lip, Matter and energy playing their role in the stage of space and time close the gap allowing us to sip. The failure is one in million,


Cupid ( A Pleiades Form) P Gaan P K Routray Cupid makes stupid of men and women, Can no one resist its penetrating acumen.

Devil’s Blessings

Devil’s Blessings P K Routray From mud and mire dust and dirt in air get we lily and lotus, beauty of sun around us. From among weeds the most unwelcome

Divide and Rule

Divide and rule P K Routray “Divide and rule.” the principle is very simple to grab prosperity, pelf and power luck, the dame fortune will shower bringing people around you

Empty or Infinity

Empty or infinity P K Routray Intently and intensely we pray, theist or atheist be we may to somebody or something unseen and unknown Him, human acumen and logic have yet not shown.

Excuse me please

Excuse me please P K Routray At man, big and famous, great and genius world looks with awe in their praise many hymns they say. Legendary figures are they

Flower- a mute prayer

Flower, a mute prayer P K Routray A flower. not the fruit nor the leaf, nor the root nor the trunk, nor the shoot is the voice of a tree, the mute. With nectar- like honey in its core

Give up, never

Give up Never P K Routray From the brink of failure and defeat bounce back, you will, an achievable feat, if you do not surrender nor the opportunity you squander.


Gratitude P K Routray Grateful you are, tell you “Thank you sir” Expressing one’s gratitude in spoken form, a pleasant etiquette and a common norm, noted by he, you and society around

Happiness is personal

Happiness is personal P K Routray Success or no success needs a man happiness. With everything or nothing for happiness, man goes on searching. Conclusion the scriptures have drawn,

Illogical logic

Illogical logic P K Routray So goes a story from childhood memory. A tiger was drinking water upstream of a flowing river killred and ate a goat that drank water

Impossible is possible

Impossible is possible P K Routray By practice, perseverance and determination reach a man can his aspired destination Accepting failure, surrendering to fear and apprehension

Ingenuity, if transplanted

Ingenuity, if transplanted P K Routray Transplantation, the research is on to go beyond eye and kidney hand, leg, ear and limbs many.

Legal Complication

Legal Complication P K Routray Limbs transplantation a scientific acclamation Every limb of a dying man reuse a surgeon certainly can for the physical ability and joy

Love and Power

Love and Power P K Routray Charlie chaplin, the world has never seen a comic actor of his caliber a greatest comedy film maker bringing millions, smiles and laughter

Love eulogized

Love eulogized P K Routray Everyone needs love and care be it a man, an animal, trees even insects rare Love and attachment, too difficult to detach


Luckiest P K Routray Lucky are some with knowledge and wisdom Lucky are some with pelf, wealth and kingdom Lucky are some with stamina and strength awesome Luckiest are they

Man and Environment

Man and Environment P K Routreay Living species more than eight million live on the earth on its land, air and ocean. With free food, water, air and materials for protection

Man's muscled limb

Man's muscled limb P K Routray Tongue a limb unique to taste and speak, a function of organ of action, another for sense to get a feeling intense, more critical than ear and eye

Money - an aid to Man's Greed

Money - an aid to Man's Greed P K Routray Man and animal, all living species big or small have four needs to fulfill, need for food, hunger to kill,

My Dreams

My Dreams P K Routray Sweet dream, we cherish, With dream of life one does flourish Day dreaming is the trait of a foolish But real dream to me is always uppish.

Need versus Greed (Food)

Need versus Greed (Food) A handful of rice or a slice of bread starving for days or I shall be dead. I do not need sugar nor do I need butter hunger is painful bear I can no longer.

Need Versus Greed (Clothing)

Need versus Greed (Clothing) P K Routray With civilization cloths were worn To with stand cold warmth of the body to hold clothes are essential for mankind’s survival.

Need Versus Greed (Shelter)

Need Versus Greed (Shelter) P K Routray In summer, rain and winter needs a man protecting cover for his own self and for his each family member tiny babies, ailing wife, old father and mother.

Oh God! We need you!

Oh God! We need you! P K Routray Situation hopeless and helpless pray we intently, God to bless asking Him to pass our examination proving His worth for all time to come.

Only for a while

Only for a while P K Routray Off from duty, two days a week fun in adventure many of us seek. Driving one’s car through a difficult terrain gives thrills and a chance to entertain

Our Dear Subash

Our Dear Subash P K Routray In far seventy we finished our education, to pursue life further each of us left for a destination. In the mean while much time had passed on

Our Destination

Our destination P K Routray Inhuman, unhygienic, miserable, pathetic, uncultured, rustic, needy, hungry, anemic, emaciated, weak and sick, illiterate, ignorant, lack of logic,

Please Invent.

Please Invent. P K Routray Inventions are being carried on in every sphere and every direction to make up of the deficit in creation to meet the need of present generation.

Primitives were our ancestors

Primitive were our ancestors P K Routray Bed luxurious, room lustrous, climate artificial, heat and humidity optional as per our comfort and pleasure with least adjustment to natural weather

Priority and divine duty

Priority and divine duty P K Routray A professor of philosophy raising his students’ curiosity held a practical demonstration with water, sand and pebbles of different dimension.

Silent and smile

Silence and smile P K Routray Silences and smiles keep crises at miles Silence nips them before they see the morn, smile kills many of them even after they are born.

Subash, we cherish your company

Subash we cherish your company P K Routray Forty eight years before met we on a ragging floor in second hostel in REC our Alma-mater for the seniors’ fun and for us, the torture.

Success and Sacrifice

Success and Sacrifice P K Routray Lilly, jasmine, rose or lotus the flower remains only the focus ignore we, leaf, stem and root from soil and filth, vital energy to the flowers they route.

The infinity at net

The Infinity P K Routray Know not we even what we see. Limitless is the creation, limitless remains unseen unknown. Even if you are born again and again,


Why? P K Routray Read we story, read we novel, see picture and stories we tell. Villain and hero, good or bad we notice desirous we become to see, villain hero to punish

Wonder Of Wonders

Wonder of wonders P K Routray Clicked I the net world wonders to get. Results pushed me to wonder with flashing thoughts to ponder. Variation in the list is natural

An erroneous decision?

An erroneous decision? P K Routray An epitome of sin and vice hatred, violence and malice, all negative demoniac qualities is KALI as the poetic theme here sees.

Squint Eye

Squint Eye P K Routray Squint eye aiming at Washington looking at Sanghai. a god’s gift an aid to chit. Grieve you for poor child here but the healthy child is your dear.

Eve Teasing

Eve Teasing P K Routray With age and increasing Courage an adolescent boy for his infatuation and joy teases a girl, annoying her an act of eve teasing it is sure.

Forbidden apple

Forbidden apple P K Routray What a beautiful site! sure to increase the appetite I am jealous of the lady in the picture plucking an apple at her whim and pleasure

Fun with a departed soul

Fun with a departed soul P K Routray Take it as a mortal’s letter but do not bother for us or for your dearest dear we only look for our comfort and wellbeing as selfish we are sure.

I woke up

I woke up P K Routray Thank God! You wake me up in a cheerful way with early morning’s beauty on a vibrant display. With crimson rose color, the rising sun painting the sky


Incomparable P K Routray Greater than mother’s love, a virtue God has yet to evolve. Warmer than the hug of a father, He has not yet created any place still better.

