Our Story and Poem for the month of October have been chosen by Philip Sidney:

October is that strange month of transition.  It sits on the border of life and death.  A time for contemplation and a time to be unsettled.

So many pieces across the month have played with these ideas but I have pulled out two that wrong-footed me with their strange yet recognisable ideas.

Poem of the month is Noo’s meditation on death and its borders.  I found it moving in its full on gaze of those things we tends to shirk from.

I also have to mention Jane Hyphen’s two remarkable poems that have the capacity to shake the reader, in a good way, with:



Story of the month is Stephen Thom’s story one of haunting series:

The strange beauty of his writing owes much to the power of the landscape he describes.  

Another powerful series comes from celticman in which he shows us lived of those at the borders of addiction, slipping over the line in either direction.


Reading all or any of these pieces will bring great rewards.

Congratulations on getting through October – brace yourself for winter.

Best wishes and thanks to all of our wonderful readers and writers.