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I have 164 stories published in 8 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 108270 times and 102 of my stories have been cherry picked.
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Autumn Things

Autumn things are not at the beginning, but the winding stream that leads to an end, the clogged up water course filled with the gold of leaves and...


I have the talent to undo you. Should I rest upon your servant wrist, you could not resist my power there, unable to undo or endure the barbed wire...

Old Owl

Old owl am I, sat in the steeple, roosted in the belfry, oblivious to the bells that pull and hope to rouse me from decades of deafness. I leave the...

His Twilight

He used to sit and rail at the evening sun when it would beam between the buildings brilliantly after a day of flood. He would curse the disgraceful...

Four Legged Mary

Four legged Mary was kidnapped by fairies, they taught her to dance, but didn’t enhance her, no way. Hairy old Mary was not so much scary as wary and...