Interesting Evolution

Interesting evolution (In future Man will be head only with leg and hand carrying it) P K Routray After a century or so unnecessary organs, away man will throw like the tail of a monkey

Keys to end sorrow

Keys to end sorrow P K Routray Four aphorisms appear in Indian scripture to aid man to end his misery and mental torture Possession of material wealth is purely transitory,


Loneliness P K Routray Retired old and alone, no works entrusted to be done, time to go to the other world is close by but not known,

Mom and God

Mom and God P K Routray God! Have you taken my mom? Didn’t you have a mother like we some? Pray, send her now for some days to me.

Monkey and Mercy

Monkey and mercy P K Routray From monkey the man over a long time span Darwin’s logical creation man is the improved version. Vanished the tail and hair and organs required rare.

Morning Prayer

Morning Prayer P K Routray Good morning God. Pray I, seeking your gracious nod Above ostentation, pride I should stay with ignorance, anger, cruelty and fear kept at bay.

Mother's day

Mother’s Day P K Routray A mother’s day regards and respects for mothers to pay in an organized and grand way her contribution is remembered, we say.

Oh Mother!

Oh Mother! P K Routray A mother’s day For her I pray. She took pain so I could shine and reign. For me, my mother creator, mentor and sustainer. Expressing my gratitude,


Ostentation P K Routray On ostentation, the word meanings, the dictionaries throw, “Of wealth and innate trait, a man’s pretentious or conspicuous show”.

Our Dear D K

Our Dear D K P K Routray Singh Deo kumar man of noble character with ever smiling graceful feature we are stunned that with us you are no more

Sangram I fondly remember

Sangram I fondly remember P K Rouyray Hey Sangram! You were tenacious graceful and equanimous we still feel your dynamic personality around us

Sangram! Where are you?

Sangram! Where are you? P K Routray Sangram! Before a long painful year three hundred sixty five dark nights earlier snatched you away untimely by the cruel fate

Self Esteem

Self esteem P K Routray (On a photo of very old emaciated lady with white saree selling flowers Face bloodless, feature lifeless cloth white, spotless self with dignity and grace

Smiles from Heaven

Smiles from Heaven (Imagining a group of boys playing after examination) P K Routray A playing session is on, over is the examination, friends are with frolic and fun.


Terrorism P K Routray With dedication and ambition impossible becomes possible examples on this earth are in plenty and ample The man in stone age looked at the birds in sky

Toxic Creature

Toxic creature P K Routray A wolf couple in a forest prowling in a prey’s quest out of many days’ hunger the male could no longer bear. They found a human corpse

True Love

Truer Love P K Routray With no trace of physical passion nor any presence of sensual attraction but with presence of parental affection, coupled with plethora of sisterly compassion

The Needy

The Needy By P.K.Routray Esited bi P Gaan I saw man in rags; emaciated and craving for food,


SONG ABOUT ONE’S WIFE BY P.K.ROUTAY Edited By P.Gaan In 1975 my father searched a girl for his son ,


PARABLE OF THE INNOCENT RUSTIC By P.K.Routary Once in India ruled a king having a beautiful daughter, Worried were the king and queen to find a groom for her.


“SENSES” P K Routray Edited bt P Gaan We have five senses to perceive through five sensory organs And deeds get executed through five organs of action.


TRUE KNOWLEDGE P K Routay Edited by P Gaan Edited by P

Time is the great healer

Time is the great healer P k Routray Edited by P Gaan Please look into your life’s story You will find it full of pleasant memory.

Union and separation

Union and separation P K Routray Edited by P Gaan Union is a matter of jubilation Pains and pangs besiege separation. When we part,

My Roof Top Garden

My Roof Top Garden P K Routray Edited by P Gaan I live in a city Hardly observe nature’s bounty Have gone sick of seeing every where jungle of concrete structures

Forgive and forget

Forgive and forget P K Routray Edited by P Gaan Forgive and forget are words to be always kept in heart


Dream P K Routray Edited by P Gaan A disguised fulfillment of repressed wishes results in a dream, it is told.


LORD JAGANATH P K Routray Edited by P. Gaan


Tales of HISTORY AND GEOGRAPHY  P.K.Routray Edited by P.Gaan Geography and history as space and time’s barometer, Speak and record their nature and culture.

Friends in need are friends indeed

Friends in need are friends indeed P K Routray Edited by P Gaam We were of the same age We grew in the same village We went to school together

When a man becomes a monkey

When a man becomes a monkey P. K. Routray Edited by P Gaan

Learning from our observations

Learning from our observations P K Routray Edired by P gaan

Nail and hair- the human decor

Nail and hair- the human decor P K Routray Edited by P Gaan Without nail, and hair, can a man survive?

India observes her Independence Day

India observes her Independence Day P K Routray Edited by P Gaan We are celebrating our sixty fifth Independence Day,

The Shadow of death

The Shadow of death P K Routray Edited by P.Gaan “I am thirty eight and have a little daughter, three years old I want to live further for her”.


Tear P K Routray Edited by P Gaan Tear of sorrow and tear of joy Tear of love and tears for health of eye

Two Grandfathers generations apart

Two Grandfathers generations apart P K Routray Edited by P Gaan

Excuse me

EXCUSE ME by: P K Routray Edited by P gaan I am an engineer by education I was a technocrat by profession

Whatever happens is For Your good

Whatever happens is For Your good P K Routray Edited by P Gaan Ancient India had many a kingdom A king used to rule a state with his own freedom

I pay for all

I pay for all P. K. Routray Edite by P Gaan For everybody’s work the common man pays A doctor tells. I treat the common man for health

Life and Time

Life and Time Edited by: P.K. Routray Please look into your life’s story

Whatever happens is For Your good

Whatever happens is For Your good P K Routray Edited ByP.Gaan Ancient India had many a kingdom A king used to rule a state with his own freedom


GOALS AND MEANS P K Routray Edited by: P.Gaan I, perhaps we, get confused, About these two words, at times we also get bemused.

Word Power

Word Power P. K. Routray Edited by: P.Gaan To many problems, silence is a solution, Spoken words are like arrows and do not return.

Values and Valuable

Values and Valuables P K Routray Edited by:P.Gaan The words in the title may have many meanings as per dictionary.

Tongue and Tooth

Tongue and Tooth P K Routray Edited By: P.Gaan Man has many limbs and many organs,

Future Forecast

Future Forecast P K Routray Edited By: P.Gaan Let us ponder over over, what will be our future?

Lord Ganesh

Lord Ganesh P K Routray Edited by P .Gaan In India to-day it is a day of joy and jubilation,


OUR FUTURE P K Routray Edited by P. Gaan Let us ponder over what will be our future?

Three Most important Epics of India

Three Most important Epics of India P k Routray Edited by P Gaan

Definition (Haiku)

Definition (Haiku) P K Routray Edited by: P.Gaan Mind, Intellect and Memory Knowledge, wisdom and theory To us where do they carry?

Glimpses of Hindu Philosophy

Glimpses of Hindu Philosophy P K Routray Edited by P. Gaan Hinduism believes there is a god or a super soul Every human being has a soul descending from this super soul

“Be a child and keep your slate clean”

“Be a child and keep your slate clean” P K Routray To my query how to get bliss of life and live in peace, My friend in advanced stage of spiritual path had an advice.

