A man of few words

This is what happens when you sit reading Heaney

Coffee and Cake at the Writers Club

A tongue-in-cheek affair - based loosely on a writing circle I was in years ago. Mind you, one wonders if things ever change that much. I know I haven't and I'm as guilty probably as the next writer .

Choice Tales from the Vale – (192) The Ginger Amazon and the Tent Pole (Part 02)

“Come on you’ve seen mine now let me see yours” she insisted so without speaking Sean reluctantly undid his shorts and let them fall and them pulled the front of his pants down and released his cock. “My God she wasn’t kidding” she blurted out “What? Who?” he stuttered “Daisy said you had a big dong” she replied “but she undersold it”


Marbled skies of broken cloud

The Tornado Sojourns (2) – Chapter 13 – Gaining Goodwill

After being picked up from Achrem following a longer than expected stay in Odekka the Tornado spent the next nine months working regular routes around the Eikon Cluster which took them back to Achrem on a regular basis as well as allowing them to make return visits to their favourite place in order to spend their R&R among the simple folk of Montrose where the whole crew could relax.
Gold cherry

Margot (Part 2 of 2)

That oak. If there’s an image that could be the emblem of our shared childhood, that tree would be the thing. I remember when we moved to that house...

Margot (Part 1 of 2)

My name is Margot. And my superpower is that I’m invisible. It’s not as cool as it sounds, and it’s not that kind of invisible. Well, nor is it as...

The Works Once... poem 1st draft.

The Works Once. I was the works once, bright, shiny, deep, took classes in earlier years, listened sweet. I spoke in five languages, heard the bird's...

Choice Tales from the Vale – (192) The Ginger Amazon and the Tent Pole (Part 01)

They were part of a group of University friends camping on the Maxlins camp site in Sharpinghead, just spending a week relaxing before they returned to Abbottsford for their 3 rd year. Sean Hallows was a rather ordinary looking lad, a bit of a bean pole with scruffy blonde hair and a bad complexion, the only remarkable thing about him was his cock.