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I am deviant flight in the night. I do not delight. I, the un-butterfly, invade and panic the moon in your eyes, shed corpse dust from wings that are...

The Goors o' Gowrie - Devil's Work or Ancient Tribal Meeting Place?

At Invergowrie, west of Dundee, there were two stones sitting in the shallows of Invergowrie Bay known as the Goors or Gows of Invergowrie. Some say...
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Past Dwellers (The Lost)

We tossed you aside when the buildings were torn down, sibilant tongues from the tenements of this town, torn souls like lascerated wallpaper hanging...

Alex Harvey Paid the Ferryman (in 1982)

He paid his final dues, the journeyman, waiting for the Zeebrugge ferry the day before his forty-seventh birthday. Looking at the grey North Sea...

The Goat and Brian Jones

An Incident in October 1968 The satyr Stone, alone, watched under the terracotta Moroccan sky as they led the goat to sacrifice in the ominous Atlas...


1 of my comments has received 1 Great Feedback vote

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Posted on Sat, 12 Jun 2021

It's the home invasion element which I don't agree with!

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