Spiritual Conduct for self-development

Spiritual Conduct for self-development P Gaan P K Routray Lord Krishna to Arjun in Hindu scripture Gita has told, That knowledge to be acquired for one’s spiritual development

Virtue and vice as seen by Gandhi

Virtue and vice as seen by Gandhi P Gaan P K Routray Gandhi the father of Indian nation about virtue and vice had the following perception. Virtuous and godlike is the man who

Divine Mother Durga

Divine Mother Durga P K Routray I evoke your goodwill & patience as I am bringing to you again an aspect of Hindu religion.

“Be a child"

“Be a child" P K Routray To my query how to get bliss of life and live in peace, My friend in advanced stage of spiritual path had an advice.

Strange Facts

Strange Facts P K Routray A spider creates cobweb and in the end devours its own creation,


MOTHER P K Routray Mother is a mother with heavenly love To substitute a mother, an alternate, God has yet to evolve.

Jungle Rule

Jungle rule. P K Routray We look at this rule in disdain, We feel there “Might is right” reign.

Empty Hands

Empty Hands P K Routray The coffin of Alexander the great was carried by his generals accompanied by many a soldier,

Nature’s Beauty and Bounty

Nature’s Beauty and Bounty P Gaan P K Routray A beautiful blend of soft and soothing color As if rainbow is reflected in the multifaceted splendor

Empty Amidst Plenty

Empty Amidst Plenty P K Routray The more exciting news on pleasure and politics keeps us away and unaware of our brethren’s strife,

Stay Hungry and stay foolish

Stay Hungry and stay foolish P K Routray Without a visit to an university Steve Jobs climbed and was enthroned to a crown position,

Lessons from Steve Jobs.

Lessons from Steve Jobs P K Routray Connecting dots of Steve Jobs signifies that Future has a connection with past,

Dennis Ritchie

Dennis Ritchie P K Routray Here is a father promoter of modern computer, Lived unsung, died unseen because of long illness from cancer. The whole world expressed shock at Steve’s demise,


Success P K Routray Is not one’s success achieved at the cost or failure of others? Let us deliberate and muse for a while for the decision of the readers.

Woman power and India

Woman power and India P K Routray “Oh Goddess I pray you as the mother of the universe and as the supreme strength and energy in all beings,

When I am Ninety Two?

When I am Ninety Two? P Gaan P K Routray (1) What I will be doing at ninety two? I shall be with my children along with my wife too. We will spend time with grand children together,

Love, and Ladies of life

Love, and Ladies of life P K Routray Love is the quality, property and potency of Heaven, Blessed are those in whom with God’s grace this divinity has been woven.


Diwali P K Routray I wish you the readers the best of health and humor, on the occasion Of Diwali being celebrated in India to-day with pomp and splendor.

Divine mother "Kali"

Divine mother "Kali" P K Routray The picture of the divine mother looks funny and fearsome. This is the imaginary figure of Hindu goddess kali as conceived by a mortal man’s wisdom.

Theory and Practice

Theory and Practice P Gaan P K Routray Human life without lust, greed, anger, attachment, ego and jealousy is impossible. Love without attachment or lust is Impracticable.

Failure (Pleiades Form)

Failure (Pleiades Form) P Gaan P K Routray Failure is the pillar of success, Free from failure nobody you can access. From Nobel laureate to ordinary person,

Sweat (Pleiades Form)

Seat (Pleiades Form) P K Routray P Gaan (part 1) Sweat of brow tastes salty but outcome is sweet,


( Duty P gaan P K Routray Duty, supreme is “love and serve”. Do this with unflinching faith in Him, nothing should swerve. Dream of it asleep or awake,


Forgive P Gaan P K Routray Forgive for sake of your own health, Forgetting to avenge is one’s real wealth Forbearance aids the process with its divine quality,


Equality P Gaan P K Routray Equality is a virtue of human society Essence of which is “All men have equal right and responsibility” Exceptions are barred from the principle


FATHER (A Pleiades Form adapted with modification from an anonymous writer’s work) P Gaan P K Routray


Ink (Pleiades form) P Gaan P K Routray Ink is the blood stream of thinker and writer. Ink less computer has also ink in its printer..


Hope (Pleiades Form) P Gaan P K Routray Hope builds a pyramid at any point, we have to admit, Horrible becomes the life when hope deserts it.


Joy P Gaan P K Routray Joy on a baby’s face is the real bliss Jubilation in children’s play may be called as true happiness and peace


KEY P Gaan P K Routray Keys to success are knowledge, hard work and luck, Keeping glued to one may not work, Knowledge in all fields plays vital role for success,

GOSPEL (Pleiades Form)

GOSPEL (Pleiades Form) P Gaan P K Routray Gospels are practiced and preached by the prophet. Good followers never forget to emulate


Hope (Pleiades Form) P Gaan P K Routray Hope builds a pyramid at any point, we have to admit, Horrible becomes the life when hope deserts it.


This in an entry to competition " FREEDOM " vide entry receipt no. 0578-4857-6398-2332.


LUCK (Pleiades Form) P Gaan P K Routray Luck, they tell, controls your life. Lucky are they who do not know strife. Little they think that lady- luck does not smile,


Mirror (Pleiades Form) P Gaan P K Routray Mirror tells the truth always. Minor differences come to knowledge. Minute details may look unpleasant,

Need (Pleiades Form)

Need (Pleiades Form) P Gaan P K Routray Need of the day is ecological protection and ethical up gradation,

Open (Pleiades Form)

Open (Pleiades Form) P Gaan P K Routray Open your window; the whole world will be yours Oneness is His preaching; practice it always as your divine lessons.

Paradox (pleiades Form)

Paradox (pleiades Form) P Gaan P K Routray Paradoxes are the ways of life in this world, Prudent are some whereas foolish are others,

Queue (Pleiades Form)

Queue (Pleiades Form) P Gaan P k Routray Queue everywhere you find yourself in, Quit not if long and winding even. Quest sincere and wait in patience brings results at last,


Relation (Pleiades Form) P Gaan P K Routray Relation is the essence of a human society, rests on human relations agrarian or industrial prosperity.


Soul (Pleiades Form) P gaan P K Routray Soul is an indestructible, eternal and formless entity, Scripture tells it is a part of divinity.

Soul (Pleiades Form)

Soul (Pleiades Form) P gaan P K Routray Soul is an indestructible, eternal and formless entity, Scripture tells it is a part of divinity.

Tact (Pleiades Form)

Tact (Pleiades Form) P Gaan P K Routray Tact is a definite need of life, required for one to thrive,

Umbrella (Pleiades Form)

Umbrella (Pleiades Form) P Gaan P K Routray Umbrella saves us from sun and rain, Under its protection people like to remain .

VALENTINE (Pleiades Form)

VALENTINE (Pleiades Form) P Gaan P K Routray Vexed became my valentine at my whisper, Valiantly she told me I am a great bore. Very very sensitive is she to my sweet nothing,

Woman (Pleiades Form)

Woman (Pleiades Form) P K Routray P Gaan Woman has different roles in life as a grandmother, a mother, a sister, a friend, a wife and a daughter

Xantippe (Pleiades Form)

Xantippe (Pleiades Form) P K Routray P Gaan Xantippe I am married to, as ill-luck would have it, X-rays she my gestures and postures to pick up a thread to quarrel and quit.

YAK (Pleiades Form)

AK (Pleiades Form) P.K.Routray P.Gaan Yak in the Himalayas is a useful animal. Yacht as in deep water, is ferries main against mountain wall.

