Story and Poem of the Month for March very kindly chosen by hudsonmoon:


T. S. Elliott was wrong. March is the cruellest month. At least for me. These monthly picks are not easy.  There is so much to choose from. But I had to go with the ones that stuck in my head.

The tale Sunrise by Richard Dobbs was moving and well written. I always seem to find myself drawn to stories of war. The brutal doings affect us all. And,the horrible truth is, we never seem to be without one. This is a damn good story about facing hard choices during war. It’s my choice for story of the

Hoalarg1’s poem The Day After Yesterday was more personal. It touched on my own feelings at the moment. The feeling of being adrift and of not really moving forward. The pain of being trapped in one’s own sadness. I thought it beautiful. It captured something for me. And it’s my choice for poem of the month.