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I have 164 stories published in 8 collections on the site.
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Ice On The Inside

This is no false memory or nostalgia for harder times. I remind you of white days, water in the veins of the town, crystallised. More than summer's...


Toffee penny moon stuck in the low branches of the birch between sagging buildings here. Dog fox barks down the dark in its den under the arched elm...
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The Afterlife of Spiders

You shall wear eight wings in arachnid heaven and your web will be made from celestial harp strings attuned to the choir fantastic. Starlight shall...
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I am deviant flight in the night. I do not delight. I, the un-butterfly, invade and panic the moon in your eyes, shed corpse dust from wings that are...

The Goors o' Gowrie - Devil's Work or Ancient Tribal Meeting Place?

At Invergowrie, west of Dundee, there were two stones sitting in the shallows of Invergowrie Bay known as the Goors or Gows of Invergowrie. Some say...