ZEBRA (Pleaides Form)

ZEBRA (Pleaides Form) P.K.Routray P.Gaan Zebra is a funny animal found in African state. Zonal geography suits it to pro-create. Zigzag black stripes, found on its body are,

Kaleidoscope (Pleiades Form)

Kaleidoscope (Pleiades Form) P Gaan P K Routray Kaleidoscope is this world, Keeping eyes wide open you behold, Keen observation of flora and fauna


Gift P K Routray Contribution, donation, gift and give are words of million worth, They may have behind them divine or devilish intention or both.

Mental Barrier

Mental Barrier P K Routray A mighty elephant is compelled to do menial labor, To serve human need and greed he is trained to get bound for ever.


REVENGE (My personal opinion) P K Routray You get angry and get determined to take revenge, Stay always on the look out to avenge. Revenge is a attitude of negativity,

Some bitter facts of life

Some bitter facts of life P K Routray Man comes to the earth with empty hand, At the end with empty hand he has to leave this land. With limited life man runs after unlimited money,


Experience P K Routray Among all arts of learning experience is the best No methods of teaching can replace it to rest.

Take pity on God

Take pity on God P K Routreay All the religions have one Gospel to recall, That the supreme lord is one and that is unequivocal. In some religions there exists a belief,

Melli fluent Musing

Melli fluent Musing P K Routray A man unknown seeking peace and bliss of life as his mission, left the following message to us for deliberation.

HAPPINESS – A challenge

HAPPINESS – A challenge P K Routray Happiness is an emotional feeling of joy and jubilation, It enlivens the spirit and is only to be felt and there is no word for expression

Old Indian marriage

Old Indian marriage P K Routray Marriage is settled in heaven, But on the earth we only make it happen. Marriage function covers from negotiation to honeymoon.

World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day P Gaan P K Routray (1) World AIDS day is observed to-day, Most horrendous immuno – deficiency- syndrome, they say. The victim affected loses the power of body resistance

Telling a “NO”

Telling a “NO” P K Routray No is a bitter answer, To any request you are asked for. Result is wrath and anger, You are likely to suffer.


Facts to muse P K Rputray In life people throw stones at your path a fact not unusual,, With those stones you can build a bridge or a wall.

Mystery Of X-Mas ?

Mystery Of X-Mas ? P.K Routray Question comes why does x-Mas come in the wintery period of the year? No fruits, no leaves and no flower for HIM to offer.


FUN WITH NEWTON CLERIHEW FORM) P.K ROUTRAY Idle Newton saw apple from its tree, not going up but falling down With his then lunatic thoughts, he called it as an effect of force of gravitation.

Discovery and Invention

Discovery and Invention P K Routray Dictionary meaning differentiates both with wide gap of variance, Invention is creating a new and discovery is finding something in existence.

Witty Creativity

Witty Creativity P K Routray Einstein once explained with humility, To a common man his famous theory of relativity. “If you gossip with a beauty as your companion,


STRANGE DEFINITIONS P.K.ROUTRAY If point has no area no volume and no length, How can it exist and be represented by man’s intellectual strength?


WORD GAME P.K.ROUTRAY P.GAAN Arise, Awake, Assert, Behold, Beware, Blurt. Copy, Correct, Create, Differ, Draft, Dictate. Engage, Erase Enemy, Frank, Foolish, Filmy. Greet, Give, Guide,

Pity for Geniuses

Pity for Geniuses P K Routray A man known as novice, foolish and simpleton, Declared “I am greater than your Einstein and Newton,

Erroneous Pricing

Erroneous Pricing P k Routray For everything we fix a price and rate, to estimate and establish the quantity to get. The market and economy of society,


QUOTES Worth QUOTING P Gaan P K Routray (1) United we stand, divided we fall, The age old quote, the wise men have given the clarion call.

Some anonymous quotes

Some anonymous quotes P K Routray “Do not compare yourself with anyone in the world, If you are comparing you are insulting yourself” as has been told.

Rainbow of love

Rainbow of love P Gaan P K Routray (1) Seven color of rainbow has love, Parental love is akin to violet in this globe. Love for prince and princess is indigo you understand,

Worthless Life

Worthless Life P K Routray A flooded river to cross, a saint took a boat to go across. The journey was long, The boat man was rowing, singing a song, To mitigate his pain of labor,

Humors to muse

Humors to muse P K Routray (1) At midnight a husband and a wife were quarrelling on the street, A police man enquired to know the reason of their fight.

LOVE A definition

LOVE. A definition P K Routray Love transcends all definitions, parameters thought and set by all human imaginations. Dictionary meanings have little strength,

Lust blind

Lust blind P Daan P K Rpoutray The owl is blind in the day, The crow is blind at night they say. The owl becomes active in the night, The crow starts its activity in broad day light.

Little Dharmapada

Little Dharmapada P K Routray The Sun temple at Konark is an epitome of art and sculpture, It is located in Odisha’s sea shore. The temple was meant to worship the God sun,

Largest Open Air Theater

Largest Open Air Theater In the World

Sound of silence

Sound of silence PK Routray Silence is also a sound, But impact of silence is more profound. I remember slapping a man fifty years ago, He accepted with silence surrendering his ego.


GODDESS SARASWATI A Jha P K Routray pushpanjali (Offering of flowers at her lotus feet) O saraswati ! O Bhadrakali ! We bow down to you every day !

Pain Psychology

Pain Psychology P K Routray Physical and mental pains are self explanatory as per this author, Intellectual pain results in erratic and unacceptable behavior.


Hindsight. P K Routray Hindsight, insight and foresight, develop and deploy an extra sense and the perception, by recollection, observation anticipation at appropriate time and sight

Unpalatable truths

Unpalatable truths P K Routray A lie breeds many lies, so also an injustice causes many an injustice, How selfish motive ever help in humanitarian service?

Thoughts and Deeds

Thoughts and Deeds P K Routray Many a time dual thoughts crisscross our mind, Some are divine; some are of demonic and vicious kind.

My Present malice

My Present malice P K Routray When I see a baby in mother’s lap, Crying, laughing kicking with a rap, My heart burns out of jealousy, Oh mother! Take me to your lap with mercy.

wood apple (Bael)

wood apple (Bael) (Aegle marmelos Rutaceae) P K Routray In my garden , Twelve years back I planted a sapling, A type of wood apple, Bael its name being.

The Ready-wit poet

The Ready-wit poet P Gaan P K Routray Yadumani was a poet of ready wit, In reciting instant poetry he had shown extraordinary feat. Once while strolling with the king on the village road,

The Valentine's Day

The Valentine's Day P Gaan P K Routray (1) The day Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden ate the fruit forbidden, A feeling called the eternal love sprang up between.

Hypothesis on perfect Valentine’s day

Hypothesis on perfect Valentine’s day P K Routray Love is silent but is eloquent during expression with bliss of perfection. Birds exhibit all these with great passion.

Keys to success

Keys to success P K Routray Commitment, dedication and sacrifice, Sincerity and hard work will be any way with them in grip of their vise.

My infantile gratitude

My infantile gratitude P K Routray In English some call her mummy, some call mom and others call hr mother, Sweets are the names even in language to language it may differ.

Punch of the time.

