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I have 149 stories published in 8 collections on the site.
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The Amazing Dr Kinloch: Saved by A Black Cat!

One of the most fascinating characters of the reign of James VI in Angus was Dr David Kinloch, a native of Dundee. Despite his prominence he receives...

Inchbraoch, Holy Island of Montrose

Among the demonstrable early Christian sites in Angus there are some which are more prominent than others, which is not to say that this was always...

The Princes of the Dark Ages At The Seaside (Part One)

The warband has stopped off from its ravaging and gone to the beach for the day. They have forgotten their swimming costumes and don’t own a beach...

The One That Got Away

I never got near enough to know for sure whether she was mermaid or maiden. All I know is that she was alluring beyond all endurance. But how do you...

The Laird of Balmachie's Wife - A Fairy Story and Other Fairy Traditions

Fairy tales set in Angus are unfortunately quite rare, but I came across the following one recently. This was printed in Folk-Lore and Legends,...