Outcasts doesn’t have the menace of Eastenders in space. What it does have is a Mtchel who knows the president’s big bad secret and who has lines like ‘I’m going to shoot. I’m really going to shoot. You better believe me when I say I’m going to shoot. I’m going to shoot because I said I’m going to shoot and if you don’t believe I’m going to shoot then I’m going to shoot you.’ Goddamit, the bad Mitchel brother gets shot, although he’s not really that bad, just a bit misunderstood and he’s not really a Mitchel because when he’s not growing stubble and chewing on lines he works out. Luckily the planet the Carpathia is quite mild so he can wear a t-shirt. It’s in the so-called ‘golden zone’ between Pontins and Butlins explained one child care worker to her nursery group. President Tate talks to the next space ship delivering more punters. He’s doesn’t get a good connection on his flat- screen unless he goes into his own room and talks to the ship’s captain face to face. It’s a Star Trek moment. I’m breaking up Captain. There are some survivors of course. One of them has been mentioned several times and he grins a lot even when the ship goes into freefall and gravity should be pulling his lungs out. Take that you Mitchel bastards. That’s what I call tough. I really need to shoot now.