Punch of the time. P K Routray Time is a treasure but no treasury can hold it, Time is impartial and equal to everybody’s credit. Time is eternal but transitory and ephemeral,

Most Important person in a life

Most Important person in a life P K Routray The question as to who is most important person of life? made me ponder, Over all significant persons, who on our life did wonder?

Some treasures for the day

Some treasures for the day P KRoutray Stay away from anger as it only hurts you, Why should you be anhty when you are true? When you are wrong, do not be angry, gracefully accept,


Poison P K Routray "What is poison?" Asked Swami Vivekananda to his mentor Ramakrishna in person, Prompt was reply by the master,

Happiness and Bliss

Happiness and Bliss P K Routray A man is happy, when he gets any thing he desires. A man is happy with worldly materials which he acquires.

Golden Rule

Golden Rule P K Routray A rule if followed in this life, Has the power to banish the conflict and the strife. We may call it as golden rule of mankind,

Oh God! Can you?

Oh God! Can you give me? P K Routray Oh God Can you give me? Only these four not many, So that you can have sound sleep, I will not disturb, a promise I swear to keep,

Do not just

Do not just P K Routray Do not just look but observe, By that you may get inspired to love and serve. Do not just swallow but taste, so that you do not lose the sweetness of life in haste.


Holi P K Routray In India we celebrate Holi a festival of love and color,, In spring after chilling winter is over. when cuckoo coos, mango breeds ,and above all nature smiles,


Mushi Apa P K Routray To the readers, a unique and peculiar may sound the name,

His or Her beauty

His or her beauty P K Routray Lips are beautiful while they speak kind words to soothe a wound, Eyes are beautiful when they see to detect sufferings to help to mitigate all-around.


Lunacy on beauty P K Routray Beauty speaks to us in bold declarations or soft whisper, She calls on us to gaze in awe at her splendor. We are enticed by beauty and grandeur.


To-Day P K Routray There are two days in every week that we should not worry about, two days that should be kept free from fear, apprehension and doubt.


Love and Duty P K Routray “Hey Son!” heart-rending is the cry of the father’s ghost, “I tore your body for shake of my moral duty or it would have been the worst.

When our tears roll

When our tears roll P K Routray How wonderful it feels to give in and let tears flow, Whether we are happy or sad, our overwhelmed emotions get a show.


For fun sake by P K Routray (The fun is collected and extracted) Languages are great, to express and to communicate. Without language man would have been dumb


NO POINT P K Routray No point using limited life to chase unlimited money with torture and strife. No point earning so much money that you cannot live to spend it in your life’s journey.


VITAMIN “F” P K Routray With one of them I am polite. with another I fight. With one I joke, from another I learnt how to smoke. I sit down and talk about serious matters with

Human Worlds

Numan worlds P K Routray There are two worlds for human races, one internal and the other external which can be perceived by human senses.

Human Flowers

Human flowers P K Routray "Waiting for someone to offer you a flower should not be your goal. You plant and develop your own garden to decorate your soul.”

Spider's web

Spider’s web P K Routray A spider web glistens with rays of morning sun, the morning dew looks on it like diamond beads on a necklace beautifully spun.

Spider's web

Spider’s web P K Routray A spider web glistens with rays of morning sun, the morning dew looks on it like diamond beads on a necklace beautifully spun.

Pity on my humor

Pity on my humor P K Routray Have I ever written a humorous poetry? to give a hilarious smile and joy to somebody. I tried to reflect and recollect but it was in vain,

Don’t react but respond

Don’t react but respond P K Routray At times we react and at times we respond to a situation, In managerial parlance response is the only acceptable proposition. But we generally react,

Within You

Within You P K Routray There is really no need to keep on moving from place to place, in search of something that you wish to find and somebody to grace.


Fear P K Routray Man and woman, rich and poor, old and young, each of us exists in fear, immaterial whether we are weak or strong. From the time we are conscious we are plagued by fears,

I am repenting

I am repenting P K Routray .

Vision and Sight

Vision and sight P K Routray Sight is the ability to see the physical world, In vision even things beyond get unfurled. Sight distracts vision with physical illusions,

Earth hour and self cleaning

Earth hour and self cleaning p k Routray From London to Las Vegas across the world’s famous landmarks all will be plunged into darkness to share the concern on the crisis with oneness.

Holy Company

Holy Company P K Routray One gets result from the action. “Action is driven by the thoughts” is a fact well-known. Thoughts originate from the Conscience.

Essence of manhood

Essence of manhood p K Routray P Gaan There are four principal essence of manhood, Dharma, Artha, Kama, Mokshya, whose meanings in English is thus as interpreted and understood.

Purpose versus need

Purpose versus need P K Routray Deer is chased by lion, one for one’s food and the other for life to live on. In eighty out of hundred such cases, lions fail but deer survive in these races.


Richness PK Routray Richness is not earning more, Neither spending more, nor saving more. Richness is when You need "No More". Thus said Swami Vivekananda the sage and a great mentor

True Knowledge

True knowledge P K Routray Knowledge is not knowledge as acquired by reading, Neither it is as accumulated by listening, Nor it is as stored in memory by memorizing and remembering.

Human sufferings

Human sufferings P K Routray Fear of death and frustration owing to attachment, Ignorance of self and self egoism always present, Resistance to what a man does not want,

Human Sufferings and the Hindu philosophy

Human sufferings and the Hindu philosophy P K Routray The main cause of human suffering, is their worldly desires, which are never ending. Desire results from man’s ignorance,

Who controls us?

Who controls us? p k Routray When we take food in our mouth and chew it, Heart beats nonstop so that we remain alive and fit. Our breath never ceases,

Mango a fruit unique

Mango the fruit unique P K Routray Mango is a tropical fruit, Its mouth watering taste, nobody can refute. Whether green or ripe like our heart and kidney it looks cute.

Patience and endurance

Patience and endurance P K Routray In conjugal life patience and endurance are keys for harmony, Thus taught Thomas cooper a great English writer by example alien to many.

Funny quotes

FUNNY QUOTES P K Routray The difference between in-laws and outlaws? In-laws are intruders but outlaws are invited with applause. Alcohol is a perfect solvent:

Indo-Swiss Ayansh

Indo - Swiss Ayansh P K Routray Welcome Ayansh welcome, May God bless you with uncanny acumen and divine wisdom. You are born as a Swiss national,


My Dear NALCO P K Routray I cherish and I cherish with fond memory, my twenty seven years of life in Nalco and its glorious story. At Bhubneswar, Damanjodi and Angul sectors,

Four Truths of Life

FOUR TRUTHS OF LIFE P K Routray Indian scriptures teach four truths of life, which if accepted with grace will avoid much sufferings and strife.


Please P K Routray At the end of my story for my sake please do not grieve, I presume that there are two things difficult to achieve.

Pensive musings

PENSIVE MUSINGS P K Routray I am thrilled and my dear friend I am thrilled, My first poem book is just published. My dear friend Mr. Gaan edited a part and called it as pensive musings,


SANGRAM, YOU ARE UNIQUE! P K Routray You were a boy of fourteen when first time I met you, as a standard ninth student of B B high school in nineteen sixty two.

Steps to reach Him.

Steps to reach Him. P K Routray There are three steps in the ladder to the abode of God, “ Be at peace” is the first step to be trod. The second step in the ladder is joy and happiness

Physical sufferings

PHYSICAL SUFFERINGS P K Routray As per Hindu scriptures soul only wears the body like a temporary garment, hence the pain to the body is not to the soul which is bliss permanent.

