Story and Poem of the Month

Our Story and Poem for the month of January, very kindly selected by RJNewlyn:

Pick of the month January 2023


Well done to everyone for another great month’s worth of writing. January can be a little wearying and I don’t think it’s the easiest time for inspiration, so it’s doubly impressive that there are so many excellent recent posts. 


For the prose section, do take a look at celticman’s Eejit Knickers, rosaliekempthorne’s The Year, and jxmartin’s Pictures in the Clouds, all of which come highly recommended. However,

Pick of the Month goes to Mitchell Jamal Franco’s Profile which is simply great writing – the sort of high-concept piece that could easily have become unwieldy but is kept together skilfully and a joy to read. 


For poetry, I highly recommend onemorething’s Berrow Sands, penny4athought’s Welkin Spirit,  bobblehat2023’s Richard Dawkins in the Curry House (Oxford) and ralph’s Hope’s Eve

Pick of the Month, though, goes to Jane Hyphen for She said her name was Winter which does a very nice job in welding the seasonal and the personal in the way that only good poetry can.