The Favourite - Film Review (Spoiler, not my favourite movie!)

The critics thought this was wonderful, the public less so - I can see why in this barrowload of hysterical, historical power-struggle vomit.

Queen Anne has gone off her nut after none of her 17 babies lived. Lady Sarah Churchill has a lot of power and control over her but step by step Abigail Hill, a dispossessed aristo who enters the house as a maid ousts Sarah off her perch

There's a constant atmosphere of sex and violence and sexualised violence, mainly between the three women although men push in now and again. There's also an uncertainity about whether Parliament will double its taxes to raise more money to fight the French.

We get given a few laughs but not nearly enough to make up for all the scenes of sordid misery. There is also a horrible pathos and semi-credibility about Anne's palatial sufferings.

I enjoyed the majestic duck and the cute bunnyrabbits but one of the bunnies gets squished.