Poem and pride

Poem and pride P K Routray There is a contest for a theme of a poem or many poems, of which I am most proud as I would claim. I have to produce or reproduce a poem, of which I am most proud,

Endure What Cannot Be Cured

Endure What Cannot Be Cured P K Routray Follow “Endure what cannot be cured” as the divine message, This is the best way to turn a disadvantage into an advantage...

Do not be jealous

Do Not Be Jealous P K Routray Jealousy is one of the six deadly sins for human beings, Unlike other five to you it immediately and silently brings all sufferings.

Empty Mind

Empty Mind P K Routray Never leave the mind vacant, An empty mind is the devil's workshop at any instant. All evil actions start in the vacant mind,

Do not poke your nose

Do not poke your nose P K Routray Do not Interfere In others' business unless you are asked for it,

Do Not Procrastinate And Never Regret

Do Not Procrastinate And Never Regret P K Routray Do not waste time in protracted wondering” Should I or shouldn't I?”Stop pondering.

Meditate Regularly

Meditate Regularly P K Routray Meditation calms the mind and gets rid of every disturbing thought. This is the highest state of peace of mind achieved and ever sought.

Two Quotes

Two Quotes P K Routray (1) As far as you think “ Not now” Success will elude you, you must know. As soon as you think “why not now”

Glimpses On Srimad Bhagvad Gita

Glimpses On Srimad Bhagvad Gita P k Routray This is a too high an aspiration, to present you the limitless infinite within this nave’s limitation.

The rules for being human

The rules for being human P K Routray Being a human You will have a body not as per your choice, but with it you have to live either to grieve or to rejoice.

Poor great grand papa

Poor great grand papa P K Routray I have sugar in blood I have crystal in kidney, My great grand papa was poor he had none where ever he is there he has to agree.

Statistics worth a million dollar

Statistics worth a million dollar P K Routray A man breaths normally sixteen times a minute, nonstop from birth to death without respite. In a day a man takes oxygen worth three cylinders,

Missing love

Missing love P K Routray On the earth the most terrible poverty to-day as being observed is loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted and unloved.



Some visions from Swami Vivekanand

Some visions from Swami Vivekanand P K Routray The moment I have realized God sitting in the temple of every human body,

know your soul

know your soul P k Routray Listen to Your Soul, You have to grow from the inside out, make it your goal. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual.

Human Brain

Human Brain P K Routray We find poems written on love and romance, on fruits and flowers, on limitless topics from north pole to south pole, from heaven to hell and from tortures to humors.

We pray for all.

We pray for all. P K Routray Health, wealth and happiness, To get all of them together man is ever anxious. Can he get together all the three?


Wisdom defined

Wisdom defined P k Routray It is a fact, not a fiction, nor a sermon but a reflection upon the wisdom’s definition, Peace and harmony comes with love and compassion.


Thoughts P K Routray The less is the frequency of thoughts the more is the man calm and composed. The more is the frequency of thoughts, the more to agitation and turmoil the man is exposed.


FAN MAN P K Routray The name may not be there in Google net or any dictionary, But it is a real name of a trade in past never an imaginary. It may be year of nineteen fifty nine,


Goal P K Routray Swami Vivekananda is a renowned Indian spiritual Master, known for his wisdom and nineteenth century famous Chicago lecture.

Happiness always eludes

Happiness always eludes P K Routray Happiness is a voyage not a destination, Live and enjoy the moment without bothering for your present limitation.

Goat and Gauri

Promise, Freedom and Acting

Promise, Freedom and Acting P K Routray Is marriage an ugliest association? Is it not created by human society for the fair sex- protection?

Three things

Three things P K Routray Three things which are never certain, are Fortune, Success and Dream, these are sought after by every person. Three things which one must never lose,

Who is better off?

Who is better off? P K Routray

The Sun and We

First rain

First rain P K Routray It was humid, it was hot, Hey rain! You came giving us relief a lot. The animals, birds were crying for water, Hey rain! To all, your drops were drops of nectar.

From a psychologist's desk

From a Psychologist’s desk P K Routray when someone laughs on stupid things, be sure that the person is sad deep inside, this is the psychologist’s feelings. When someone sleeps a lot,


POWER FAILURE P K Routray The topic may look strange to the readers from countries of opulence, The people there will have novel experience if they get one such occurrence.

Is man a rat?

Is man a rat? P K Routray The study in life science establishes a wonder, the analysis of DNA, gene and chromosome makes us to ponder, Man and rat are of same physiological feature,

Leave a little

Leave a little P K Routray Daily I pray you to take away my lust, greed and anger, along with attachment vanity jealousy and fear.

Finite not infinite

Finite not infinite P K Routray Daily I ask you to give me divine qualities in immense and immeasurable quantity of love, power, wisdom, happiness, peace, bliss and purity.


NO CHANCE TO PAY BACK P.K.ROUTRAY A grandmother from mother’s side or father’s side, I remember them with love and fond memory of a child.

Our river

Our river P K Routray Can a river belong to a sect or village? but our love for our river has given us such a faith and a courage. This is the longest and perennial river of the region,

Simultaneous stimulation of two souls.

Simultaneous stimulation of two souls. P Gaan P K Routray (1) Three things in life Time, words, opportunity once gone never come back, anger, pride , non-forgiveness

Why so many?

Why so many? P K Routray “Carrying same physiological and anatomical features having similar chromosome and genetic structure, sharing the same planet for their bread and butter,

What is your contribution?

Your Contribution? P K Routray A young man of about thirty, looked at an old man of eighty with pity. “What a wretched life you must have in your younger days,


NOT MY OWN P K Routray CIGARETTE is a pinch of tobacco rolled in paper, with fire at one end and a fool at the other. MARRIAGE is an agreement where in a man loses his degree as bachelor,


Mind, thought and impurity P.K.ROUTRY You may like it or not, At times impurities come in your thought. You know they are the worst,

Silent Poems

Silent Poems... P K Routray It is a known fact that silence gives consent, Unfortunately so far it never could hold good for a legal judgement. Short poem is good, short speech is appreciated,


QUEUE P.K.ROUTRAY Wait in queue, Stand in queue, Jobs will be easy and simple for you From dawn to dusk, days to week,


PURITY P.K.ROUTRAY Purity is a form of divinity, Scriptures tell it as man’s true identity. Purity has two forms physical and mental,


I SALUTE YOU P.K.ROUTRAY Oh eyelash I salute you, I also salute your creator too. Much is spend, thought for eye and eyebrow, For your care not a penny anybody does throw.


I CRUSH YOU P.K.ROUTRAY Oh eyelash! I crush you, I crush your cruel creator too. You are so cruel, I was gazing at lovely beauty so well. You robbed me of it,



OLD MEMORY P.K.ROUTRAY You call me old and retired, You may call me jaded and tired. You only consider my physical appearance, You only consider my historical balance.

Greatest gift

Greatest gift P K Routray The greatest gift you can give to someone, is your time for him from your life, a portion. This time slips from you forever,

The praying hands

The praying hands P K Routray “The praying hands “is Albrecht’s master piece creation, the artist’s feeling and gratitude do exist live in it, touching our heart and emotion.

Don’t run: Face them.

