Policing Downshire in the Noughties – Losing a Promising Officer

Detective Constable Chris Blenkin had been a promising officer who at the age of thirty-five was unfortunately being slowly consumed by a particularly aggressive form of Cancer, with had begun in his spine but had spread throughout his body, though he had undergone an intense course of treatment it was all to no avail.


My wife has left me And taken the children


I was surprised to find

The Private Members Ballot

"Good news my Lord," Box said one morning, as he brought me my morning toast, post and coffee. "You've been drawn first in the Private Members ballot...

The Clerembeax Palace Hotel and Spa – Father’s Day

Ray Morrison was a trained Physiotherapist and Masseur, who had worked with Yvonne at the Dancingdean Spa, when her husband was still alive, but his role at the Palace also involved training some of the younger ancillary staff as well as using his skills on the guests, but he enjoyed being in Clerembeax, and he had made many friends among the staff, and he also enjoyed taking long walks in the surrounding countryside, when he wasn’t working,

Jack Schwartzman

He died 25 years ago today, which is a quarter of a century. He produced 'Never Say Never Again' with Sean Connery. He was born in 1932 and was a man...

Something to prove

Something To Prove by Paul McCann You’ve got something to prove , like the way that you move, Without your dancing shoes , bouncing to the beat of a...

Snippets of Downshire Life – Natural Hobbies

The Finchbottom Vale nestles comfortably between the Ancient Dancingdean Forest to the south and the rolling Pepperstock Hills in the north, and to the east, 15 miles inland from Sharpington-By-Sea, equidistant between the seaside resort and Pepperstock Green was the rambling village of Brookley and at its heart was St Mildred’s Church and Susan Peach, amongst other things published the Parish Magazine, but she was also a Chorister like her cousin Roy.