Don’t run: Face them. P K Routray Life is a harmony of hope, zeal and action. One who is deprived of these qualities may be called a zombie or a dead person.


Enough P K Routray Forget it enough to get over its bane there and then. Remember it enough so it does not happen again.

Season of separation

Season of separation P K Routray In the days of yore separation did occur. When monsoon sets in, floods in rivers begin, lands get separated, communication gets disrupted,

“ I” & “want”

“ I” & “want” P K Routray “I want happiness. Oh Lord! Grant me, be gracious.” Thus prayed to lord Budh, a man in distress, With following advice to him Lord Budh did bless.

Life is an echo

Life is an echo P K Routray Life is an echo -its reverberation always it does keep, What you sow- so you reap, What you send out- it comes back, What you give- you do get back,

Sure Success,

Sure Success, P K Routray Talk softly, breathe deeply, work patiently, Dress smartly, save regularly, behave decently, Eat sensibly, sleep sufficiently act fearlessly,

Mind, situation & Suggestion

Mind, situation & Suggestion, P K Routray When mind is weak, situation becomes a problem, Consult your wisdom. When mind is balanced, becomes situation a challenge, take up with courage.

Limiting the Limitless

Limiting the limitless? P K Routray I remember, my grand mother telling me stories to mitigate my mother’s miseries every evening till I sleep, to enable my mother a relief

Workshop - Devil or Divine

Workshop - Devil or Divine P K Routray Mind is a workshop, Thoughts, devil or divine do hop, Many methods do exist, to control the mind as deemed fit In falling apple the Idle mind of Newton

To go through or to grow through

To go through or to grow through P K Routray Following one you face trials and tribulations, with the other from them you learn and grow with the lessons. It is your choice to only go through,


“WALK” P K Routray “ Every walk of life “is a term commonly defined to represent each and every occupation of mankind. Walking through the nature for everyone gives peace and pleasure.

Job, love and monotony

Job, love and monotony P K Routray If you earnestly love your job, it will turn to be your heart throb. If you do not love your job, the peace and happiness of life it will rob.

SMSing Luv

SMSing Luv P K Routray Daniel “My heart, I mis u," Loney "I mis u also 2." "Do u luv me, Daniel?" "U knw I luv u, darlin," "I lov u mr thn tongue cn tel. U r d lite of my lyf,

Special features of the Hindu Philosophy

Special features of the Hindu Philosophy P K Routray The Hindu philosophy has some unique features deviating from other religions,

Love, true love or duty

Love, true love or duty P K Routray A well known story, being told and retold to eulogize lover’s glory. it is being repeated here for a debate,

Secret of Happiness

Secret of Happiness P K Routray The moment you transfer your happiness out of yourself, into something out of your own inner compass, you are dooming yourself to disappointment

Smile and silence

Smile and silence P K Routray Have smile and silence on your lip, the success cannot elude your grip.

Ego and God


Mindset P K Routray An elephant of gigantic size stands glued to a small post as a matter of surprise. With a thin rope or even without any rope tied to it,

Hell with it

Hell with it P K Routray Under the cover of darkness spirits descend from Heaven and Hell as angels or devils over the earth for their assigned tasks. And fearlessly fly in the sky

Man & Tree

Man and tree P K Routray A tree coming out of seed on its birth sends its root first to the mother earth. Then only sends the branches up in the sky

His ways are different.

His ways are different. P K Routray A man was watching keenly a cocoon, to see the birth of a butterfly from a caterpillar very soon,

Inspire a generation

“Inspire a generation” P K Routray The Olympic Motto for the 2012 London Games “Inspire a generation” it aims. Inspire everybody for love and universal brotherhood,

We & the paradox

We & the paradox P K Routray We have taller buildings, but shorter tempers; wider freeways, but narrower viewpoints. spend more, but have less; buy more, but enjoy it less.


Manifestation P K Routray Diamond manifests in different faces, but remains as diamond in all the cases. Love in action is mercy and compassion, Regards, respect and affection.

If you plant

If you plant P K Routray If you plant honesty, you will reap trust If you plant goodness, you will reap friends If you plant humility, you will reap greatness

If I

If I P K Routray If I happened to show up on your door step crying, would you care? If I called you and asked you to pick me up because something happened, would you come?


Heart P K Routray When we dream, when we cry and scream, when we meditate, when we contemplate, when we kiss, we close our eyes and the scenes eyes do miss. The human hearts can feel things


Horizon P K Routray Where the sun and the moon make their movements at dawn and dusk in between their abode and the earth, where fairies have their ladders connecting Heaven to the Earth,

Flute & Man

Flute & Man P K Routray “Hey flute! How nice is your melody! It captivates every one, man or animal whosoever it may be.” “I had austerity and penance,

Wear my shoes

Wear my shoes P K Routray You accuse me that I am wicked, you accuse me that I am crooked. But please walk in my shoes, cover the path I have traveled with many issues.

The earthly attractions

The earthly attractions P K Routray Man does miracles thanks to his science reaches the Moon, the Mars in a moment crosses around the globe can destroy the earth. can the science remove

Who robbed?

Who robbed? P K Routray A child on the lap of his grandfather, seems to pose these questions as to his future. Who did rob him of these essences of life? making their living full with strife.

Tips to love

Tips to love P K Routray Listen without interrupting, Speak without accusing, Give without sparing, Pray without ceasing, Answer without arguing, Share without pretending,

Love and burden

Love and burden P K Routray Once on a steep hill, on her way up was a jill with her young brother at the back of her. she was singing on her own taking breaks for rests very often.

Ecology and Wisdom

Ecology and Wisdom P K Routray Once a disciple staying in monastery approached Budha saint the holy for a piece of cloth to put on as the earlier cloth was tattered and torn.

Wonderful relationship

Wonderful relationship P K Routray Knowledge and ignorance the wisdom’s essence, are opposite to each other but they love to exist together. Unlike the pleasure and pain

Intellect and will

Intellect and will P K Routray Man is only creation with intellect and will both woven, the power of intellect in brain tells you what to do with caution. And the power of will in heart

Man and senses

Man and Senses P K Routray Man has five sense organs, Each of them serving a sense, if turns as its slave, pushes the men to their coffins. One sense only dominates in case of an animal

Sound sleep in Stormy night

Sound sleep in Stormy night P k Routray In India there lived a rich farmer to help in the farming he used to engage many a menial labor, but he engages one round the clock and on annual basis

Some vices introspected

Some vices introspected P K Routray From wealth accumulated without toil and sweat, the real pleasure and peace one will never get. Pleasure without consent of conscience

Let us add

Let us add. P K Routray Don't argue, discuss. Don't fight, resolve. Don't give up, go on. Don't possess, release. Don't fight, connect. Don't brag, Do. Don't do, do more.

Four Spiritual principle

Four Spiritual principles P K Routray Whoever you encounter is the right one, the person whom you come across even by chance is the right person, meant either to assist you in your mission

The power of life

The power of life P K Routray A soft chick breaks open a hard shell for coming out the power of life does propel. A live embryo comes out of a lifeless seed

Quotes questioned?

Quotes questioned? P K Routray The gift of the past is tradition The symbol of future is transformation. As per the general quotes the man is concerned only with the present,

Inner Voice

Inner Voice P K Routray There is a voice inside, what is right or wrong to decide. As long as one is in sense, and has inner silence intense, it whispers in the ears,

Ssixty years against a wall

Ssixty years against a wall P K Routray Daily to a church an old man goes without fail he prays for an hour a day through out a week nonstop for a month over last sixty years

The Sun and the Rain

The Sun and the Rain P K Routray The rainbow is visible to human sight though water droplets of rain to air when the sun ray refracts its light.

Rainbow and consciousness

Rainbow and consciousness P K Routray A single ray of white light to seven colors it can be split. each color having own wave length and frequency,

Rainbow and enlightenment

Rainbow and enlightenment P K Routray Seven steps are to be crossed over to achieve the enlightenment Each step represents a specific virtue or faculty most potent.

Only option left

Only option left P K Routray For survival and to exist to any adversity to resist a life can rise to phenomenal height to rise and reach its utmost limit. of which it is never aware

Love Him How?

Love Him How? P K Routray Philosophical attitudes differ in magnitude in establishing the divine love between devotees and the God above. The relationships may differ,

The joy of autumn

The joy of autumn P K Routray After the rain with luxuriant growth of plants for food grain, with blue sky overhead and clean blue water tuning on river bed,

His science behind autumn

His science behind autumn P K Routray When the sun takes a south ward turn moving towards the tropic of Capricorn, when the earth takes from the sun its north- half away

Problems of life

Problems of life P K Routray Life is a journey and you are in a train to complete it, Why do you carry the load on your head?, you can jolly well put it on a seat.

Worry why?

Worry why? P K Routray In your life so far spent, can you ponder over it and comment on the problems and tensions, once insurmountable causing many traumatic sessions.

Should you find?

Should you find? P K Routray Should you find that you are fed up of traffic jam while you are in a hurry?

Two Extremes

Two Extremes P K Routray Spirituality and materialism, have to co-exist in tandem even with two opposite extremes belonging to divine and devil’s regimes to sustain a saint or a sinner

Who & Why?

Who and Why? P K Routray “Who am I, and why I am here?” to everybody repeatedly, these questions do appear, The questions being much pertinent to life made me ponder


Motivation P K Routray In tough times, how to stay motivated? to this most of the time we get mauled and our mind get haunted. On this query I contemplated and pondered for a while,

Man and his innate divinity

Man and his innate divinity P K Routray Happiness and peace do not come forth nor increase when one is well clothed or well fed, comfortably housed or well read.

Man’s Inherent Qualities

Man’s Inherent Qualities P K Routray Seven traits are natural in a man across cast, creed and clan Love, purity and true wisdom power, happiness in his kingdom


Power P K Routray Muscle power, money power, power of the brain, man power, power of the chair and power of the pen, power of oratory, power of physical grace and beauty


Tolerance P K Routray At a mango on its tree being ripe swinging free if a stone is hurled at it the mango falls and blesses even the culprit with its sweetness and taste

Mother’s Liver

Mother’s Liver P K Routray It may appear be too fictious and too funny a story, but the concluding part pathetically sings on the motherly love and its glory. It has a metaphor,

The Omnipresent God

The Omnipresent God P K Routray A challenge, once a certain king had thrown open, answering the two quarries posted by the king to the his satisfaction was the condition

Droll Endeavour

Droll Endeavour P K Routray Once I allotted a space to the vast sky measuring a mile, Then I waited in vain glancing at the sky to smile. Once I added a shell full of water to the deep sea,

Illusory Fear

Illusory Fear P K Routray With fear and illusion Success has limitation. Blessings has fear of curses behind in love, fear of hate we find. with every success fear of failure

In Whose Hands

In Whose Hands P K Routray A basketball in my hands is worth about 10 dollar, A basketball in Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's hands estimated as $33 million, which even looks smaller.

Emotion, attitude and altitude

Emotion, attitude and altitude P K Routray Either in positive way or negative way, man is free to use his emotions as psychologists say. In emotion or with emotion a man can stay,


Impartiality P K Routray “Beauty lies in the eyes of the observer not in the object”. so said a great votary of nature. But autumn’s splendor and color belie it

Prayer and Trust

Prayer and trust P K Routray In God do we have any trust? Unflinching, unwavering as is it must? To atheist and to theist both we may ask to reply with oath.

Like Usd

Like us P K Routray God does not listen soon, a complaint we lodge often. We tell God is cruel, He takes needlessly many a trial. Let us compare Him with us,

Technology and poetry

Technology and poetry P K Routray Technological words get poetic touch implying a general feeling to assume and to judge. But the degree and depth of measurement

Dictionaries’ voice

Dictionaries’ voice P K Routray When there is no light, it is dark the ignorance is the state, when the knowledge we lack. The absence of heat is the cold,


Synonym P K Routray Warmth is a measure of heat for glorifying love, affection, poets use it Is it because the mother gives warmth to child on her lap or on her breast which we find.


Poets' Dilema

Poets’ dilemma P K Routray Categories of poems at ABC Site are thirty covering humor, horror and spiritual to fantasy. Only in one the poet has to fit his poem

Deepawali 2012

Deepawali 2012 P K Routray In India, today we are celebrating Deepawali with joy and cheer as a festival of light and cracker with the following prayer

Real versus Unreal

Real versus Unreal, P K Routray It is not Muslim versus Jew, Egypt versus Israel, U S A versus Terrorism, Capitalism versus Islamism, Oil versus wind, Tibet versus China,

Past Deeds?

Past deeds? P K Routray You expected to have more than peers but they got more, to get your enemy cursed but he was immensely blessed, to remain ever happy but remain always unhappy,

His Ways

His ways P k Routray To an ocean asked a man, “Change your water if you can, Your water is salty, make it tasty, you will be great, as your salty water I hate. To a cuckoo asked the man

To-Day's Prayer

To- Day’s Prayer P K Routray I pray to implant in us austerity on time, money, thought and senses in bounty.

I am old and retired

I am old and retired P K Routray As I've aged, I've become kinder to, and less critical of, myself. I've become my own friend. I have seen too many dear friends leave this world,

Final Goal

Final Goal P K Routray With its grandeur and beauty, on its banks trees with fruits and flowers in bounty, on a serpentine path flows a river with swimming fishes and dancing waves of water.

Love and Jealousy

Love and Jealousy P K Routray To each success around, if jealous one is found then he loves none even to self of his own. If one is never jealous to everybody, he loves

Significance of Insignificance

Significance of insignificance P K Routray Set ablaze was a forest, Fire was at its intense best. Away flew each bird in the forest leaving its nest, fled also lions, deer and animals the rest


SILLINESS P K Routray Matters silly to me and you brings for children joy and anguish true illogical, useless, unreal and fantasy to us to children they are truth, real and matter serious.

First Love

First Love P K Routray with magic touch of age floats the cloud of passion with its craze blooming the flower of love in her heart with ravishing smile tearing the rosy lips apart


Memories P K Routray Past incidents are aptly forgotten but some remain in memory Some are cherished, some are not but all tell the past story Some memories are always Intriguing and act funny

Why Now?

Why Now? P K Routray In childhood You failed again and again to stand up and walk alone then. But you did never quit high was your spirit. You tried yourself to express

Prayer Why and How?

Prayer how and why? P K Routray Pray how and why do we? An answer we hardly search to see. For a gain in wealth, health and prosperity,

Fun With Death

Fun with Death P K Routray Creation was on according to the creators conception. He created many, to each, a duty he did assign. When death was created and its jobs were stated,</